[August] Reward claim of [stillnormal#8250]

Claim 1:

  1. Is it an act or series? Series.
  2. Type of Activity:
  • Creation Memes
  1. Briefly describe the activity (act or series or both):
  • I created 30 memes about NEAR to shilling, spreading NEAR to community. Each meme got minimum 3 like.
  1. Provide the links to the end results:
  1. Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. This has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.
  • Reward for each meme brainstorm and design with minimum of 3 likes per meme: 30*2 NEAR.
  • Total 60 NEAR

Claim 2:

  1. Series
  2. Bringing People to The Sandbox and Bringing Developers to NEAR Academy
  3. I invited my friends from my company to OWS and he got NEAR academy certificate
  • harris#9198
  • tsumeisan#3807
  • gilfoyle#9599
  • chenxiao#4186
  1. Certificate link:
  1. 80 + 20 = 100 NEAR (20 NEAR for bringing new developer, 5 NEAR for bringing to OWS community)

Claim 3:

  • I am a new member of this OWS community in August
    → 3 NEAR for filling contributor form
  • I did feedback for survey.
    → 4 NEAR for filling feedback form

Total of 3 claims: 60 + 80 + 20 + 3 + 4 = 167 NEAR

Thank you so much!

This is approved once amount is adjusted to 167N

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This mend has 2 likes . Dear @Sofia_Alum , did you check this account before approve it?

Dear @vrdoingthings still a lot of inaccurate approved proposals.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a retweeted post.
Please click each link in the spreadsheet.
This is the tweet I got reward for.

BTW I’ve read all your post. Stop bulling @Sofia_Alum and do something helpful for community.

Hi i already resigter the form but i have’t recievd the reponse or feedback from you? Can you help me check my account: mthaitrinh.near

hi, I don’t have any form. pls DM moderators in discord

I don’t bulling anybody here. It seem to you.

Have a great day.