[August] Reward claim of [namashley#8614]

Claim 1:

  1. Is it an act or series? Series
  2. Reward for Sandbox Referral Program
  • I am currently studying Computer Science. All my friends from my college have known about blockchain. For the reason, I told them about NEAR and OWS, so many people excited :smiley: Hence, I guided them how to join OWS, and how to become NEAR developers. They all joined discord server, and got the certificate from NEAR Academy Course.
  1. Here is the list of their discords:
  • gohdeming#1923
  • tangyixin#6457
  • lochhao#3968
  • Teong Ying Hui#3992
  • kalpanir#1927
  • liewxuui#1885
  • Choo Kai Xin#2817
  • Park Seung#1084
  • Arham Nazir#3503
  • Chang Zheng En#7072
  • hunterl0li#6358
  • yungyogzu#0073
  • nguyenanh#7318
  • lamgumball#9752
  • lethanhvinh#7546
  1. I asked them to use real name in certificate, but same username for discord handle and NEAR Academy account. Only a few people use real name for discord handle.
    Link to the evidence: Namashley's Referral Task - Google Sheets
  2. Reward: 20N for each developer, so the reward is: 20*15= 300N

Claim 2:

  • I filled the contributor form. Here is screenshot: image
  • Reward: 3N

Claim 3:

Total reward: 300 + 3 + 7 = 307 N

Thank you guys all :hugs:

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Good morning dear Namashley!
Could you please provide their LinkedIn profiles, make sure they’re real persons with IT background?
Thank You very much and have a great day!


Hi sir, actually I think posting their information publicly is not appreciate. How can I send you a spreadsheet with their URL in LinkedIn? I cannot find how to send a direct message on the forum. So that, I sent it to @mecsbecs. Could you ask her?

And actually, we just are freshmen and sophomores, they’ve not used LinkedIn yet, and someone does not want to be provided their information. Hence, I do not have all their LinkedIn URLs.
Sorry, sir. :pensive:

Hi @Dacha - @namashley contacted me in advance of posting this reward claim incredibly excited about getting their friends familiar with NEAR and with the OWS. The only proof we require to know that these are real people who completed the NEAR Academy course per the Sandbox Referral Program is exactly what @namashley provided: proof of the certificate received and the individual’s Discord handle so we can see them in the OWS Discord server membership list.

There was even added attention to @namashley’s claim because the request was made to these friends to try and make Discord user names closely match their real names, making my process of verifying this claim easier. As a moderator, I do appreciate this level of discussion ahead of time and willingness to make my role easier when I’m going in and verifying the proof of this claim but I am also aware of privacy concerns that should definitely be respected. Posting the LinkedIn profiles or other more elaborate personal information as was requested in the comments here did not need to be adhered to, but I can confirm that @namashley agreebly complied with this request.

Anyone is welcome to join the Sandbox and to take the NEAR Academy courses, and they do not need to be a developer or individuals with an IT background. This is not what the Open Web Sandbox is about. That is an intrusive level of verification that is intentionally exclusionary and therefore harmful to the openness of the Open Web Sandbox. Let us not make requests like this again.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I thought he is a moderator, I nearly sent him my friends’ information :sleepy:

Dear @mecsbecs may you you’re not aware, but you can easy find answers on near academy questions in telegram groups.

I’m not sure that Sandbox program was created to encourage scammers.

Have a great day.

This payout for 307N has been approved by this moderator to be posted to the Sandbox SputnikDAO.

Please remember that - per the [August 2021] Open Web Sandbox Rewards and Opportunities - the ONLY individuals who can be approving rewards for the OWS at this point and can therefore request more personal information as we review these claims are myself, @Sofia_Alum, and @vrdoingthings.

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