[August] Reward claim of [jovanie#2061]

Claim 1:

  1. Is it an act or series? Series
  2. Reward for Sandbox Referral Program
  • I invited my friends and 9 of them become NEAR developers. They all got NEAR Academy Certificate. 6 developers filled contributor form.
  1. Here is the list of their discord handles:
  • fatadu#9631
  • aashi.near#6824
  • SaulGazona#4002
  • johnnynguyen#0281
  • sauleleny#7420
  • ArchanaSur#6988
  • Lata Hari#0227
  • Zoya Singh#3276
  • Jivika Nanda#8747
  1. Here is the link to the evidence: [August] Reward claim of [jovanie#2061] - Google Sheets

  2. Total estimated reward: 180 NEAR (20N each developer)

Total of reward: 180 NEAR as @vrdoingthings approved

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Needs to be edited, approved for 180 NEAR

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I edited my post :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you so much :relaxed: