[August 2021] Silicon Craftsmen Project Opportunity: Podcast cover collaboration

We start August with the new amazing collaboration opportunities for the Sandboxers. The Silicon Craftsmen Guild came up with the new project.

Contact me or @Sofia_Alum if you have any questions about project or open discord to discuss them.

The Silicon Craftsmen Guild is searching for collaborators who will create the ‘face’ of the WUI Podcast.

The Cover Art is what users will see on the Podcasts apps (catalogue) and every time they play an episode.

We will pay the top three submissions: 100 $NEAR, 50 $NEAR and 20 $NEAR

All entries to be submitted as comments to the Submission Guidelines posted on the Silicon Craftsmen Community Hub

Don’t hesistate to start right now.
The deadline is 8th of August :fire: :fire: :fire:

Don’t forget to check the Silicon Craftsmen twitter :slight_smile:


Hi Ana!

Quick update! The Cover Art Podcast competition has now ended! We are thrilled to have received such high quality submissions, including the one we will be using for the WUI Podcast.

The collaboration with OWS for this contests not only enabled us to crowdsource beautiful artwork, but also enabled us to:

  • significantly grow our membership (25+ registered members on our Community Hub, ~40% increase )
  • increase Twitter following and engagement (100+ new followers, ~35% increase)

We are already seeing a lot of the new members registering for the Silicon Testers program, which suggests a successful funnel conversation.

Link to Original Submissions on Community Hub
Link to Voting Thread on Twitter
Link to Tweet Announcing Winners

1st - jothiprasath.near / Twitter
2nd - zeitwarp.near / Twitter
3rd - monish016.near /

Update on WUI Podcast: Five excellent interviews recorded so far. First podcast will be released this week.


Hi, thank you for the update.
We are happy to see so thrilled result of the contest :partying_face:
Looking forward for the podcast and new collaborations


Congratulations to the winners @jothiprasath, @zeitwarp, and @Monish016!

Please claim your your respective rewards through the Sandbox SputnikDAO following our project rewards claim process, as outlined here: The Sandbox SputnikDAO Guide for Claiming Project Rewards.