Artists Workshop

There are a lot of artists and aspiring ones that are looking for some guidance and techniques that their fellow artists could offer. Therefore, instead of asking time by time in the Filipino Artists Guild community, why not make it a workshop in which each can take notes and learn from the lecturer?

Who’ll be the lecturer of each workshop?
The people who won the 1st place in Weekly Challenges will be the ones to do it. If only one is willing to participate, then he/she will host it but if there are numerous winners for the month, it will be decided via community poll.

When will be the workshop? How often?
It’ll be done once this month and we are hoping for many to come by the coming months. Workshop schedules will vary depending to the lecturer’s availability.

Will the workshop be recorded?
We will do our very best to have it recorded :slight_smile:

Any international artists could also share their wisdom to the F.A.G. community?
Shoot us a DM if you wish too! We will be happy to accommodate cross-collabs :wink:

Some entry of the 1st placers from our previous challenges :arrow_down:

Lecturer reward: $200

Good luck everyone! :partying_face:

cc: @Ligaya @vanengs


Tagging @saii @elvatar02.near @ritzzard @Yoneru thank you for blessing us seeing your arts! :heart_decoration: