ART materials for Shiny Gloves Club proposal

In 2022, C1 Foundation and
Shiny Gloves signed the Classroom
Campus program partnership agreement on education.
Under the agreement,
C1 will help monetize the effort of the students through their artworks,
and the reward will go towards expanding the program.
The program level of progress is commendable having increased the number of participants from 15 to over 200, and a number of them onboarded.
In line with the agreement, C1 is to provide more materials for the artworks.
The following are needed to aid the Shiny Gloves Club artwork:
◦ Canvass materials *5 yards= 20,000
◦ Acrylic * 20tubes =20,000
◦ Frames 20 =30,000
◦ Stapler pins 3,000
Total= 73k Naira = $110 in $USDT