April monthly report from Zhengdong ZOU(China)

Guild Name:
Zhengdong ZOU
Monthly Highlights:
i am editot in Mars Finance which is the biggest crypto media in china.This month, i write 6 news
flash and put 2 articles to APP home page

  1. NEAR 生态 DeFi 团队将推出稳定币发行平台 OINDAO
  2. NEAR已上线 Bitfinex
    4.NEAR 生态基于 AMM 的去中心化交易所 Ref.Finance 已正式上线
  3. NEAR宣布以太坊跨链彩虹桥正式上线
  4. NEAR生态项目Octopus Network完成300万美元种子轮融资

also,i put this TWO article to home page so that more reader can find and know it.

always, when NEAR have news flash in Mars Finance,i also share to many Wechat group.

that is all. thanks.