[APPROVED] ZON-Verse DAO - Funding Proposal for MAY


We are applying for a monthly remuneration for artists and writers to develop Zon-Verse.


ZON-Verse is a series of comics that brings together many brilliant minds telling their stories and creating their characters. Writers and artists create together to bring the many characters of ZON-Verse to life.
The characters will become NFTs and fund the further development of more characters on more and more planets in the Verse. The comics will eventually become the storyboards for movies much like “Marvel on blockchain”.
The potential is limitless, and the amount of talent that could be included is endless. The concept is broad and open to allow for the individual freedom of artists and writers to express their creative selves under the umbrella of ZON-Verse.

Project/Council Members:

  • Zon - Art Director/Artist

  • Rabukome - Head Artist

  • Mr Menace - Writer

  • Dee. Alice - Writer

Zon-Verse has the potential to grow and add more core members.
We are looking for:
Worldbuilders, Character creators, Line drawers, Colorers, Concept artists, Background artists, Marketers, Social Media experts, Etc.)


  • All comic enthusiasts of all ages, demographics, and geographics.

Total Requested Funding Amount.

-Monthly Remuneration:


  • Artists will be remunerated for each task completed, for instance, $50 per frame completed and uploaded.

  • Each comic will consist of 50 frames.

  • Each Page will consist of 5 frames

  • Each page uploaded must be signed “off” by the Art Director.

  • Each Artist should complete 20 frames per month. $1000.

  • One artist $1000

Proposal for Artist:


  • Writers will be remunerated $300 for each comic storyline and $200 for each character developed and approved through voting on which characters have the potential to develop.

  • Each of the two writers should write one story and one character per month receiving $500 each.

  • One writer $500.

Proposal for Writers:

Art Director

  • The Art Director will be remunerated on a monthly basis to oversee the project and approve artwork and storylines, proofread stories, review characters, and finalize and post all changes. Monthly payment of $500.

Total: $ 2000

Proposal for Art Director:

Projects & Timelines:

The 1st comic will be developed within the first month of funding received. Ongoing funding will be needed to create NFTs and consecutive comics on a monthly basis.

We hope to continue to create comics for all styles and every walk of life. The potential for ZON-Verse is limitless and we aim to be as big as Marvel. Within time of course ::



Can a writer who has a storyline for a character also have a space for contribution here?

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Absolutely we encourage writers and drawers to bring or create their own ideas the be used in the ZON-Verse.

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That’s awesome. Can you share the link to the DAO?

It is in the introduction post.

Thanks for the info, i do appreciate it. One more question though, do i need to write a proposal to contribute a written story?

I dont really know, ill be honest with you. Im trying to set up different ways of payment in the future, some being royalty-based. Payment won’t go out until we actually start using that story in production, seeing as how the team is small things are being released in order.
I hope that answers your question.

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Yes thank you, normally all proposals usually get added up for funding for the new month, IMO though.

Well yes that’s partly what I mean by that, its in turn order or in order of the story relevance. Like if we have to many stories for one month it’ll have to wait till the next.
We also want to offer an option to where you dont get paid immediately but you get paid base on the royalty of how much the comic your story/character is in sold.

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Okay then, its also nice that creators can get paid via royalties.

Best wishes with your proposal


Hey @ZexonNerotaki welcome to the ecosystem and thanks for the proposal!
Am I right in saying that the above values for each position have already been chosen and will be council members for the first month? If so, I would suggest making individual topics for those positions and having each participating member give a bit of an overview of their work.


Hello and thank you for the reply!
Should a make a different forum post for each position separate from this one?
And I have a bit of an overview in the introduction. Where I had our writers compose the introduction and our artists show their work with the images of the 3 of the characters that will be featured in the comic.

Wonderful initiative, keep up the good work.


It’s up to you, but in general, it helps to clarify details and manage projects if each individual project has their own topic, with all related info and input from contributors (where possible) and then link that in to the overall monthly budget proposal.

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Okay i think i have made the necessary changes to the forum post ::

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Hey @ZexonNerotaki & ZON-Verse DAO thanks for the edits and feedback!
I’m happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Let’s GO! Thank you Creative DAO! Thank you Zon! Amazing!


Thank you guys so much for the approval!!!


Hello Hello, can you share a link to your DAO address please?