[Approved] YouTube Channel/Content creation and maintenance - December 2021 and the next months

Hi there!

We have revised our offer to give NEAR a taste of how we will use our interests and capabilities to educate about NEAR and thereby promote NEAR, “for starters”.


  1. We will talk about NEAR in our videos in a way which shows that we are active users of NEAR. Bear in mind that we plan to use multiple languages, Russian, English and Hindi, here because we can.

    Besides it might delight you to know that our major protagonist, Master Ram(I will use his vlog name for further reference, hope the use of word "MASTER" used for professionalism is not intimidating for the adults here), has been an enthusiast alongwith being a continuous investor in blockchains for last 5 years. Part of the reason is his rebellious character.

  2. We will shoot informative videos from the NEAR meet-ups or NEAR guild assemblies that happen in Goa and of course they will be a part of our videos.

    This might be appealing because if you check the number of views on a single video shot from one such meet-up posted on YouTube, the count is 11 in last 3 days against the 1600 views we received on our last video. The point here is education combined with widespread distribution through our channel's capability.

  3. @dmitryne and Denis have now been associated with NEAR for quite a while and therefore can be considered as NEAR professionals. Hence, we plan to interview them, shoot this interview and make it a part of our videos.

  4. Master Ram will speak about NEAR with guild assembly in the background for our video.

    It's obvious with his following on YouTube , his words will be more impactful for our channel. This alongwith clips from the meet-up in the backdrop will serve to amplify the influence on viewers.

  5. Additionally, since some kind of activities, not just meet-ups, that involve education about NEAR are organised now and then in Goa, we will shoot those activities as well for our videos.

  6. The informative link to NEAR, from the NEAR website, will be included in and thereby dispensed through all our social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, Telegram as well as Facebook.

  7. Now, the NEAR wallet is unquestionably one important means of using NEAR. Keeping this in perspective, "how to open NEAR wallet" will be covered through our videos.

  8. We are open to shoot any art activity, events, quests, etc. sponsored by or involving NEAR, of course to showcase them in our videos.

  9. When it comes to using NEAR, there are few places in Goa transacting in NEAR already, thanks to other community members in Goa.

    Such places, being crucial for NEAR as a business apart from the users of NEAR, will be shown in our videos.

    Moreover, it's a big motivating factor for such places if a random person, not a part of the NEAR event being organised therein, walks in with NEAR wallet, not to forget about the satisfaction being experienced by person itself because of such possibility to deal in something other than Indian currency.

To sum it up, when it comes to Goa, we will use our means as a tool to cement the NEAR infrastructure being erected here.

Needless to say that social media has a global reach and so do we and so will NEAR when it comes to working with us. This will be surplus to the previously mentioned Goan impact.

The only exclusion from our offer is the use of NEAR logo to brand our videos.

!!Pretty good deal for a preview that costs only 500 USD!!

P.S. The participation of Master Ram in the NEAR related events will strengthen and widen the effect of NEAR here as he has become very well known in Goa, on a personal level, in Russian community especially. Our ability to use multiple languages, on the other hand, enhances our potential, a potential asset thereby for NEAR as well.

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You don’t need to make an offer, the MarketingDAO is not a decentralised marketing arm for NEAR.

We exist to fund those building in the community and ecosystem to achieve their marketing goals.

Happy to see you run with this with a $500 budget as a passion project, looking forward to seeing the results.

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!


We are happy to see this project approved :grinning::pray:

Once we receive the funds, we will start incorporating NEAR in our project.

Looking forward to see us work together!



When can we expect the remit to wallet? Or is there some other procedure we need to follow?

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We’re working on getting the new funding process live this month. Update here:

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Thanks for your patience!

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:


I cannot find the link to Google doc form anymore.

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Here is the link on google form

So, we have submitted the form already. We are waiting for the funds to start working on this proposal.

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Hey, have you passed KYC yet?

Hi there!

Yep, it’s done already.

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I guess we need more direction here. It’s already been around 3 weeks.
Are we missing something in the process?
Is some information lacking from our end?
Or is it usual delay from NEAR?

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Have you followed the instructions?

I can’t find your poll on Astro.


I’m not seeing a poll for this proposal - has this been closed @sneha.pathak?

Honestly, it might sound naive but I can’t find Astro Dao page. Is it same as Sputnik Dao? If not, please share the link to Astro Dao page.


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Hi, I added the poll for this proposal:



Good evening. Did you get rewards? Thank you


Yep, the rewards are in the wallet already. We have been working on it.

In a day or 2, I wish to share the information about our work, a.k.a. our progress report. I plan to post the progress info here. If it should be posted somewhere else then do let me know.


We have made information about NEAR a part of our videos.

This introduction, information process as a part of inclusion started last month, after the approval of our poll and thereby transfer of funds.

It’s been 3 weeks now and 3 of our YouTube videos have been released with accommodation of knowledge about NEAR.

The content of each video is different ranging from introduction to comprehension to meet-ups in Goa to a business in Goa agreeing to endorse NEAR as a mode of payment at insistence of the channel protagonist Master Ram.

I have compiled the video links as a report of our effort towards our proposal, a.k.a. towards our association with NEAR (Please note that the Instagram posts/reels are dedicated specifically to NEAR):

  1. YouTube video link:

    NEAR info at: Around time 1:30
    No. of views so far: 2.83k

    Instagram link:

    No. of views so far: 843
  2. YouTube video link:

    NEAR info at: Around time 10:00
    No. of views so far: 3.05k

    Instagram link:

    No. of views so far: 418
  3. YouTube video link:

    NEAR info at: Around time 6:10
    No. of views so far: Around 2k

    Instagram link:

    No. of views so far: 456
    I have tagged NEAR_crypto on Instagram in this particular video.

    This last video on YouTube/Instagram was released before 1 day.

Facebook and Telegram channels were also used in the process, as they are integral to our working system.

One other upcoming video will cater for NEAR as well. Therefore, I reiterate that this is the data of progress until now. I will submit the final report later on.

Last but not the least, we can agree with the obvious fact that the number of viewers consuming this information will increase with time.


P.S. Do please let me know how you guys feel about continuing this association for next months.