[APPROVED] XIV- A Integração (visual story)- Meta / A Musical Short Film

Project Title: XIV- A Integração (visual story)
by Meta

Who am I and what is the purpose of the proposal?

Hello! I’m Mariana, a singer & music producer from Portugal. I have joined the Near community in 2020 through Muti and I am very happy to be a part of this new revolution.
I have a music project called Meta and I’m currently working on my first album “XIV- A Integração” which is a research about the essence/ roots, specifically my own cultural history and the roots and knowledge that nature gives us all interconnected into one big learning about my life journey so far.

My background is based on Performative Arts such as Dance & Theatre and I have studied Visual Arts & Communication Design so this side of myself is something that I want to bring more and more to my music and its expression therefore the visual component is a key element in the storytelling of this album.

What is “XIV- A Integração (visual story)” ?

“XIV- A Integração” is my way to integrate the learnings & insights I have been uncovering, especially since the journey I did to South America in 2019. For me this album comes has a necessity to understand the realms I have journeyed into, to release them to the world and hopefully to create benefit to the community.

The sound landscape is a mix of Portuguese traditional elements influenced by the connection with plant medicines and the learnings of South America, all weaved into electronic music & voice.

I aim to connect Nature’s Elements & Moon Phases has guiding points throughout the album and this is where the visual story comes in.

The Visual Story will be a Short Film with 5 main songs (related to the 4 elements + ether) that are the core of the album, like glimpses chapters in a book, with Video for each song interweaved with each other.

I believe that in order to be able to express my vision of the album completely it is necessary to create new layers of narrative with the visuals so to have an immersive experience and integrate my two passions here.

My proposal for MUTI

For this proposal I am only applying to fund 1/5 of those videos as they have a lot of costs involved.

In the creation of the visuals my purpose is to create possibilities to bring out the talent & expression in other people as well, so I aim to collaborate with friends that are invested in their passion therefore supporting them in their dreams too.
Therefore the team is Ana Marta, which is a long-time friend and I have been working with her in all my videos since. Also Ruben who is a big friend and has many qualities he can bring to the table, like costume design, makeup and dance.

NFT proposal:

For the NFT I had the idea to create an exclusive behind the scenes Video about how the narrative & short film comes to life.


The video I am applying to fund is about the Element of Water and the proposal is to film in the Liquid Zome (Water Sanctuary) in Lourel, Sintra.

Needed Resources:

For 1 video it will be necessary the Camera Woman, the rental of space, the rental of light equipment, travel costs & the costs for the costume design & makeup artist.

Proposed Budget:

Filmmaking & editing:
1 day of shooting: 300$
1 day of editing: 200$

Rental of Space:
1 Day in Liquid Zome: 300$

Renting of Film Studio equipment:
Lightbox + Colored Light + Waterproof Case for Camera: 50$

Traveling Costs from Porto & Ericeira:
Mariana & Ruben- Porto / Ana Marta- Ericeira: 50$

Costume Design & Makeup:
Cost of Materials + Time of Creation: 100$

Total: 1000$

Funding period: March 2022
Costume Design/ Animatic Board/ Light Equipment Resources: March & April 2022
Recording: May 2022

Project members:

Mariana Bragada @mariri.near - https://www.instagram.com/meta_____/

Ana Marta- Filmmaker & Editor - Login • Instagram

Ruben Roxo- Costume Designer & Makeup Artist - Login • Instagram

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for creating a space to bring more love & expression to the world. If you have any other ideas feel free to tell.

Thank you
Much love



Heya @mariri,

We’re finally able to include your project into our monthly proposal!
We would love to support you and your proposal and the NFT sounds awesome.

Due to the variety of projects we are able to commit to 520 USD for May and are happy to have an onboarding session with the involved artists.

We will then include the remaining 480 USD in our June budget.
Let us know if this works and we change the proposal to [Approved] :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @tabear for the opportunity!
I am able to work with that for sure! Happy to start creating! <3

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Awesome, once we have received the funds I will let u know how to request them :slight_smile:

Heya @mariri,
We have received our monthly funding, please request 520 DAI from our DAO :slight_smile: Use this link for the external link in Astro.


So since the all album process went a bit slower, we opted to use this funding to create the Cover Art of the album which includes 2 photoshoots and the making of a Tapestry.

The team:

The cover art:

This images will be shared to public when the album is released.
Thank you <3


Thanks for the update! We’ve been following the process and are happy to see the outcome :slight_smile:

Please request the remaining 500 DAI from our DAO https://app.astrodao.com/dao/muti.sputnik-dao.near and use this forum post as the external link in the proposal.

As the project has changed, please let us know what kind of NFT(s) you’d like to mint from the video shoot. This could be a collection of photos, a song/song snippet, or even parts of the album :slight_smile: You even could consider using Explore Cards - Paras to mint cards of some of the images.