[Approved] WOTAverseDAO - MarketingDAO Funding - Q3 2022 - Marketing Campaign for WOTA (World of the Abyss )


DAO: WotaverseDAO

General project information:

World of the Abyss (WOTA) is a mobile MMORPG focused on real-time players’ interaction with Web3-component based on Near protocol (Play & Earn, minting, owning and trading NFT-items (gear, loot boxes, etc), NFT Marketplace, DAO Clan governance, in-game token, etc).

General data

Funding Scheme: Quarterly

Requested Amount: $9,800 USD in NEAR

Target Address: wotaverse.sputnik-dao.near

Council members: wota.near drook.near jurius.near

Guild Name: Human Guild

This is our first request to Marketing DAO.
We received a Grant from Human Guild (Near Foundation) in 2021 for NEAR Protocol implementation & Web3-component development.
Till now we mostly used free marketing opportunities on NEAR, partnerships and other organic sources of community growth.

Marketing type: Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events, etc.

Budget Details:

First 3 months (building a bigger community):

|Activity|Cost US$|
|Community Managers (CM)|900|
|Giveaways (in-game NFTs, NEAR tokens)|300|

Total: US$ 4800

4th month (audience transfer):

|Activity|Cost US$|
|Community managers(CM)|300|
|Giveaways (in-game NFTs, NEAR tokens)|400|
|Ad posts/twits in communities|450|

Total: US$ 5000

  • Two currently working in-house SMM-specialists/contents creators salaries ($US 600 x 2) are not included in the budget.

Impact on NEAR ecosystem:
As we are going to use mostly resources and traffic outside NEAR ecosystem, the impact will be significant:
Growth of NEAR users base due to:
- Transfer of Web2 players to Web3 NEAR users by promoting Web3 mechanics
- Transfer of P2E players from other protocols to NEAR Protocol
- Transfers of investors/speculators from other protocols to NEAR Protocol
NEAR ecosystem education
The project itself is a good showcase of application of Web3 mechanics in gamedev for other studios and teams

Instagram: 1000
Discord: 1500
Twitter: 3000
TG: 100

Instagram: 2000
Discord: 2500
Twitter: 5000
TG: 200

Instagram: 3000
Discord: 3500
Twitter: 7000
TG: 300

Instagram: 7000
Discord: 7500
Twitter: 15000
TG: 750

*We will also be measuring coverage, ER and in-game KPIs dynamics.

# The main stages of the funnel:

A “cold” user comes to the WOTA-game. We “warm up" users to buy NFT-chests in social networks. After completing the target action, the user smoothly learns about the NEAR guild and goes to the NEAR community.

Key questions:

  • How will the user find out and come to WOTA?
  • How will the user navigate to NEAR?

We divided the target audience into 4 main user groups:

  • Investors
  • NFT Collectors/speculators
  • Players in P2E games
  • Freeloaders

Everyone has their own interests to go to WOTA (and NEAR as a result):

  • Investor - how profitable to invest your money in order to increase funds in the long run. It is also good to invest during the NFT fall
  • NFT-collector - add beautiful art to your collection and make money in a short period of time. Moreover, earn on buying and selling in the future
  • Players - play an interesting P2E game and have fun
  • Freeloaders - hack the system and get free money
  1. First we need to attract the attention of our target audience. To do this, we will use the following tools:
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • Shilling
  • Target

For each of the target audience groups, we will use separate tools:


  • We use the expert opinion of bloggers and the recognition of influencers.


  • We use the expert opinion of bloggers and the recognition of influencers.
  • We will conduct a list of partnership negotiations with further joint projects in specialized media
  • Shilling in NFT-themed communities

Players in P2E games

  • We use the expert opinion of bloggers and the recognition of influencers.
  • We will conduct a list of partnership negotiations with further joint projects in specialized media
  • Shilling in NFT-themed communities


  • Arranging giveaways (small - often, large - rarely)
  • We inform freeloaders, that there is a channel in the discord, to which we add from a certain level, where these giveaways will be held
  1. The next step is user retention.

We will use the following tools to keep users in our community for as long as possible:

  • Draws
  • Games
  • Communication
  • Broadcasts
  • Prizes for activity
  1. The next step is to transfer the audience to NEAR.

In order to transfer the audience to NEAR, we plan to use in-game education, social media “word of mouth”, audience transfer from other protocols) through P2E, GameFi general groups events/giveaways/AMAs, and advertising/informing in our social media networks.

In order to understand at what stage we conduct the following activities, we turned to the mechanics of marketing hours:

For the first 3 months, we will have cold audience acquisition and retention through attention grabbing, shilling, trust building and content.

4th month — warming up and pouring the audience into NEAR with the help of:

  • Getting a contact
  • Creatives and Giveaways
  • Leadmagnets
  • Creatives in target
  • Warming up the audience
  • Events with professionals (AMA, presentations)
  • In-game events (calendar of events)
  • WOTA & NEAR ecosystem education.

Thank you for the thorough proposal.

Can you explain the difference between articles and bloggers and how many articles you plan on writing?

How many shill posts do you plan on publishing across different channels?

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Hi, Klint

Thanks for your thoughtful questions.

Articles are specialized articles (sometimes videos) on thematic sites, which can then be published on social networks. We pay to be published on the site.

For example, Organic Article on Coindoo means that an article about us will appear on the site. Then, since this is an organic article, there is a chance that they will repost it on social networks.

A blogger is a social media post on behalf of a blogger (for example, a native text or video about them playing our game)

As for the the number of articles and estimated cost:
First 3 months:

  • Organic Article on Coindoo 400 EUR
  • Press Release on TheCryptoBasic 80 EUR
  • Sponsored Article on TheCryptoBasic 100 EUR
  • Press Release on BitcoinInsider 100 EUR
  • Sponsored Article on TimesTabloid 100 EUR
  • Organic Article on CryptoSorted 100 EUR

4th month:

  • Sponsored Article on CryptoNews (EN) 590 EUR
  • Youtube Video Review on TeknoCrypto 550EUR

*We may change targeted articles resources in case we find more efficient ones.

Regarding shilling:

  1. We will use the service from NFTShillers:
    They will do 3 tweets with us
    Publish our project on the site
    24 hours they will repost us and publish

  2. Schilling management:
    We will write about our project in all relevant social networks and chats. The number of posts is unlimited, but we are going to focus on reaching 1600 publications from shillers.

Hope it answers your questions.

Any further questions and suggestions are welcome.




Happy to support! Glad to see game developers and their efforts to create values for Near Community!


Thanks for supporting! We are very grateful to NEAR Community for supporting WOTA in all senses too!

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Thanks for your detailed proposal.

Happy to support noting that:

  • Receiving grant from and working with Human Guild is a strong signal for the quality of the project and the support
  • Gaming has the potential to onboard the next billion users to NEAR
  • Please submit a report afterwards



Thanks for the detailed, clear proposal. I can support this. A few reasons why:

  • I see this as a reasonable amount to request for marketing activities across three months
  • You are an active member of the community/ecosystem and have done a lot of work on your own and laid a foundation for this project before requesting funding to expand marketing activities
  • The gaming category is one that has much potential to increase engagement and onboard new users to NEAR

I look forward to seeing your report. Moving this to approved.


Thanks for support!

We’ve created a proposal according to instructions at:


Thanks for supporting

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Thanks for supporting. We’ll surely submit a report on completion.

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Looks great- thanks for the feedback. You have my support.

Hello, could you please share report? Thank you!

Hello Dacha and all,

Thank you for your interest in WOTA marketing campaign results.

According to our marketing plan stated above, we will have this campaign finished in 4 months - in 31 October.
Also, due to 1 month payout delay we started our campaign 1 month later (in Aug instead of July)
Though, we do not want to change final date, so we will adjust our plan and try to complete all stated actions by the end of October as promised. By completing and analyzing final results, we will provide you with a report early November.

Hope to your support and understanding.


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Hello! Could you please share report ? Thank you!
cc @haenko

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Hello. Yes, preparing it.

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Thank you! Have a great day!


Hello everyone,

We have tested different marketing activities both in Web2 and Web3 sphere and came to very interesting conclusions:

  1. Web3 marketing activities like shilling, AMAs, giveaways influencers (both video and text) were not very efficient thanks to bear market and general depression of people about tokens, NFTs , blockchain games, etc.
    We were disappointed by the fact that many Youtube influencers have fake numbers of likes/comments on their channels and the activity was mostly made artificially and not giving any real effect to community growth. There are still some alive communities of crypto-gamers that gave some growth to WOTA community.
    Shilling had zero effect.
    AMAs are only effecient in a sense of twitter growth, but only in case
  2. Web2 marketing activities like targeted “free2play MMORPG” traffic from TikTok, Instagram and FB and forwarding those new players to our social media through game mechanics showed very good results both for social media and game itself.

We ran a NEAR wallet authorization and in-game NFTs minting on Testnet in WOTA. We can’t evaluate how many near wallets were opened due to our activities like giveaways, etc, but we see good statistics on NEAR buttons and other NEAR elements interactions within the game showing interest in NEAR wallet from both Web2 and Web3 players:

85k+ interactions with NEAR Wallet (non unique)
53k+ NEAR log-ins through NEAR Wallet (non-unique)

Marketing REPORT:

Players growth: + 3150 installs

Social Media Community growth:

Total Followers: ~13000

{SM - Fact - (Plan)}

  • Instagram - 2080+ (7000)
  • Twitter - 1920+ (15000)
  • Tiktok - 590+
  • Discord - 3100+ (7500)
  • Telegram - 5100+ (750)

YouTube Bloggers and Community Videos (17+)

AMA Session , Collab , Giveaway (10+)



We do not see any sense to invest money into classic blockchain marketing tools like shilling, Youtubers, paid AMAs, articles, etc at least on such a bearish market as we don’t see sufficient impact both on players base and community growth as well as NEAR ecosystem.

In our case of launched free2play-core mobile MMORPG game - the best way to grow community, players base and NEAR ecosystem users base is investing money in targeted traffic to the game itself and involving people to social media and NEAR ecosystem by game mechanics. In this sense we get cheap ($.30 CPI WW quality traffic, to a targeted " fresh blood" traffic, interested in playing WOTA and ready to become active and interested participant of the WOTA community, social media and NEAR ecosystem.


You have a good game. Your community is active. Your moderators are responsive. You are constantly correcting possible errors in the game.I do not even know what disadvantages you have))). This is probably one of the few blockchain games that develops with confident steps and increases the number of users. I have a question about bloggers. Do you want to shoot videos? As far as I know, there are bloggers who are funded by Near to promote ecosystem projects. Maybe you should talk to them and they will make the video themselves and you won’t need to spend money on fake bloggers.
Thx :relaxed: