[Approved] WOTAverseDAO - MarketingDAO Funding - Q1 2023 - Marketing Campaign for WOTA (World of the Abyss )


DAO: WotaverseDAO

General project information:

World of the Abyss (WOTA) is a true hardcore autoplay-free mobile MMORPG with the focus on real-time player interaction and bullet-proof game mechanics. WOTA has a classic free-to-play core as well as a Web3-component based on NEAR protocol (Play & Earn, minting, owning and trading NFT-items (gear, loot boxes, etc), P2P NFT Marketplace, DAO Clan governance, etc).

General data

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Requested Amount: $10000 USD in NEAR

Campaign schedule:
Feb - $3500;
Mar - $3500;
Apr - $3000

**Target Address:**wotagame.near

Council members: wota.near drook.near jurius.near

Guild Name: Human Guild

Previous approved proposal to Marketing DAO: [Approved] WOTAverseDAO - MarketingDAO Funding - Q3 2022 - Marketing Campaign for WOTA (World of the Abyss ) - #2

We’ve received several grants from Human Guild (Near Foundation) in 2021 and 2022 for NEAR Protocol implementation & Web3-component development, as well as grant from Aurora.

We want to conduct a large-scale targeting campaign. We have a game at launch stage, well-formed social networks, there are many videos about WOTA on YouTube and Tiktok (both our own and influencers’ content). During this time, WOTA has changed a lot for the better, a lot has been added to the game itself, thanks to our team and our community, so we want to show users the benefits and coolness of WOTA through various content and attract new players. World Of The Abyss is built on a vibrant and cool community of players, which we’re about to grow significantly.

This time we are launching a large advertising campaign in which we will use various methods to attract the audience. Our main goal is to convey the value of WOTA & NEAR to the user, to increase the number of game downloads and logins through NEAR and new wallets opening.

The WOTA team will handle all aspects and create the best promo videos and posts that will go into the advertising campaign. In this way, we will expand the WOTA and NEAR community, as well as the number of new active NEAR wallets. In addition, this campaign will allow WOTA to demonstrate its increased retention rates (and others) to potential publishers and investors who follow our progress and need these statistics, increasing our chances of obtaining funding as soon as possible and globally launching a large-scale marketing campaign from the end of January with the money raised .

Also this campaign will allow WOTA to demonstrate it’s increased retention (and other) metrics to prospective publishers and investors, who are following our progress and require this statistics, that will increase our chances to get funding ASAP and globally launch a massive marketing campaign by the end of Jan for the money raised.

Through content production and other activities, our aim is to onboard 3000-5000 active players which may around 500-1000 new active NEAR wallets


Types of Content:

  • Text (Telegram , Twitter , Discord and articles spaces )
  1. Article Writing
  2. Guides
  3. Tutorials
  4. Opinion / Editorial
  5. News / Newsletter
  6. FAQ
  • Visual / Graphic ( Instagram , Telegram , Twitter , Discord )
  1. Announcements
  2. Infographics
  3. Memes
  4. Promotional
  5. Shilling
  6. Statistics
  7. Informative
  8. Other
  • Video ( TikTok, Instagram reels , YouTube shorts and videos)
  1. Memes
  2. Tutorials
  3. Guide
  4. Educational
  5. Reviews
  6. News
  7. Stream
  • Audio ( Discord and Telegram voice chat)
  1. Guide
  2. Educational
  3. AMA
  • Other
  1. Collaborations
  2. Contests
  3. ASO

Content Pillars :

  • News - news about new WOTA updates
  • Announcements - аnnouncing new features, achievements, etc
  • Guide - content for beginners
  • Tutorials - informative content for a better understanding of WOTA mechanics
  • Memes - funny content to maintain a warm atmosphere
  • Shilling - a way to attract new players by conveying the WOTA value
  • Statistics - statistical data on audience growth
  • Informative - project-specific including FAQs, Features
  • Collaboration - collaborative content with other near-based games and channels
  • Other

Budget Details:

  • Text content - 1 500$

Daily posts about WOTA announcements and news, guides, useful posts, articles and more

Distribution Channel and Frequency :

(50x) Twitter

(45x) Discord

(60x) Telegram

(45x) Linkedin

  • Visual / Graphic content - 2 000$

More than 45 units of visual content, announcements, memes, informative and statistical content

Distribution Channel and Frequency :

(50x) Twitter

(45x) Discord

(60x) Telegram

(45x) Linkedin

  • Video content - 3 500$

Guides and tutorials for new players. Review of the game, streams, gameplay and more

Distribution Channel and Frequency :

(10x) YouTube

(50x) Tiktok

(50x) Instagram

  • Audio content - 1 000$

Weekly livestream/podcast with WOTA team

Distribution Channel and Frequency :

(8x) Twitter

(8x) Discord

  • Other - 2 000$

Various competitions, Rewards, Olympiads and Collaborations

Distribution Channel and Frequency :

(3x) Twitter

(15x) Telegram

(3x) Instagram

Audience outreach: 50000 - 100000
Unique Game Downloads : 3000 - 5000
Expected new NEAR wallets : 500- 1000
Avg. conversion to community members: 6-20%

Impact on NEAR ecosystem:
As we are going to use mostly resources and traffic outside NEAR ecosystem, the impact will be significant:
Expansion of NEAR community as well as number of new active NEAR wallets.
Growth of NEAR users base due to:
- Transfer of Web2 players to Web3 NEAR users by promoting Web3 mechanics
- Transfer of P2E players from other protocols to NEAR Protocol
- Transfers of investors/speculators from other protocols to NEAR Protocol

NEAR ecosystem education by gamified mechanics

The project itself is a good showcase of application of Web3 mechanics in gamedev for other studios and teams. Increasing gaming and e-sports visibility on NEAR.

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Good day! I am happy to support your proposal for one month (3.5K), but could you please add your game on dApp Radar by the end of the year? Thanks


Hey @bdev – thanks for the proposal. We have new guidelines since the relaunch of the Marketing DAO in November. As part of those, we no longer are able to support paid advertising campaigns.

Here are the new guidelines for reference:

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Thanks for support. We will be trying our best.

Ok, thank you for this information. We will adjust our proposal accordingly with our marketing team in a shortest time.

Adjusted proposal according to guidelines and more organic approach.

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Thanks for your proposal and patience.

Thanks for taking into account Lorraine’s input (we are not able to fund paid advertising) and adjusting your proposal accordingly.

I am able to support this proposal on a monthly basis (1m = $3,500)

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Thanks! We’ll do our best.

Thanks for the revisions. I am also able to support for one month to see how the project progresses. You have the support of three council members. Moving this to approved. You can take the next step and submit to Astro for one month of funding.

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Thanks! Done the poll.

[February Report & March Funding Request]

This month we created even more content than expected as well as got more 3rd party promotions.

Following is a report for month of February:

Text content:

20 х Twitter twits - https://twitter.com/wotaverse

17 x Discord posts - WOTA (World of the Abyss)

25 x Telegram posts - Telegram: Contact @wotaverse

13 x Linkedin posts - https://www.linkedin.com/company/worldoftheabyss/

5 x Medium Articles - world of the abyss – Medium

  • Visual / Graphic content

20 x Twitter arts-https://twitter.com/wotaverse

17 x Discord posts arts - WOTA (World of the Abyss)

25 x Telegram posts arts - Telegram: Contact @wotaverse

13 x Linkedin posts arts - https://www.linkedin.com/company/worldoftheabyss/

5 x Medium Articles arts - world of the abyss – Medium

  • Video content

6 x YouTube clips - WOTA - YouTube

11x Tiktok clips - https://www.tiktok.com/@worldoftheabyss?_d=secCgYIASAHKAESPgo838dn6Y1qm5QaTwerVgLSEgQEj%2BtoLnsUBl%2BDpGS41FXIqkomnq7YjRQhmZx5HvGqbYd%2BwggguGzvcWt0GgA%3D&_r=1&checksum=e2c3fe639ba11d3b3f3b2f872ffc44ee6c55d813d88587ddcc2643713964d7c1&language=uk&sec_uid=M

6 x Instagram clips - https://www.instagram.com/worldoftheabyss/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

3-rd party/influencers content:
YouTube promo videos:

  2. Jogue de GRAÇA World of the Abyss a ganhe NFT | VENDA e LUCRE | GAMEPLAY - YouTube
  3. World of the Abyss АМА-сессия | Новая free2play NFT MMORPG на блокчейне NEAR - YouTube
  5. World Of the Abyss FREE TO PLAY with P2E NFT MMORPG under NEAR BLOCKCHAIN
  6. CriptoLuck - CLK Oficial - YouTube

Tiktok promo videos:

  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYBPuTMf/
  2. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYBuRnfm/
  3. Assista aos meus vídeos no Kwai!
  4. https://www.tiktok.com/@criptoluck/video/7202369472194268422?_r=1&_t=8a2vdLVFzrZ

Medium & web promo:

  1. World of the Abyss Gameplay, Game Mechanics & Why it is ONE of the most rewarding Free2Play P2E (Win $400 NFTs) | by Shelley Mae Crypto | Feb, 2023 | Medium]
  2. WOTA: O MMORPG revolucionário que permite jogar de graça e ainda ganhar dinheiro! | by CriptoLuck | Feb, 2023 | Medium
  3. https://criptoluck.io/wota-o-mmorpg-revolucionario-que-permite-jogar-de-graca-e-ainda-ganhar-dinheiro/
  4. World of the Abyss Gameplay, Game Mechanics & Why it is ONE of the most rewarding Free2Play P2E (Win $400 NFTs) » Shellwanders

Facebook, Telegram, Medium, Instagram, Twitter promos:

  1. Shelley Mae - World of the Abyss is a FREE TO PLAY Game on... | Facebook
  2. Telegram: Contact @inanutshellcryptos
  3. Telegram: Contact @NFTLandesP2E
  4. wykka nft on Instagram: "World of The Abyss MMORPG Free to play Vídeo completo no meu canal WykkaNft"
  5. https://twitter.com/shelleymaeph/status/1622137500881018880
  6. CriptoLuck 🍀 on Instagram: "🎮 Você é fã de jogos online e busca por novas aventuras? 🌎 Então conheça World of the Abyss (WOTA), um MMORPG móvel gratuito já disponível para Android, IOS e Windows, com mais de 15 mil downloads! 🕹 Com foco na interação em tempo real e um componente baseado em Web3 usando os protocolos NEAR/Aurora, WOTA apresenta um mundo aberto para exploração, atualização e melhorias de personagens e equipamentos, além da possibilidade de lutar contra outros jogadores. 💪 Com um sistema de classes único, WOTA permite que os jogadores experimentem diferentes estilos de jogo sem criar vários personagens, estabelecendo suas próprias metas e objetivos, incentivando a interação entre os jogadores. 👾 Junte-se a essa aventura e descubra o que o mundo de WOTA tem a oferecer! Faça o download agora mesmo e comece sua jornada épica. 🍀VIDEO NO CANAL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bpPRZA1J6s #WorldOfTheAbyss #MMORPG #JogosOnline #Web3 #NEARProtocol #AuroraProtocol #Android #IOS #Windows #Game #AventuraVirtual"

AMA Sessions:

  1. Telegram: Contact @near_protocol
  2. https://www.youtube.com/live/NHqC4CEa3gw?feature=sh

With mentioned marketing actions we are getting momentum and have already got 2750+ WOTA game downloads and 120+ NEAR wallet unique IP interactions incl. new wallets opening, attachment of new wallet to the game account, in-game NFT assets minting to Collectibles to NEAR Wallet, etc.
Also, among positive results we would like to mention, that players started to sell their newly minted in-game NFT weapons, armors and jewellery on Mintbase. WOTA also announced partnership with Few and Far in selling WOTA NFT Chests lootboxes.

As discussed before, we are requesting next payment in the amount of US$3500 for the month of March to continue gaining momentum and progressively grow WOTA active players base, new active NEAR wallets and NEAR ecosystem growth.

Please kindly inform us on next steps to proceed.

Truly yours


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@Dacha @so608 @satojandro Waiting for your kind reply on above report and further steps. Thanks. Ilya

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Good day. Create a proposal if you would like to get funding.


New proposal here on the forum. This is a poll

Ah, I thought we are approved for 3 months as stated in initial proposal. It was quarterly proposal and we divided it to 3 months. But it’s OK, we can create new one if required.