[APPROVED] WOMEX session /muti showcasing NFT use cases at music conference in LX in October

From the 19.-23.10. a big non-crypto music conference will be held in Lisbon, WOMEX.
It is the “most international and culturally diverse music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and showcase concerts.”
With more than 2.6k professionals from the music industry worldwide the conference offers a big platform for artists, collectives, and institutions and their projects.

On the 20.10. muti will be present to showcase our work and specifically how we use web3 tools to work with artists and how this can be applied to businesses as well. Details of the talk can be found here.

The 45 min. talk/presentation with Lu Edmonds (musician and web2/3 researcher) will start with the issues from the traditional music business and web2 and will then into the world of web3. After the talk, we will have time for a Q&A and assume that people will get interested, want to follow up, and also get to know Mintbase and its functionalities.

We will cover the following topics in our presentation:

  • web2 music business and problems
  • web3 solutions:
  • NEAR introduction
  • DAO functionality/usage incl holding/buying NFTs
  • IRL use cases of NFTs (through Mintbase - incl. logo etc; we will bring a physical redeemable from our Mintbase bazar and showcase the minting process)
  • royalty splits
  • benefits for artists/creators and businesses using Mintbase (less admin & paperwork, direct revenue etc.)
  • Tamago built on Mintbase

We are also considering bringing NEARdrops to onboard folks if they are interested and if the time allows it after the session.

Our DAO currently only works with NEAR and its Dapps and we heavily use the tools from Mintbase. This presentation will not only showcase our DAO but mainly the tools we use to operate, it will create visibility for Mintbase and how it can be used outside of the NEAR ecosystem, with real-life examples and use cases that create tangible examples for web2 users ( and the ones that have not been in touch with it at all.)

We are trying to showcase the new ways that web3 can support artists as well as institutions, especially the ones that are not part of the ecosystem yet.

Given the nature of the presentation and the impact on the included projects, we would like to ask if Mintbase would be willing to support (the ticket for the speaker has already been received but in order to showcase also the redeemables, we will come to Lisbon by car and we are currently fine-tuning the presentation and creating videos to be included) :

  • 110 $ travel costs
  • 120 $ preparation, creating of visual/educational material & session
    total: 230 $ in N

Happy to approve this one! You can propose payout after the conference, please share some pictures & feedback on mintbase after!

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Hey there,

here are some pics of the event.
We had the 45min talk & Q&A with a filled room (about 70 pax) as well as mentoring sessions on 2 days (7 participants each). The participants have been artists, businesses and global institutions and all of them showed interest. We hope that in the follow ups more contacts will be established.

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