[Approved]Wizards' Guild funding request Squad DAO

The Wizards’ Guild is requesting funding of 60 NEAR for a NEAR Protocol DeFi review video.

We would like to pay the popular crypto Youtuber Lite Liger for a video review of DeFi on NEAR protocol. Lite Liger recently released a very nice walkthrough on how to use Paras on NEAR Protocol, and produced a staking tutorial in the past. He is keen on doing another video review on NEAR Protocol:

Lite Liger has over 24k subscribers and a cult crypto following. He conducts video reviews, exposes, monthly airdrop guides, videos on crypto gaming, and DeFi.

One of our guild members has known Lite Liger personally for over three years and has direct contact with him. He negotiated a fee of 60 NEAR for a video reviewing DeFi DApps and projects on NEAR including:

  • Ref Finanance
  • Metapool
  • Cheddar Finance
  • OIN
  • Wizards’ Guild
  • Skyward Finance

We will work directly with Lite Liger to guide him through the ecosystem and show him what currently exists and what is releasing soon. This will aid him in the production of his video and ensure that the information he is providing is accurate.

We believe that by working with Lite Liger directly, we can help grow the NEAR Protocol DeFi user base. Lite Liger produces high quality content and we believe that funding for this video can open the door to other videos in the future promoting Hash Rush, Ref Finance lending, OIN $stNEAR backed stablecoins, gated NFTs on Paras and more.

As this is the guild’s first funding request, kindly provide instructions on processing procedure. Any feedback is welcome…


Hey @JThompson123,

Did you negotiate this in NEAR? Or in USD? We’ve moved over to USD funding requests now. I don’t think there should be a problem if it’s negotiated in NEAR, though.

This sounds pretty sweet to me! :tada:


Okay, that would be 450 USD then.


This is great. Would love to have him do something for us too.

Check out the guide to submitting funding requests here :tada:

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It’d be interesting to know what your longer-term plans are in terms of video content.

Currently, the Kitchen Guild and Stars Guild are working on this. It’d be a shame to have too many crossed wires!


The Wizards’ Guild is specifically focused on education and promotion of DeFi on NEAR protocol and Aurora. We are not a general marketing guild. The content reviewed will be focused on DeFi only and we will use our expertise in DeFi and the NEAR ecosystem to assist Lite Liger in production of the video.

For example-
If a video review of the gaming ecosystem on NEAR were to be produced, it would make sense for the Human Guild to be involved and oversee production of the video to ensure all content is correct and every relevant DApp is included.

Since our ecosystem is growing quickly, it is impossible for our general marketing guilds to keep up with, and have the same level of understanding as our topic specific guilds. This is why the Wizards’ Guild, a DeFi specific guild, should be involved in the creation of topic specific videos.


This looks all good to me, tagging the Marketing DAO Council for review

@satojandro @cryptocredit @jcatnear @norah.near


Hi @JThompson123 a guild focused on DeFi which is a key aspect of the NEAR ecosystem is a good idea.

Looking forward to see how you get on with creating topic specific videos.


Thank you all for your assistance and feedback.

Re-categorizing this post to fit under the Marketing DAO vertical then.

Adding the link to the processed payout for transparency:

Looking forward to the results, guys!

The video has been reviewed and published on youtube- NEAR Protocol Ecosystem Review - YouTube


Here is my article about my experience in the forum!