[APPROVED] Wildeverse Website Design

[PROPOSAL] Wildeverse Website Design

Project Timeline: May 2021 - Present
Payout Request: 200 NEAR
Target: bianca.near

To help market the Wildeverse event, I worked on designing the user interface for the Wildeverse website as well as adding new content to the website. Below, please see a summary of the work completed to date:

  • Applied provided brand guide across the site through fonts, colours, logos, etc.
  • Coded custom fonts for headings and paragraphs
  • Applied brand colours throughout the site
  • Adjusted layouts
  • Added content across the site such as text, images, forms
  • Created new pages and applied new content, including the Events page
  • Reworked existing content at the start of the project for layout and branding

Next Steps

  • Will continue to make updates as provided


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