[Approved] university initiative Near meetup ( adjusted)

Gm gm,

Awesome to see things like this kicking off now the global circumstances calm down a little.

@jlwaugh is the man-with-the-plan in regards to all things NEAR Meets :tada:


thanks please can you quickly take a look, i sent you a private message here thanks


Great initiative the can potentially bring Near Ecosystem organic growth.

You could also refer to https://learnnear.club/ for crucial resources that could be helpful to university students.

Hi @lisa :wave:

How did the event go? Is there a report we can take a look at? :smile:

cc: @theChosenOne

we will definitely make use of the resources

hi, @pransh , the event was approved and invoice was sent, funding was delayed due to ethdenever, we hope to execute this event in the coming week

we will be holding the event on the 12 th of march 2022

Good morning, what kind of equipment you needed? Can you take it in rent?

Could you please give more information about “ Internal adverts ” ?


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thanks, internal advert sinply means, 2 or three student leaders( class reps) of the institution will go to varrious classes to announce the event using word of mouth. they will also hand out our contacts so intending participants who have questions can call for clarifications if any

also we rent projector and its stand ,
we rent extra chairs and tables

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Ok, guys, if you’re asking my opinion I can approve

Processing: EA6A7638-2D45-4A0C-9455-41FC648BEB96.jpeg…

Venue space - $300
Equipment - $0 I saw some rooms have projectors , furthermore you use the computer class as well (probably)

Internal adverts - $100


  • i propose split it and spent half of money on for $1’s drops for new wallets.

Honorarium for the team- $500
TOTAL- $ 1050

About chairs, see a lot of them in the University…

Thanks :blush: and don’t forget to write report about the meeting.

Have a great day!

yes we can work towards that but we definately will do the internal adverts because we do not want a situation where on that day we have 5 or 7 persons attending . we have to properly advertise it to have more audience .
about chairs, that will depend on the particular class/room we will be using, if we have to do it in the hostel inside the institution we will have to rent chairs
about the computer room, its a nice place and it has facilities but its not always available for use for events.

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proposal is adjusted.
please other council members review

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Good morning, Yes from me.

Hey :wave: ! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :blush:



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This is amazing you guys are literally creating multiple opportunities for youths.

Congratulations Lisa, the polls has now been passed by the Marketing DAO Council, if you’ve already completed your KYC you can proceed to request funds from the Near Foundation

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thanks,i have already passed kyc,
please how do i request funds from the foundation? , any guides, am learning the ropes as this is first time

also @Dacha


Full guide is here: