[APPROVED] Trove Labs - NEAR Community Ambassadors at NEARCON (Sept 11-14th)

7/31/22 - Astrodao Proposal Link following approval on Near Gov Forum: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-454

Greetings from Trove Labs!

Trove Labs develops and advises multiple projects on NEAR protocol. We have been deeply involved with the NEAR community since 2021 and are dedicated to building up the NEAR infrastructure and encouraging new creators to do the same.

Recently, we have been engaging with notable project founders throughout the NEAR community by having them on our show, NEAR Community Chat, to speak about entrepreneurship, decentralized finance, crypto currency, and other topics involved with developing a web 3.0 business. Our most successful spaces posted to the NEAR forums had over 160 views total.

We believe in the importance of marketing NEAR protocol to the public and know that

In an effort to increase public exposure for NEAR protocol and its community, we are looking to travel to NEARCON to meet active founders and developers to provide a platform for them to share details about their upcoming projects on NEAR!

Marketing Type: Advertising, Events

Objective: Send 2 Trove representatives (@dleer_defi, and @Brand0mand0), to NEARCON 2022 in Lisbon (Sept 11-14) to represent the NEAR NFT community as Ambassadors, and meet with NEAR project founders, Developers, and Hackathon participants to secure future guests on our NEARCON spaces series.

Marketing Activity:

Maximize the exposure of New projects at NEARCON 2022 by attending the conference and the NEARCON Hackathon to meet with at least 6 project/business teams that want to participate in a future live spaces discussion. On top of lining up future spaces shows, we will attend NEARCON panels and events and host Twitter spaces during NEARCON to cover the conference and discuss what we have seen during the conference.

Metrics for Measuring Success:

  • Quantity of Near Projects teams committed to speaking in future spaces
    • Target: 6-10
  • Host a Twitter spaces during NEARCON (sept 11-14) to highlight notable updates for NEAR protocol and inform the public about upcoming projects and protocols on NEAR.
  • Host a twitter spaces discussion weekly (if possible) for each potential guest team from NEARCON 6-10 additional spaces shows.

Expected Impact:

Drive awareness to newly created NEAR protocol projects and NEARCON news/developments from NEARCON and the NEARCON Hackathon. Establish relationships with the NEAR project community during the conference and explore the technical aspects with the teams building and innovating on NEAR protocol via our spaces series.

Funding Details:

  • **Total Cost: 1,543.2 NEAR ($5000 USD) One-time
  • NEARCON Tickets: 2 team x $300 = $600
  • Plane Tickets: 2 ea round trip = $3300
  • Hotel Accomodations: 1 room x 5 nights = $800 ($160 x 5)
  • Transportation: $300
  • Food & Drinks: Paid for by team

Wallet ID: trove_labs.near

Owner: Trove Labs/ Jump DeFi

Past Spaces/ Podcasts Links:




Good evening, where do you live?
Honestly, I have never heard about your team? Do you have any collaborations with existing apps on Near or Aurora? Thanks


The app is not launching on IPhone

Do you have a Community around the app?


Hello @Dacha !

Trove Labs is our development firm, but the Founders of Trove Labs (@Brand0Mando & @dleer_defi) are also the same as the Founders of @NEKO and Jump DeFi. We are posting under Trove Labs since that is the profile we have been announcing our twitter spaces under.

The Jump DeFi discord has just launched. Here is the Discord link.


The Jump DeFi platform is not live yet, but we are well under development with a thriving community and are close to launching phase 1 of the platform. Here is a link to our litepaper with more info.


Thanks for your proposal and for including links to previous work.

Notes -

  • This is a somewhat unusual proposal and it includes evidence of marketing activities but it is requesting funding for attending a conference;
  • Community funding is available for projects or members who are active and committed to NEAR and would not have been able to atttend the event otherwise;
  • I am curious as to why you have never applied for Marketing Funding before for the current activities you run, any plans to request funding for these in the future?
  • Has Trove Labs received funding from NEAR Foundation or VCs, etc?

I am happy to support this proposal. However, I am jsut mindful that we can’t pay for every attendee to travel to NEARCON. Trying to discern what would be an appropriate threshold between projects that cover their own costs and projects eligible for community funding.


Looking through the discord it appears this community is very new. I’m unable to find any information on your website about integrating with Near beyond it being mentioned.

While I’m not opposed to helping builders get more involved, I think this is a very new project and the overall level of activity doesn’t give me enough foundations to support it.

Thank you for the response Dacha!

One clarification we would like to make for our proposal, is that Trove Labs is responsible for the development of Classy Kangaroos, Good Fortune Felines, and Jump DeFi. Our communities and followings are tightly interwoven and we have been contributing to the NEAR ecosystem since the beginning of January 2022.

We have previously posted under NEKO in the NEAR governance forums, but have since moved to this account to better organize all of the projects we are involved with as Trove Labs.

I have addressed the rest of your comments below:

-The focus of this marketing proposal is for our team to network with and provide exposure for new projects, protocols, and startups attending NEARCON that do not have the ability to spotlight the innovations or utilities they are creating to a broader audience.

We intend to attend NEARCON to interview notable projects and hackathon participants to invite them to speak on our spaces to discuss new NEAR developments and how their projects are adding to the current NEAR infrastructure. We believe that new projects teams and founders are vital to the success of the NEAR ecosystem, and by giving new founders a platform to speak from, we can increase the engagement and participation of potential NEAR project founders. By attending NEARCON we will be able to accomplish this more efficiently and will be able to establish personal relationships with the founding teams that can potentially benefit both parties and the NEAR ecosystem as a whole.

Here are some examples of our spaces with other notable projects on NEAR


-We are project members who are committed to NEAR protocol. Brand0Mand0 and dleer_defi are co-founders of trove-labs, Jump DeFi, and Good Fortune Felines (NEKO) on NEAR. We have multiple projects ongoing on NEAR, and would greatly benefit from attending NEARCON and discussing relevant web 3.0 topics with various projects and figures within the NEAR community who attend NEARCON.


-We have applied for marketing funding previously and have been funded for two separate proposals. We plan to keep applying for funding when and where appropriate.


We currently participate as much as possible in the NEAR forums and have been announcing our weekly spaces series, adding our insight to ecosystem wide discussions, and more.

Trove labs has not received funding from the NEAR foundation, however we are currently in the review process for funding from Proximity for Jump DeFi. We have received funding for Jump DeFi from Big Brain holdings, and are currently continuing to raise.

Thank you for the response Klint!

Our community for Jump DeFi is new, however Trove labs has been creating projects on NEAR since the beginning of this year and has established a large community and following between its main projects, Good Fortune Felines, Jump Defi, and Classy Kangaroos. We are currently working with proximity for a grant for Jump DeFi, and NEKO is currently working with the NEAR foundation to implement a content creation and education system for NEAR community members.

I think I wasn’t able to previously explain how Trove Labs is connected to the NEAR ecosystem. The Jump DeFi community is new, however we have amassed a following via our other communities, Good Fortune felines, and Classy Kangaroos. We have been providing details on the project through the Good Fortune Felines, and Classy Kangaroos discords as well as hosting frequent updates via twitter spaces. We have 9000 members in the Good Fortune Felines (NEKO) discord as well as 18.5 K twitter followers.

The spaces we host on Jump DeFi are relayed to the Good Fortune Felines and Classy Kangaroos Discords for maximum exposure, and the impact of this proposal and our attendance of NEARCON would positively effect all of the communities Trove labs is involved with.

I hope this information and the information I have given @Dacha above helps you to better understand our proposal and to reach a decision. Thank you both again for your responses!


Hello @Dacha , @Klint , and @satojandro .

There has been a recent update regarding the funding situation outlined in the proposal. Both
Brandon( @Brand0Mand0) & David (@dleer_defi) have been approved as Hackers for the NEARCON Hackathon. While this is a significant help regarding the funding of the trip, we are still counting on additional funds to help us attend NEARCON 2022 in Lisbon.

With the date of the event nearing, the prices for plane tickets from the United States to Lisbon, and hotels in Portugal are beginning to rise. We have updated the funding details in the proposal to take the rising travel prices, and discount due to the NEARCON Hackathon stipends ($1000 ea).

We believe that our presence at NEARCON will benefit the NEAR community and ecosystem as well as provide additional marketing and representation for the other NEAR projects in attendance based on the proposal above.

We appreciate your time and consideration and are eagerly awaiting feedback for this proposal!

Updated Funding Details:

  • **Total Cost: $5100 -$2000 Hackathon Stipend = $3100 USD Total or 759.8 NEAR one-time
  • Plane Tickets: 2 ea round trip = $4000
  • Hotel Accomodations: 1 room x 5 nights = $800 ($160 x 5)
  • Transportation: $300
  • Food & Drinks: Paid for by team
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Ok, thank You for updates. Happy to support.


Thank you so much for your support!

If there is any way the marketing DAO council could reach a decision on wether to support our proposal or not that would be greatly appreciated. Prices for travel and accommodation dramatically rise the closer to the we get to the event date, especially during summer.

We know there is an excess of proposals for ambassador grants to NEARCON, but we believe we would provide a net positive impact to the NEAR community if we attend NEARCON, and are eagerly awaiting a decision from the Marketing DAO so we can prepare our travel arrangements asap!

-The Jump DeFi team

Before 3 Day sir @Klint give proposal for NEARCON why his aproved in hours?

  • He is disapper after send question on 20 july 2022 4:28 PM
    You replied same day 10:28 PM

  • As same as @satojandro also disapper after send question on 20 july 2022 1:08 PM
    You replied same day 10:10 PM

  • Also you send New one on 26 july 2022 3:13 AM (BEFORE ONE DAY OF @Klint 's proposal )
    All @marketingdao-council replied on that but except dacha WHY NO ONE REPLIED HERE TILL NOW? Today date 29 july 2022.

@David_NEAR is COUNCIL Done partiality here in sence of reply?

Last but not the least

I like this you pay by self for your food :slight_smile:

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Hello @satojandro If this is unusual then what about this I attached below

Also please if you will going to online please take a look on some proposals and give replies

As a council member why you didn’t post anything? i think you are old council as per data so why you didn’t much active in proposals?

Thanks guys for updating the proposal – I have been waiting to post my comments here while waiting for clarification around how the MarketingDAO is being advised to handle requests for NEARCON as we are getting many – and there has been some controversy around them.

A couple of things to note:

  • We can’t be responsible for fluctuations in travel costs/pricing or fluctuations in NEAR price, just FYI.
  • Do you have a report that you’ve posted from NFT NYC? If so, please post here.
  • We are being asked to evaluate metrics/outcomes for those who receive funding for the conference, as we can’t fund everyone and we need to make sure we can follow what happens with the project that are funded.

I can support this proposal, but please do share the report for previous funding/events so it’s in this thread.

Also note that with this approval, your team has received funding for two events. Be aware that future requests may not receive approval, in the interest of diversification of funds throughout the community.

Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro using the NEW payment process.

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Thank you for your support @so608 ,

I have attached the previous report below. Since NEARCON is different than a convention like NFT NYC, we used our experience at that event and have adapted our marketing strategy to be more effective at reaching a broader audience with our regular twitter spaces show.

We will post our proposal to the astro DAO and are excited for the opportunity!

Hey quick Q – are the double posts on Astro accidental? Just checking to make sure we vote on the correct one.

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Yes they are accidental duplicates :sweat_smile:

I was hoping someone could delete the one I commented on (proposal #455)

Thank you for noticing!