[APPROVED] syzygy guild monthly proposal for March 2022


Hello NEAR and Creatives family. February was our first active month and it was a huge learning curve for our budding guild, but we made it and even have a February report to show for it. We are aiming for a more action-oriented month of March and our first bounty within the community.

Guild Leader: @beet93
Council Members: @beet93 @debenick @reina gloryma4.near
DAO account: syzygy-guild.sputnik-dao.near

Target: syzygy.near

Requested funding amount: 70 N (779 USD) + 10 N (the 10 N will serve as a buffer in the event of a drop in value)

N = $11.14 on coinmarketcap at the moment of writing this 22:10 CAT

The N amount will be to cover the value lost in February solely, as we look to complete all the activities planned in February.


1. Organise an introductory event for the syzygy guild on Twitter Spaces

These introductory events of the guild will announce our presence, mission and goals to our targeted audience and be a quick outline of our actions.

  • Twitter Spaces event for creatives collective - 1 x 70 USD x N = 70 USD x N (3rd week of March)
  • Twitter Spaces event on Web3, Blockchain tech and Near - 1 x 70 USD x N = 70 USD x N (4th week of March)
  • Guest speakers at Twitter Spaces events - 1 x 500 USD x N = 500 USD x N

2. Groundwork for writers’ collective

The plan is to initiate a young writers’ and creatives collective where they’ll be able to share their craft, promote their work and eventually publish and be rewarded through incentives and competition prizes. This will have a wider plan to onboard these collectives and individuals on NEAR and the community.

  • Budget for writers (pieces to be published on Medium) - 45 USD/piece rewarded at the end of the month x 6 writers = 270 USD x N
  • Writers’ prompt and winner - 50 USD x N

3. Groundwork for Creatives, Devs and Young people in STEM collective (especially girls)

During this meeting, we shall meet with active leaders in the Creative, Dev, and Young girls in STEM community to discuss how we can collaborate and set up a sustainable cycle of projects, workshops, events and competitions and establish a community, and how they can contribute as mentors. (2nd week of March)

[UPDATE] Talks already started over emails and chats on google Meet, a physical meeting will be a coming together of all this. See this in our February report

Targeted number: 3

  • Transport, logistics and per diem for participants - 3 x 80 USD x N = 240 USD x N
  • Meeting refreshments and entertainment - 200 USD x N


We will be putting out our first bounty within the community for a designer to do our logo and brand colours so we can have them on our social channels, documents, etc

Council work - 278.5 USD
This is a carryover from last month. The council will forfeit half of the total amount in the event of a fluctuation or if need arises to inject more funds into the planned activities.

In essence, we are carrying our all of our planned February activities and then adding the bounty for our logo/brand colours.

The 10 N asked as a buffer will be kept in the DAO account.

Performance Indicators

We believe these are very important for our work and will be looking to be more detailed and specific with time. For our first month of activities, our performance indicators will be a measure of:

  • Social media engagement
  • Attendance in Spaces events
  • Participation numbers for writer prompt and call for submissions
  • Growth of community (social media channels) after events
  • How active the channels are

Thank you and cheers.


Hello guys,

maybe you could put some links that help the community to see how this projects was approved on your own community.

Check this example:


Hello @hevertonharieno. To give an appropriate response, I’ll make two points

  1. Last month was our first active month, and we are still learning the more detailed approach to presenting our activities. These activities were already approved last month with details in our February proposal.

  2. These activities proposed are introductory and as such much of the details are in the proposal itself.

But to your recommendation, separate proposals for the activities have been created with more details on the activities and why we feel they are important.

We did not think it necessary to have a proposal for our planned logo bounty since that is clear enough, and also the third activity is detailed enough within the proposal.

Also, you can check out our February report to see what was achieved, links, and more. From next month we will be certain to have more details in our activities and links. The details for these activities will also be found in our March report.

I hope this was a good enough improvement, if not I’d be happy to have more conversation on this so we can improve future proposals.


Hey @beet93 , the proposal is looking good. Just wanted to give some feedback on one last element:

I think it’s always worth having an individual project for documentation of the process. It also allows for any interaction specifically towards that project (ie. posting the logo and it’s elements, timelines etc.), so in my opinion, it’s good practice to do so and also can be beneficial to other members of the community.

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Hello @ted.iv I was thinking more details about that could be put in the bounty when we put it up, to avoid double explanations but I could still do an individual proposal now for it.

@beet93 yes, no problem, it’s also not a rule, just a suggestion on how to best document things going forward :smiley:


I am grateful for the suggestion @ted.iv . It is a learning curve for our young guild and I do welcome the suggestions and feedback. Our bounty will have all the details for the logo. But just for extra clarity and to promote good practice, I’ll work on a separate proposal for the logo now.


@beet93 here to help and very excited to see what’s to come from syzygy guild!

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@ted.iv @hevertonharieno Added the proposal for our logo as a link. Honestly, feels good now that it has been put out there. Our bounty should have more information and we’ll be excited to see what comes out of the efforts. :grin:

Happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts

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Thank you @hevertonharieno

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