[APPROVED] Spiritual DAO budget funding for March 2022

Funding Proposal for March at Spiritual DAO

At February, Spiritual DAO experienced a floating at its founds due to an unexpected economic issue. Because of that we has some deficit at our February planning, but we hope everything will be normal this month. But for precaution, we will lock our founds in DAI as soon it’s arrive.

Before the actual propose, we like to address the elephant in the room. This proposal is an edit. That edit was decided from the Spiritual DAO council after the seclusion of the ex-council member John X. According to whats was said in this post. Spiritual DAO is much more than one of its members, so, with that, we decide to renew our proposal to make sure everything is transparent. Hope you enjoy the modifications and embrace it.

Council Members: @beetlejuice @gushlewis @thephilosopher

Current balance (DAI): 631

Funding period: march 2022

March Goals:

  • Reestablish Spiritual DAO
  • spread spiritual ideas
  • connect people
  • publicize NEAR
  • bring people to NEAR
  • create bound with other DAOs

The following will be the Spiritual DAO proposal for March 2022

  1. Crossroads (an weekly event)

The meaning of this project is:

  • Engage the NEAR community in activities into it
  • Network between members an DAOs
  • Chat about spirituality
  • Show the Spiritual DAO content

This include:

  • Selection of a monthly theme to all 4 weeks
  • A rent in a parcel for the month
  • Decoration of the parcel within the selected theme
  • Propagation of the event in social media, plus calling members of the community
  • Realization of the event with a schedule (welcoming; show the 2 weekly podcast; dj and networking; announce of the prize)
  • Announcement of the winners prize of the week

Subtotal: 1.000$

  1. Karma (an weekly single person podcast)

The meaning of this project is:

  • Share knowledge and lore about spiritual themes
  • Highlight members of the NEAR community that have spiritual experience
  • Provide different theories about spirituality
  • Spread NEAR ecosystem (we will put information about NEAR in the beginning and at the and of each episode)

This include:

  • Selection of a theme
  • Record of an 10 minutes podcasts
  • Edition of the podcast to include NEAR information in the beginning and at the end. Put subtitles and animated video to follow the audio recorded
  • Upload the episode at the Spiritual DAO YouTube Channel

Subtotal: 880$

  1. Show your soul (an weekly bounties/prize for art - visual, music, write, digital)
    The meaning of this project is:
  • Engage NEAR community
  • Open space to creativity and expression
  • Share the community art
  • Fill the ecosystem with good content
  • Spread NEAR ecosystem (we will put the mark of NEAR in the winner art)

This include:

  • opening an weekly bounty
  • Share it in Spiritual DAO, Creative DAO and NEAR

Subtotal: 960$

  1. Council Matters:
  • Council work 333$/council member - 999$/month

Subtotal 999$

Total Requested Funding Amount: 3.619$ (USD)

Due the questions around the ex-council member John X, we decide to only ask for 3.619$ this month to show a good will of our members and DAO.

We are already thinking ahead, and for the next months we plan to open a bounty to create our logo; maintain another podcast, but whit three people chatting about a theme; organize our discord account with all the created content; make a move to improved our social medias with adds; open a pool to decide the monthly themes.

Hope we can create this vibe together

Be in the journey


Admiring the proposal, and the projects, and team, and the idea
exited to be involved and to co-operate more :sparkles:
inspire to have wonderful Goa artists @Di.Cosmic.Art among Spiritual DAO :pray:
Let’s fulfill this March with entire Love :sparkling_heart:


Ready to work hard this month))


Always gonna be a source of inspiration to the entire ecosystem at large… Let’s keep the good work going…


Thank you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

it’s a grate honor tho have you all in this journey


Hello guys!

Very happy to see that Spiritual DAO has a new proposal. I think 2 points can be stronger in your proposal:

1 - For the next months, plan better and in more detail the Social Media to apply for this fund in @marketingdao-council. For now, and for this amount, I think it is ok.

2 - Explain better your point 4 to the community. For example describing how much you are thinking to each topic:

Look into this point and I will be happy to discuss with the other board moderators.


So, i think i solved :sweat_smile:
let me know


Hello @beetlejuice. Happy to say that now your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We will create the pool!

I already did the guideline for payout last month, do I need to did it again?

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Yes, every month, you should put the funding proposal on the forum, and when the moderators from the creatives come and approve (technical approve), then you can go to the creatives astrodao and make a poll asking for the DAOs approval (content approve). After content approve, you can fulfill a google form and wait for the contract to sign. After contract, the resources arrive in 1 day or less. If you have made KYC before, you dont need to do it again. You make KYC at each 10,000 usd in near. If you haven’t, NEAR will send you a KYC after fullfilling the form and before signing the contract.

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tks for the explanation <3
so i think this time will not have kyc :slight_smile:

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here is the link to our astrodao pool <3


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This proposal seems to be a creative one, but the other two seem to be more centred around spirituality. Important topic, but I am unsure how it pertains to the “creatives” community specifically.

Hello @marmajfoundation

It’s a god point that you bring to light.
I will try to explain my point of view (I’m a Brazilian girl, so English isn’t my first language, so it’s more difficult to elaborate).

At Spiritual DAO we are dealing with a spirituality in many ways, religion include.
When i think about Creative DAO, I think about art.

So, religion was the cradle of art. At the beginning, art was used to represent religion (sculptures, paintings, texts). That is my first argument.

the second one is that we have Ars Magika at the study of occultism (Ars, from Latin its Art)

And the last one is the concept of religion and spirituality are in themselves artistic and creative, because they are stories made up along the womankind (mankind) to explain and told things. They are imagination: a man, in the sky, invisible who look for us. An energy, you cant see, that make you feel better, animal that are part of you, mythical creatures with powers and so on. They are all creations of our minds (or not) and I think that represent Creative DAO.

Sorry I took so long to answer you, but I’m in a chaotic weeks.
Hope you like it, and we can still talking about it here or em private, its up to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Be in the journey