[Approved] Social Medias Management and Marketing Projects The Clan January

Hello @marketingdao-council and community. Continuing the work in The Clan Marketing Initiative, these month the management includes:

-Regular posts on Instagram and Twitter (at least 5 per week), focusing in community engagement and spreading the Near Blockchain. Create interesting posts and topics that call the attention of artists, collectors and investors. Expected expansion: 60%-75%

-Telegram of The Clan has 7 active groups and 1 meeting room. Including technical and shill groups. I also make the onboarding process in the telegram. This month i onboarded all new members using the telegram Report The Clan December Activities
:white_medium_square:For this month at least the same growth is expected. So the work continues.

-Discord channel interactions and support for the members.

We are also coordinating the ART2AD as a Marketing Project, since the creation of the forms, as the buys and the transfers. This past year we make a Twitter Spaces in Christmas while we bought the chosen arts. The community feedback with RTs and Tweets created was awesome. We would like to make the ART2AD VOL. 2 this month again.
The budget asked for buying Near Arts is 100 Near, this way we can buy 10 arts with average price of 10. And more arts if the prices are low than 10. All the NFTs will be in the treasury of The Clan DAO as the first time. And all participants will fill the form, and make the asked steps for the promotion.

Report ART2AD

We also need funds to the onboarding of new artists and creators, so we will ask 40 Near to onboarding 40 new members, as we make every month and each person will recieve 1 near via neardrop. To fit this idea into marketing we will provide a template to the newcomer. This will contain especifications for a Tweet - making a short promotion of Near Protocol, Neardrop and The Clan. This will call more interested people to the community.

Theres a Workshop of |Perspective Drawing and will buy 3 NFTs produced in the project. Following the same rules of the ART2AD.

Budget asked: 30 NEAR. - 10 NEAR each.

Budget asked for Social Medias Management : 800USD
Budget asked for Art2Ad vol. 2 : 100 NEAR
Budget asked for Onboarding : 40 NEAR
Budget asked for Perspective Drawing : 30 NEAR

Total budget asked for The Clan January Activities : 4200USD / 210 NEAR (NEAR price $20.1 21:47 BRT)

Thank you very much for the support and attention!

The Clan Councils:
@whoiscavenaghi - cavenaghi.near
@duOCELOT - duocelot.near
@brunoqual - brunoqual.near
@Kynetikus - kynetikus.near

all The Clan links are available on[The Clan Lynkfire] ( https://lynkfire.com/theclan)


Hi @whoiscavenaghi nice to see that you are making progress with your project. I particularly like the fact that you are holding the NFT collection on the DAO. Good luck!

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I would love to join the social media team


Thank so much @cryptocredit !

Happy to support you. Have a great day!

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I would really love to be part of this team


Thank you very much for the support @Dacha!

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Hello! I will reach you for details! Thank you for the interest


Is there any feedback or adjustments to be made @David_NEAR and @marketingdao-council ?

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Hey guys,

Moving this to Approved

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:

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Thank you very much @David_NEAR!

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Hello The Clan! Since the Marketing DAO is following the payout process as shared above, I have been asked to nudge you to now post this proposal as a poll to the Marketing DAO Astro DAO so the Council can vote on the funding to be granted to you.

This action is needed from you as a successful (passed) poll is needed before we can proceed to the next/final step of issuing the Reward Agreement for your representative to sign.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns!

cc: @marketingdao-council


@mecsbecs Hello! Thank you very much for the instructions. The proposal is done Poll for the Budget The Clan AstroDao

:pray:t2:Let me know if everything is right, please.

Hi @whoiscavenaghi - please re-post by clicking on the “?” symbol for Polls when on the DAO and when you press the green “+” sign it should read like this:

The Council will need to discount the payout proposal posted in favour of using the poll you now post.


Hello! I think now it’s right… sorry about that.