[APPROVED] Setting up Pro Airmeet for Createbase Community

Proposal for business Airmeet plan for Createbase Community/NEAR Creative Guilds)

The Createbase Community hosts its bi-weekly community calls in Airmeet. It has been useful as a meeting place for the community to come together and get updates and share what they are working on. As other guilds are starting to use the Airmeet as well (namely the music guild), I think it would be helpful to have a business Airmeet plan.

The cost for a 100 person business Airmeet plan is $1099 USD and 1$ a person above 100 registered event attendees. This Airmeet will also be used for the upcoming Open Web & Communities Hackathon for workshops, teambuilding/networking sessions, and for the 2nd NxM Live Event.

Airmeet plan:Screenshot 2021-04-19 19.19.08


Benefits to the Creative Ecosystem @ NEAR

The goal of this upgrade is to start growing the creative community within the NEAR ecosystem. A business Airmeet account can support this endeavour by having an efficient platform available for the community to come together and collaborate with.

Moving forward, Createbase, NxM, and other creative guilds as well, will be using this Airmeet for their community calls. This will allow for guilds to have comparable analytics and metrics to start showcasing to their members.

I will personally make the payment and am requesting to be reimbursed from the Createbase SputnikDAO for the full USD amount in NEAR through a payout proposal. (At today’s NEAR Price it would be 235 NEAR for the payout amount)