[APPROVED] September 2022 Near Brasil Webducation 3.0

Near Brasil

Funding scheme: Monthly

Since the beginning of this year we have grown our channels, talking about Near every single day.

We started in February. Since then we have reached many accounts, partnerships, artists and people who work with Near in Brazil, engaging and bringing more people to know about the protocol.

You can check all the channels here:




This work was done with a grant project approved when we saw an opportunity to bring news and articles about Near Protocol to Brazil, while no one was doing it.

Here we have the Report

We want to help Near reach the goal of reaching 1 billion people. We want to be Near’s main channel and Hub in Brazil so that anyone can start in Near, develop in Near, buy, sell and create NFTs. We will also be able to help people look for grants and partners in Brazil and Latin America to start their projects.

In short, we want to continue learning about Near, teaching it and try to reach as many as possible of the 200 million Brazilians.

The purpose of this proposal is to continue the growth of the Near Protocol in Brazil, implementing and disseminating this innovative technology to educational entities in the country, bringing cutting-edge knowledge to people who already have knowledge of the crypto universe andalso new users.

We want to continue this work, using the channels to bring all Near Protocol news to Brazilians with articles, news and translation from the main channel, creating closer ties with Brazilians, so that they know more deeply about this protocol. And also partnering with all Near projects, Guilds and DAOs in Brazil that we already started.

We are helping to build the Brazilian Near community, bringing all the news and updates through the website, Instagram and Twitter.

Among our works, we’ve done raffles for the $Near, and Brazilian arts. We made partnerships with several artists who use Near and participated in the Twitter Spaces

We participate in Near’s Brazilian Guild and as them we want more people to know the protocol, create their wallets, create, buy and sell NFTs and cryptos.

Our job is to provide information to the Brazilian public and create partnerships to engage the community.

This is an educational and informative project, so everything others are doing inspires us to create more and bring more information to our community.

Our differential is knowing Near for more than 1 year, working with Near since February and meeting many people who work with it in Brazil.

Our country is immense and I believe that the work I have been doing will help many people to know more about the project and be constantly updated about it.

The project aims to continue what I was already doing and also add more partnerships, Twitter spaces and bring guests to talk about their projects. So I will do the following:


Content generation,news and articles

  • Daily posts on Twitter and Instagram with news and updates = $ 350

  • 3 articles per week for the website = $ 300

  • Translation of the main news and articles of the Official website(technical and non-technical documents) = $ 300

  • Monthly Q&A and Twitter Spaces

  • Partner with artists and businesses on Near to present it on our website, bringing even more quality content.

  • Social Media Ads = $ 100 /month

  • Planning and report = $ 150 /month

Total: $ 1200

Wallet: armbr.near



Great job. Happy to support!


Thank you for your support!

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Hey @andersonbr,

Everything looks about right. I just wanted to get a few clarifications.

Big Picture:
What types of partnerships are you working on for Near Brasil?

What is the rough breakdown of initiatives in percentages for your efforts to grow the community?

  • Education
  • Onboarding builders
  • Promoting NFT projects
  • Etc

Can you elaborate on the purpose and the channel for the social media ads?
Note that facebook, instagram, and reddit do not allow for ad campaigns promoting blockchain projects, NFTs, Crypto, etc.

Just need a little clarity before giving this the green light.

Thanks for the work that you are doing, I support this proposal for another month.

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Happy to support. Moving to Approved

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:

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hello @klint
Thanks for the questions.

We plan to adapt an area on the site to inform about creators in Brazil. We will bring information about projects, DAOs, dapps, artists, games, etc.
We will also have a space to inform more technical content created by partners (Near Floripa and Web3Dev) which focuses on technical content.

Our focus is to bring informative content, help with doubts and mainly educate about the projects that are being created. So most of the effort goes into this.
We don’t want to promote NFT projects - we just show who is building and what the projects do. Promoting can be understood as influencing other people to buy - we don’t want that. We want to educate about the innovations of each project and how it impacts the ecosystem.

About ads
According to facebook, it is not allowed to create ads for the sale of products and services related to cryptocurrencies.
Our ads will be content engagement, and all content is educational and informative. We don’t think we have any problems with that. But we can review that if something happens.

Thank you for your support @satojandro !

Great! Thank you for your support

Great! Thank you for your support

Have a great day too!

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Hello! Could you please share report ? Thank you

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Sure. It’s here.

Thank You