[Approved + Report] Participation in NamasteyNFT Metaverse Summit (Bangalore, May 14-15)

Hey, @naveen_in, Thank you for tagging in :slight_smile:

We had an excellent talk with Ashwathy Menon, part of the Namastey NFT Team. After the long discussions, we understood that we would need a booth or a stall under the event’s sponsorship category to carry out the activities mentioned above.

@johanga & @Albhion mentioned that it as a free event to attend. But the Namastey NFT team has agreed to provide a free stall/booth in exchange for any creatives activities, such as helping the visitors experience VR/AR Metaverse. But this is considered volunteer work & we cannot officially endorse NEAR Protocol.

Based on the registration data from Namastey NFT, the expected number of people to turnout for the event is 6K to 10K. Hence we firmly believe that the event provides us with a huge opportunity to tap & build the NEAR community activation in India & we should consider sponsoring the event under express sponsorship.
We want to add another $4500 for the original post above to include the express sponsorship fees & KalakendraDAO budget as well.

$2500 - Express Sponsorship
$500 - KalakendraDAO Presence ( Banners, Posters)
$1000 - Near Drop for the Event
$500 - Travel and Stay two members for 2 Days.

Tagging @marketingdao-council , To make a quick decision on this.

Please, Find the Attached for your reference.



Hey @Monish016 , Is express Sponsorship is for the One project Show at a time or We can Add more Project there like Graffiti, Naksh, Goa Dao , Uniqart project

Can you Clarify on these Also, We can Have one meeting with Aswathy Regarding this .


Actually, I requested to have as a near protocol , where we can have various events planned throughout the event for 2 days within our dao, this can help us in collaboration as well


Good day, support it.


happy to start preparation , thank you

Hey @Dacha can I use this link to proceed to astro.

Cc. @marketingdao-council

@Dacha @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR


Great proposal, hope this event brings out more Indian crypto people attention to NEAR Protocol.

As part of the process, Marketing DAO councils ask for details on travel and stay part. I would like to echo that up here as well. Can you please attach the cost screenshot of travel and stay?

Asking this here because other proposals and DAOs were asked to show the details and they provided. Thanks for amazing initiative :innocent:

Good morning, probably it should be a new proposal. Thank you.


Hi Naveen,

Thanks for the tag! I had spoken the organisers of the event as well. Was planning to do showcases of our Naksh NFTs as part of the event. Also, would love to collaborate with you wrt the workshop and booths. Since we work with physical artists, we can also arrange some IRL workshops for the event.

Also spoken with @johanga regarding collaterals and setting up the booths. Since me and @nidhi are based out of Bangalore, we can arrange things from here and make it easier for you guys too!

Let’s discuss further on this.


intermidiate updates about preparations:

  1. printing promo design is sending to typography to be printed
    among them:
    banners for roll-ups

common cards with activation qr from @UniqArt
to print 2000pcs

as well as personal cards, t-shirts, stickers, decoration of booth,

“tickets to metaverse party”(flyers) we’ve just started to prepare
2. as soon as the enter space to metaverse stream was confirmed
with @tabear and @jefedeoro :pray: it starts from muti amphiteatre
that muti kindly gives as for 50usd only
so now we’re collecting logos of muti, and if some other spaces will confirm their joining
and will print 5000 pieces and mint as NFT (on UniqArt) to drop to new created wallets

it’s so cool to create things with Community !!

  1. tickets to Bangalore are bought, hotel is booked.
    all budget details here will be provided in final report

Thank you, muti DAO has received the 50 DAI. looking forward to your event in our space!
:rocket: :purple_heart:


Hi @johanga ! Are you hosting a metaverse event along with it? So the Metaverse DAO can be present :slight_smile:


That will be Awsome.

check your dm in TG :slight_smile:

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We’re happy to participate :smiley:


Team Near :heart: @Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council


we’ve done good job :smiling_face:
NEAR logo had appeared on the main stage where had been no one logo any more :slight_smile:

. we’ve divided with Monish responsibilities of manifestations: his team took the part of creating wallets with neardrop; as far as goadao team took the part of decoration the NEAR booth and printing promo for all the DAOs that was represented there on the event and performing DJ stream to NEARhub spaces.

  1. printed results are seen by photo and video reports, that are collected in IG highlights
    and posts
    Login • Instagram
    Login • Instagram
    Login • Instagram
    the rest details are in budget excel
    we’re happy to present t-shirts to all the DAOs on NEAR that we’ve managed to gather there, as well as stickers and keychains
  2. we’ve collected a number of great projects contacts that we’ve already started to onboard
  3. with nearhub stream it happened that we’ve gathered also several DAOs to preform the show - thanks to muti, INA, Metaverse DAOs who supported us and made stream to their spaces.
    Login • Instagram

then in the venue we’ve managed to connect out laptop with big screens around the stage where we streamed and shown how to be inside NEARhub on metaverse party
we’re still waiting for stats about how many people visited nearhub during these 2 days. as soon as i’ll get it, it will be here.
what we’re satisfied with - it’s the quality of sound that was streamed, and the quality of our team-work on the place
learnings from here : GoaDAO needs with its own nearhub space , so we’ll be able to make amount of great content in collaboration with other DAOs without tension

  1. social media
    after the event we noticed quite good activity in our social channels
    Instagram : from 300 to 380 followers with many interactions with content from NamasteyNFT event
    Twitter : from 105 to 135 followers
    Telegram : 236 members

  2. budget
    full calculations are here

the main learnings : 1) it’s great to be a part of NEAR community; 2) collaborations can bring us to the moon :rocket:

have a great day!


Thanks for your report @johanga

Good work!