[Approved + Report] Marketing Budget for Naksh to participate at the SDNFT Con 2022

Hi Team,

This is an update to the previous proposal we had submitted for the same event. We are not going to be attending IRL as we will not be able to make it in time, instead we are collaborating with NEARxPublish who will be attending the event IRL, representing Naksh on behalf of us in the NEAR HUB at the convention.

Name: Naksh
Website: https://naksh.org/
Founders: @Srilakshmi @nidhi

Funding Scheme : One-time
Type of Marketing: Event - Sponsorship at San Diego NFT Con for Naksh.

San Diego NFT Convention is happening on the 9th and 10th of April 2022.
We believe it would be a great opportunity for Naksh to showcase our Artwork and spread the word about the platform in the NFT Community.

The event is expected to have more than 900+ IRL Attendees and multiple panelists from the NFT community. The event will host artists, collector and Investors from the NFT space that could potentially be beneficial for Naksh.

This convention would not just be a great opportunity to onboard users onto NEAR but also Artists and collectors who are well versed in the NFT community.

Metrics of success : To spread word about our NFT Marketplace Naksh and grow the community by sponsoring memorable swag items and also participating virtually for talks.

Estimated Timeline : The San Diego NFT Con will happen on April 9th and 10th.

Funding Details : $1000 TIER which includes Small Banner, Small Table Skirt, 2 table tents, 1 Flyers, 200 Stickers, Swag Bag Items as per NEARxPublish’s custom sponsorship package for Naksh.

Total Requested amount : $1000 (USD) (101 N as per 9.9 conversion)

Near Wallet ID: naksh.near
Name: Naksh

@David_NEAR @Dacha @satojandro @jcatnear @marketingdao-council @jlwaugh


Looking forward to NEARxPublish helping Naksh create a wonderful experience for all attendees at SDNFTCon!


best of luck to you and all your future plans


Good evening. Happy to support.

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Thanks @Dacha !

@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors would be great if we could get an approval from you guys too :slight_smile:


Hi @nidhi also happy to support your project.


Also happy to support this project!


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO


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Thanks everyone!

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Great initiative. Best of luck with building the community.


Good morning, looking forward to seeing report. Have a great day .

Good morning, dear @nidhi @Monish016

looking forward to seeing report. Have a great day .

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hey, @Dacha am not part of the Naksh Team yet at least. @nidhi @Srilakshmi can you pls update the report :slight_smile:

Thank you


Thank you! Have a great day.


Hi Dacha!

Recently had a conversation with @Samtoshi_F_Baby and @AnOakEye who had represented Naksh at SDNFT Con 22.

We will submit the photos and other details that we have and would love for the team that was present to elaborate on the report further!

Thanks :slight_smile:


[REPORT] Naksh @ SDNFT Con 2022

Hi All!

Naksh had applied for a Marketing Budget to support our presence at SDNFT Con 2022.

We were super lucky to have found that the NEARxPublish team was going to be present at the event and were also helping all the projects from NEAR in terms of representation and collaterals. The budget of $1000 went towards, Banners, Table Skirts, Table tents, Flyers, Stickers, and Swag Bag Items all of which the NEARxPublish team took on as their responsibility!

Some Pictures from the event :

Directly Reported to us by @AnOakEye
“We had screens up showing all sorts of NFTs and branding that everyone sent over on repeat, as well as the NEAR NFT latest NFT feed!”

Naksh had sent over a presentation with our NFTs which were shown at the event.

“The international aspect of having representation from Nativo and Naksh really impressed people, the technical representation from AstroDao, TenK, and CronCats was really great for people who were more tech-focused, and the presence of the Metaverse was the cherry on top. Many I talked went straight to Jordan and Jeff after I told them about their booths.”

@Srilakshmi & I are incredibly grateful to Sammy & @Anoki and the team for being absolutely amazing people, we are very happy that Naksh was represented perfectly at the event even though we weren’t able to attend physically.

Would love @AnOakEye & @Samtoshi_F_Baby to elaborate on the experience and add in any metrics and conversions from the event.


Thank You for sharing the report. Have a great day!