[Approved] PROPOSAL FOR Tailor Artisan Family DAO (May)

We are on-boarding 2 fashion designers to make 2 ankara or campala wears and designs each,
The digital version of the design of the wears are gonna be minted
we are funding them in NEAR for the

Materials needed:
6 yards of Ankara makes a wear (6 yards $150)
6 yards multiplied by 4 = $600
workmanship $200 each for 2 artisans = $400

Total: $1000

minting them as NFTs With the creator’s wallet addresses opened for them,

Once the NFT is sold, the collectors can have the physical collectibles of the NFTs.

It can be shipped anywhere across the world to collectors!

Sample Image down here!



It’s looks pretty good, @ruthy​:person_juggling:t5:

its beautiful< we love it. approved !

Hey @RUTHY can you pls Elaborate on What Materials are Planned to buy and their Cost, Also How much for the Workmanship?

What would be the Minting cost?

what is $200 for ?

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Hi @Monish016 thank you so much for this, I just made edit to clarify the materials needed and the costs of the workmanship for each creator artisans!

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nice edit and clarifications, ruth… all looks good.

hey! great to meet with your proposal
we also doing fashion project
and in the end of May we plan to invite everyone who does something same
to grow the idea of NEAR Fashion into a Fashion DAO
let’s stay in touch :blue_heart:


@RUTHY thank you for the clarification. Yet still I don’t understand why do you need to multiply by 4. If you are making 2 wears.

Also what is the minting price of the NFT?

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YES Chief,
2 Fashion designers are making 2 different Outfits!

1st person: 12 yards for 2 outfits = $300
2nd person: 12 yards for 2 outfits = $300
total $600
thank you :heart_decoration: @Monish016

minting price of the NFT is will be 13 NEAR and 10 of each copy will be available because the value of near will always increase in price!


yes, very lovely… @johanga thank you so much… we do varieties of the artisan crafts

and for the fashion aspect, thanks for letting me know! we are gonna collab, there is more coming! :heart_hands: :point_down:t6:


Work still in progress with our Fashion Designers!
here will be updated as soon as they are done!
@Duchess @sterryo