[APPROVED] Proposal for my payment of $150 Bounty for the C1 / NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition ) video editing & 113 Picture editing

Greetings Community,
my name is Roxy The Entertainer, I was the editor behind the videos and pictures edited during the C1/NxM $NEAR Tour

This project was actually my introduction into the $NEAR Web3 community; but it’s unfortunate that the end didn’t go down well with a little bit misunderstanding. This has fully affected me as it has held my payment for such a long time, despite finishing and delivering the jobs and the video minted as well.

I would love to remind the Community Leaders of my pending payment for the event and pledge them to direct me on how I can personally request my payment as stated on the thread

Thank you and remain blessed!

@ELKHUSH @Sammiee @Dedeukwu @johnx @Monish016 @vandal @Paul


Is there any better way to go about this? Someone should please help me with the right step :pray:t4:

Hi people I’m more concerned about this debt and hope to hear what the councils of @NxM got to do about it @Paul @Monish016

I need some feedbacks like ‘we are not going to return the $500 approved for the past event’ or we will give feedback on _ or _ it’s alright to be open with y’all thoughts so I’ll know what to do next pls. :pray:


Hey @Roxy
We understand your situation, and we believe that people should be getting paid for their work, also, NxM would like to close this chapter and move on.

With that being said, we have agreed to approve your refund of $150, please submit your payout request to NxM DAO @Roxy

@JCB could you please list this NFT, as it’s not for sale and interested people might not get unlockable video.


Yes @Dedeukwu has been communicating with Vault for token gating the video. There are some kinks they are ironing out. Are there any updates on the Vault status @Dedeukwu ?


Thank you @Paul and the NxM Community

I appreciate

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Hey fam, nice thing NxM did to pay Roxy’s debt and yeah I’ll get the video to JEELT for the unlocking with the minted link @JCB .

My question to the @NxM Council is what happens to the remaining debt like my own as stated here, We can forfeit the C1 Gallery and splits for proposals but it’s unfair i believe that i can’t get my wallet activation token back, what does the council have to say I’m interested to know @Paul @Monish016

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I would like to collect refund for this wallet created.


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Hey @Dedeukwu

Do you agree to receive a refund of 7.3 NEAR for all created wallets?

If yes, I believe we should close this chapter with Abuja Tour by the payout of 7.3N.

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That’s fine my dude, let’s bring it on in peace and love.

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Awesome @Dedeukwu!

Please make a payout request to NxM DAO for 7.3N and let’s finally close this topic once for all :beers:


Nice, will do that and send to you fam

I have also reached out to @johnx to come collect his remaining belongings in the creative space.