[APPROVED] Positivity through a Satellite

Hello MarmaJ family!

I’m looking forward supporting the vision of the foundation in the upcoming months :slight_smile: As stated (and experienced in some video calls), living in a rural area also has (imo only) one downside, as in a very unstable & slow internet connection.

I have researched several alternatives and the only suitable one seems to be the starlink. My screen time due to the web3 space has increased but the tasks are hard to fulfil with the current internet provider/coverage and even just working/streaming on CV is not properly possible and takes hours due to the missing connection.

In order to be able to keep on working on the projects, properly support the MarmaJ Foundation & spread more positivity, I would like to request a support to also keep the internet connection positive…

Attached are the costs, 99€monthly which converts to 112 USD (currently 6.1 MarmaJ, 12.1., coingecko, 0:22 am GMT, 1 MarmaJ= 18,17USD). The plan is to order the hardware this month, delivery at this point is unclear due to the waiting period. It would be wonderful and ease out a lot of things if the monthly service fee could be supported while I am contributing to the MarmaJ vision. I am happy to write a report on how good or bad the set up actually is, once I have received it.

wallet: tabear.near

Thank you for the consideration!


Hi Tabea, I’ve marked this proposal as [Approved]! We will cover the monthly cost.

Looking forward to helping spread the positivity through a satellite :slight_smile:

cc: @chloe


Thank you so much, this will definitely help a lot! Once it arrived, I’ll let you know. I am expecting a couple of months of waiting time…

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To our surprise it has arrived today!

I’d therefore like to request the first monthly fee of 99€/ 113 USD currently in $marmaj tokens to set it up on Monday.

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Looks so pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Hope it helps you have more reliable connectivity!

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Thank you, me too!! :rocket:

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Here is a little report about the first 6 weeks owning a Starlink in the rural area of Portugal.

We ordered the Starlink on the 17.1.22 and received it surprisingly fast on the 4.2.21 already straight from California.

We are located in a very rural area in the centre of Portugal with limited network coverage from the usual network providers (MEO, NOS, Vodafone) and trust me, we tried them all. With up-and downloads of 7-12 mbps it made it difficult to work properly, or loading websites. When opening Cryptovoxels or Mintbase for example, the pages would not even load properly a lot of times so setting up a stream or minting NFTs took about 3-4 hours.




Set up:

The setup is fairly easy, you find a spot with a clear view towards the sky (so not on a house wall for example), download the app and see if there are any obstacles which could stop the satellite from receiving the network. Once plugged in to electricity, connect the app and let it do its thing. It heats itself up in case of snow (according to the manual) and adjusts its position itself to find the best angle to receive the network. When setting it up and connecting to the app, it can take up to 12hrs to be fully connected and while checking for obstructions.

We have not been able to install it on the top of our house yet (high roof, missing ladder), therefore the house limits the visibility slightly. You can see the increased numbers in terms of mbps though and for simply working on the pc it has been working perfectly fine. It is a pleasure visiting the Metaverse and minting NFTs now.

Unfortunately (due to its current position I assume), when having video calls, there is a downtime of approx. 30 sec every 5 min, which gets more frequent if the sky is not clear. I hope this is solved once we get it up to the roof.

Fun Fact:

  • Warranty does not apply for incidents with dinosaurs (stated in the manual)


  • Independent form network providers (Vodafone had issues for about 4-5 days and everyone else was struggling with very limited internet)
  • Works in rural areas
  • Heavily increased velocity when working (except for video calls)
  • Good image & sound quality


  • Still very pricey (576€) for the hardware plus 99€/monthly for the network
  • Less velocity during rainy/cloudy weather
  • Downtime (in our case hopefully only cause of the current position)

Overall experience so far has still been amazing, work gets done faster and with less stress and we highly appreciate the support that MarmaJ has given us.

*I’d hereby request the 99€ in $marmaj for the month.

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LOL well I hope you don’t run into any DINOs out there!

Glad that the sat is working well for your situation so far. We will probably be ordering one for the Foundation soon as a backup. This community testing is awesome <3

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Heya, little update on this!
I ordered a specific holder so that the starlink can be placed on a stick or higher position and hopefully that will fix the downtime. Once it has arrived and been installed, will update on the numbers ^^

Nest monthly payment is due on the 15th of April.



the adapter should arrive Monday now, will keep you posted on how the performance of the Starlink changes. I will hereby request the monthly support of 99€ for the month of May. Thank you!!

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Heya all,

we still didnt manage to set up the adapter due to the construction on the roof but currently with less clouds the buffer seems to become less. I will still update on that once it is up.

I would hereby request the next monthly payment of 99€; last report can be found here.

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