[Approved] PH Guild July & August 2021 Payout

Guild Name: NEAR Protocol Philippines

Funding Scheme: Monthly | Reimbursement for July & August
(We will be filing our September reimbursement and October request separately)

For the past two months the NEAR PH Guild had been hard at work in growing the local community and engaging with its members. We have found much success in developing a healthy NEARCrowd and NFT Artist circle as well as a budding music artist group.

Below you will find the links to both our reports for July & August summarizing what we were able to accomplish within those months. The following sections being the value and impact we are bringing to both NEAR Protocol and members of our community along with some of our achievements.

July 2021 Report: NEAR PH (Philippines) Monthly Report (July 2021)

August 2021 Report: NEAR PH (Philippines) Monthly Report -(August 2021)


Here we have included the results of our efforts in fostering our communities and the impact it has on the ecosystem.

The Philippines ranks 2nd in the amount of traffic sent to the NEAR Wallet, accounting for more than 16% of its transactions

A growing number of individuals from our artist community have expressed positive sentiments specifically being able to benefit from being in the ecosystem.

Here are a few examples along with direct testimonies from said individuals.

Dane (connoisseur_dane.near)

“I was able to help pay my parents’ water, electricity, and internet bills as well as rations like food and rice. I was also able to buy my own PC!”

Rie Francisco (agathearts.near)

“I spent some of the money I earned on the needs of my mom, my dad’s driver’s license, my sibling’s online schooling fees and the family’s groceries. I was also able to set aside some of my remaining funds for health related emergencies.”

Both of these artists, and many more like them, have told us that they are now able to support themselves and their families during the pandemic, be it paying utility bills, paying for medicine and even hospital expenses!

We feel the fulfillment of being able to make a difference in the lives of our community members through NEAR opportunities. Therefore, we are more committed to level up our game in growing our community, educating them, and exploring different opportunities for them to benefit from NEAR’s ecosystem.

Funding Details

Total Requested Amount: $10,500 USD in NEAR
NEAR Wallet: drewmarpa.near
Wallet Owner’s Name: NEAR PH Central Fund


Creating Content

  • Written articles:
    July: 2 contents - $300
    August: 5 contents - $500

  • Article Translations:
    July: 4 contents - $600
    August: 4 contents - $600

  • Infographics:
    July: 5 contents - $600
    August: 4 contents - $500

  • YouTube Videos
    July: 12 contents - $2000
    August: 15 contents - $2400

Social Media Management (For the July & August) ~ $3000 USD

  • Community Engagement
  • Memes
  • Moderation
  • Growth

Visual Stats for NEAR Protocol Philippines (Main Channel | July & August)

NEAR PH Telegram Groups:

  • Near Protocol Philippines: 610 members
  • Near Filipino Talents: 185 members

Twitter Followers: 526 followers

Near Protocol Philippines FB GROUP: 649 members

Near Protocol Philippines Messenger Group Chat: 100 members

Near Protocol Philippines Discord Group Chat: 80 members

Weekly community zoom meetings: Average attendees - 25




Thank you for stepping in for @OrvardJam , @drewmarpa ! This looks good to me. Waiting on other council members before we file it on Sputnik DAO :slight_smile:


Looks great to me, too! But it’d be sweet to get links to all of these:


Written articles:
July: 2 contents

August: 5 contents

Article Translations:
July: 4 contents

August: 4 contents

July: 5 contents

August: 4 contents

YouTube Videos
July: 12 videos

August: 15 videos

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Hey team, please add your proposal here: SputnikDAO

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Hi! I just wanna know how we can build another subgroup category for Near Protocol PH? As I noticed the booming of the artist and creatives that we have, why don’t we create another set for the people who wanna invest and make profit with the DeFi projects here on the Near Blockchain and to utilize it. I noticed there are a lot of people who are curious to the DeFi on NEAR but too afraid to asks on the groups. Can we make a group that will cater the comfortability to speak their native language also with the aid of people (degens who explored the DeFis and help them with it).

I am hoping for a feedback from you guys!


Hey KC! We had been planning this for a while already, and its on our roadmap :smiley:
Already sent you a private message. Lets explore opportunities to collaborate!

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Thank you @drewmarpa it certainly looks like you have been busy! :star_struck:
I read all the articles and some are very engaging, specially those with a personal touch. Unfortunately, we don’t know if they reached anyone.

I would like to suggest a bit of a change. Instead writing 4-5 articles, you write less but ensure they have a more impactful distribution.

Let’s’ aim for 2 very well written articles with an strategic marketing campaign, amplify its distribution with a nice number of ‘claps’, views and Twitter traction. It should not be quantity but quality.

What do you think? There is great talent in the PH Guild and I’m sure we could have a powerful Guild contribution in a more focused manner.

I invite you you look at the projects in the ecosystem and support them in their product launch, mainnet launch, user testing and raising awareness in general. We need your enthusiasm to make this project succeed!

:pray: thanks for all the hard work!

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Thanks for the feedback @grace! Certainly we have been busy recalibrating our operations for the past couple of weeks. This is especially so in response to the different DAO verticals.

Thank you for taking the time to read the articles. All of our articles, blogs, and videos are now being streamlined to ensure the maximum impact to our community and value to the NEAR Ecosystem.

We’re orchestrating the pool of talents within our team in the PH Guild. It should be reflected on our October proposal.

Yes, we are going to be looking over the NEAR Ecosystem landscape and check all the hottest projects and raise awareness within our community. Thank you very much for this input.

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Wonderful!! Thank you for feedback. I look forward to it.

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Dear @drewmarpa , sorry, I confused . If your guild can do social media with , why do you need spend extra money and hire another one guild for that? And how much your guild pays to Flying Rhino?

Thank You very much

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