[Approved] OpenBiSea post launch social media marketing campaign

Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. It looks like this project is in its very early stages. Do you have existing social/marketing platforms you are currently using? If so, can you link them here?

In general, I would like to see some grassroots support and traction from an existing audience around a project before allocating Community funds to growth. Being able to show/demonstrate support from your audience/users is a crucial sign of product-market fit and an indicator of a project’s potential to help NEAR onboard new, long-term users into the ecosystem.

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Thanks for sharing those – I can see you have a solid audience via those accounts – would like to hear more (as others asked above) about the campaigns specifically and how they will spread the word about NEAR. Thanks!

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We will focus on visual content with NFTs like Kozaky and others to sell based on auctions on NEAR.
All assets will included NEAR logo

I cannot ascertain enough information about this project. Can you please break down and clarify the projects and deliverables for each of the $500 amounts.

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done, please check projected results

Ok, happy to support. Looking forward to seeing results of campaign.

Yep, waiting for funds payment

Thanks for providing the additional information and amending proposal.

I am willing to support this proposal and reassess the impact of the campaign in upcoming months.

You still need support from one more Council member. I apologise for the delays, will nudge them to have another look at this one ASAP.

Unfortunately without enough detail on the deliverables for the specific campaigns, I cannot approve this proposal.

I am willing to support for a month to see how this goes, but I would need to see specific metrics with the report and more detail to future proposals along the lines of what @klint is requesting in order to support beyond this initial experiment. Moving to approved. You can submit to Astro.

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:


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done, submitted both

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Hello, could you please share report? Thank you!

Hi. We have launched a marketing campaign. We will be able to provide a full detailed report in a week, because our campaigns are still working. Is it okay?

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Good morning, thank you.

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Hello! Can you share the report ? Thanks

attn @haenko @oleksiivinogradov

Hello! Sure. You can check report in this link:

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Hi. Could you send me email where I can send a report?