[approved] Onboarding for Photographers

Happy to tell you this is approved!

I already generated the links, please write me a message on telegram so I can send them to you.

be aware that we can verify which links are used to open a wallet and which are used just to claim the near.

You can request payout proposal for the 6.5N to open a store



Thank you very much
I am very happy to be able to start an integration process for photographers together with mintbase and the near network


Can you send me the link to the Astro?


Hi, @Dazo

Congratulations on the approval of your proposal, that excites me.

I would love to meet or contact other nature photographers. Through your project it could be possible, to learn from them or that they can learn from me. Thanks @marianeu for reminding me about @schnageler. In fact with him, I offered my assessment of his project proposal. Thus, from my vision as a biologist and photography enthusiast in its context. Brother, you have probably seen this.

Well, regarding my work, I must say that I have never made an NFT from my photographs. I’d like to learn how to do it, even select a few to start with. I’d like you to see my work, but I don’t have a large visible portfolio, as I’m wary of licensing centralized portals. Everything is secured on a protected hard drive (25 GB of data), many photos taken since 2005, mostly in Venezuela and not so emblematic places. Many photographed species ferns, yes. For example (reduced at low quality):

June 28, 2014 - San Francisco Research Station, southern Ecuador
@FritzWorm @Jloc @Mineriavirtual @schnageler @Butneversaved … look at this!! :wink:

All this has served so far to support my research work with these plants, few have seen it. It’s time to make it visible. If you can recommend me a portal where to upload a proof of concept, or even almost everything, let me know. Or else, with NFTs… We can treat this separately, a DM or as you propose…

Best whishes


Can someone help me with the link for the Bounty for the flyer or artwork. I have an artwork to present


@dazo https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near here

Hey @jblm I am pretty sure you will be one of the first ones to be added into the store!! I love your fern picture <3 as a brazilian this gives me saudades from home. Sounds like you could use a store for yourself - on top of participating in @dazo s store. Maybe you can sell enough artworks there to have the funds to deploy your store = your own smart contract.

As for you, @Roxy , I guess the bounty is not up yet, is it @dazo ? I found it now [BOUNTY] Poster / Flyer - Onboarding for Photographers its on the wrong cathegory tho


Awesome, let’s give this some exposure :slight_smile:


Hi @jblm
Very beautiful your work with ferns, I love plant photography, I even have ideas of doing a project of macro photography with plants, but for now it is just an idea that is kept in the drawer.
It will be a pleasure to gather all styles of photography inside our store and also to gather a community of diverse photographic tribes to exchange experiences.
I am organizing all the final details to start onboarding in practice. I am about to receive the links from @marianeu to create the wallet, I am preparing a group in telegram to centralize all information, questions and get to know each other better.
I will be helping everyone in this process.
If you need me you can call me on telegram

Thank you for your contact


Thanks @marianeu I have already created the payout proposal on astro

@Roxy , Maria already gave you the link and the bounty is still active, I’m waiting for your participation.


The goal is to gather as many photographers as possible and together we can create great ideas


Sent you the links on telegram, Dazo

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Hey! I work with performance photography and I am very interested in this proposal.


Hello everyone
@jblm @FritzWorm @Jloc @Mineriavirtual @schnageler @Butneversaved


@Dazo I’m a photographer fam; how do I flow with this opportunity?

  • First step is to create a wallet through the link I will send you
  • Give me the name of your wallet (example.near) so I can add you to the Mintbase store
  • Add two photos to the store so I can send you another link with more 1 Near so you can buy some artwork inside Mintbase

I will be supporting you when you need me

These videos below show a little bit of the process



That’s the Near Wallet Fam


Que arte lindaaaaaa :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Eu tambem achei o mesmo … By LulucaL


Hello @Dazo
All the best.

I’m going to see if I finally sign up as a nature photographer to participate in your initiative.

My NEAR wallet is: biolmoon.near

Please confirm that you have added me to the Mintbase store?

When we are ready, I go to the next step, I will upload two beautiful photos.

Thank you !


How nice … I will pass you details by inbox message