[APPROVED] Onboarding DAO - June funding

Hello Hello =) Let’s go onboarding more Creatives and PioNears :vulcan_salute:


Onboarding is our principal purpose. We aim to raise awareness about NEAR and welcome NEARcomers into our beloved community.

As you can see our record here: Topics tagged onboarding-dao

Our main purpose has been giving funding to onboarding projects, and we want to continue doing so.

Last approval: [APPROVED] onboarding dao [april-2022]

Last month report: [REPORT] May 2022 - Onboarding DAO



Advisors: @chloe @FritzWorm

Onboarding DAO Squad: @Symbolik @NatalieCrue @zubairansari07 @mr_free @kc_sollano

DAO: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Metrics for success

  • +50 participants for Near University courses
  • +100 new wallets created
  • +10 Approved Near Certified Creatives
  • 1-5 onboarding events


  • $2250 for the EDU Creatives Project
  • $1500 for the Councils
  • $1250 for Onboarding Events and Wallet Creations
Council Breakdown

Looking forward to see this proposal in blue color :wink:

What i always say about Meta-Events to make us grow as community, is to make Live Auctions, bringing together community members, artists and collectors to this live interaction.

This was an example that we’v being through, me @thephilosopher and @gushlewis before find NEAR ecosystem:


On the actual example, the Marketplace used was https://www.screensaver.world/, that was on MATIC block chain(integrated to Meta Mask, as Cryptovoxels as well)
The Auction used to run weekly events, were Discord SSW Community was live(artist pitchings, and collectors biding on the Chat) and the host makes a live streaming on twitch.

*a cryptovoxels space was created to highlight the sold artworks on the auction

Sad story: all the labour of organizing this events was centralized, so it breaks, the auctioner were tired of coordenation without reward(he bring alot of value for the community(actual sales), with not foundings. The second problem was that the community closed on they selfs, and by the end of the second month of weekly events, there were no new collectors, just new artists, so the bids started to disapear, and everything ended sudden, people move on for they own new projects.

The last events of metaverse parties around here never held of the auctions, as im concern.
But there where beautiful exhibition like @Ghini’s FEMINU, @rafaelmartins Metaverse DAO actions, @Isa_Danoninho Metatronics, Gus Manute precious Metaarchitecture and voxeling things, and so sure, the_philosopher enthusiasm that projects as pioners of Spiritual DAO, Metaverse DAO and Gambiarra DAO, always being surrounded by those metaversic action. May this metaverse-actions could lead to a bigger impact and return to our community, if community start to work together(between DAOs) to organize bigger parties, that we have the best from each group, increacing the audience, the quality of the forward onboarding process, and the numbers of collectors on the Ecosystem.

We even have a new Marketplace that make this Auction events have a special meaning throught the-auction.io of @chloe and @Monish016

So, the only way to grow, is to work together.
competition will only lead us to a dead-end, that we dont need to face it, as we are all learning a new way to organize our selfs as a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Its a draft, an proto-type idea, not a proposal yet.

but i hope people can really understand what im trying to say, and lets worktogether . The least case, feel free to copy this ideas, mix on your personal projects, and bring back to community, dosent metter from who its comes, the important part of all of this that we need to break our bouble, and start make decent sales like hic-et-nunc/tez NFT community had, or discover something new, who knows???

cheers family
all the best


@blusw Thanks Blua, nice contribution!


With the addition of information and cost breakdowns in the individual projects, I’m happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following these guidelines: [GUIDE] Proposal & Payout process for Creatives DAO