[APPROVED] Onboarding Campaign for Crypto-Music Enthusiasts in Victoria Island Lagos

Been three months within the ecosystem, a whole lot of intricacies I have discovered been a part and also witnessing the plight of enthusiasts joining in.

I am John X, one of founding council of the Beats DAO with @Paul and also one of the founding council of the metaverse DAO with @thephilosopher and the metaverse architect @gushlewis

Residing on the high brow part of Lagos has afforded me to see cryptoenthusiasm from another angle ever since i joined the NEAR ecosystem.

I have seen music producers, artistes and web developers store crypto currency, trade and exchange without familiarising themselves with the blockchain platform they trade or receive payment with.

A very big pity about such a deficiency, only if these tech personells and art creators could only realize that there is a ready ecosystem that wants to connect them globally together with other enthusiasts and even help them with funds for their projects.

It is in this vein that i envisaged a talk and symposium where these diverse enthusiasts would be welcome to learn about the NEAR foundation as an energy efficient proof of stake blockchain platform seeking to expand its reach and also a very promising crypto initiative with its DEX and integrations. Personally, i feel the NEAR foundation has done so much in pushing the frontiers of community contraptions and futuristic projections and a whole lot of savvy enthusiasts need to be part of the vibrant community.

I will actualize an onboarding campaign for these tech personells and creatives on the Victoria island of Lagos, Been that am tech maverick and creative myself, most of these guys are my friends, mutual friends and acquaintances which gives me an exponential leverage of getting enough crowd since i would be telling these enthusiasts to bring along their fellow crypto colleagues and acquaintances.

This onboarding event would attract a minimum of 50 crypto enthusiasts and i believe at the end of the event i would have activated nothing less than 25-30 NEAR wallets from the event. Below is the chronology of modalities to execute this onboarding initiative


Onboarding Campaign for Crypto-Music Enthusiasts in Victoria Island

Target: freedomandflow.near

Total Requested Amount: $500 in NEAR

Objective: The objective of this project is to gather crypto enthusiasts (web developers, creatives and investors)s who are not aware of a budding blockchain ecosystem that is ready to help them connect with other crypto enthusiats around the world also support them with their individual projects. A huge win for these people since one way or the other they meay have benefited from crypto synthesis or they see the future and share the enthusiasm.

Venue I am making this event happen at GushLand: an events place located at the popular alpha beach on the island in Lagos. This events place on its draws audience of up to 30 people per weekend minus the awareness i will be creating on my part with my friends and mutual friends.

Justification This event would onboard middle-class crypto savvy individuals from a diverse demography of victoria Island. enthusiasts that are aware enough to see the bright future of the NEAR Ecosystem and join in with dedication and faith.

Timeline: January 16th or 23nd ( Depending on the time of approval of the Onboarding DAO)


  • Renting of Gushland Event Place for 4 hours: $70

  • Musical Performances from upcoming 3 VI acts: $50 Each

  • DJ performance and music policy: $80

  • Creation of Digital flyer: $50

  • Printing of NEAR MERCH (Tshirts) for first 30 people to open NEAR wallets: $150

  • Beverages, Juice and light liquor for attendees (50 anticipated): $50 ($0.7 for soft drinks, $1.5 for Juice and $1 for canned beer)

  • Organization, management and execution of event for John X: $50

In a feat of gratitude for the mental leverage and futuristic opportunity of aligning with Blockchains and NFTs, i wish to give back to the NEAR Ecosystem in its bid to expand. I seek to grow, learn and continue earning while being a NEARian.

Cheers Onboarding DAO,
Lets get these near wallets active and these communities engaged in the bright future of the NEAR protocol,

Lets do this



Hello ! Thank you for such a nice initiative

I will like to recommend you partners, to take into account the new wallet creation, this is what onboarding first step is, so you should know how many wallets (aprox) are you going to open for nearcomers, and you should have 0.1 N for each one of them.

Best luck, and May the force be NEAR you



Good evening! Probably, your proposal for Creativities DAO?

Hello, it’s for Onboarding DAO!


Hello @JohnX thank you for having this onboarding initiative, let’s make this happen :wink:

  1. Can you explain further about this timeline ? It is for several events ?
  1. I would recommend you to give this beverages by asking attendees to pay for it using their Near Wallet. So Gushland business will have their own Wallet where they are going to receive payments, and nearcomers will have the smooth experience of using the Near Wallet. What do you think of this ? So you gift $1 USD to each attendee, sending USDT maybe to their Near Wallet and then they use it to buy drinks if they want to
  1. You can have even more engagement if you promote the event with a free NFT for all participants :star_struck:

I really like your proposal, cheers :beers:


I’m for it, love your idea about onboarding event in real life!

What can I add from myself is what @FritzWorm has mentioned about buying beverages for N using near wallet.

Also I have shared the excel file with 90 links per 0.1N for newcomers, feel free to use some on your event! File has been shared on council group :slight_smile:


Hi, I like the idea as well. I agree that there needs to be solid and intentional effort to onboard people, as in get them their NEAR wallets. What I think is a good fit here is that you are targetting people who are tech activated in general and who are aware of the crypto envirnment. I like the target of 25-30 activations to NEAR. I am for this event, but again I’d like to ensure the goal is to get people NEAR wallets. Should this pass please keep accounts on how many people came as well as how many were got wallets. I’d also like you to survey people at the event as I think it’s a good opportunity to gain information as to peoples awareness and sentiments about crypto in general and about NEAR inspecific. Would you consider adding a survey to this?

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It’s a very nice idea, I like that the other council members resonate with it. Yes I am going to make them have NEAER wallets and encourage them to use 0.05NEAR to do a decoy transfer to a central wallet to make them eligible to receive.food and beverages as intended. This affords them a degree of familiarity with the NEAR wallet quickly from the event itself.

As regarding the timeframe, I wasn’t aware of the review period by the DAO is why I chose the previous timeframe. This event is most likely to hold 17th of February as I would be having an event with C1 in the capital city of the country on the 5th of February. I would be needing time to prepare the necessary awareness to execute the event proper


Yes👍🏽… I will make it a necessary obligation for the receipt of refreshments

Thank you symbolik, the goal is to have crypto savvy people educated about the bright future of the NEAR Protocol

As regarding a survey, I have already done whats requisite of a survey by targeting only crypto savvy individuals within this location.

Cheers, Brother


Thanks for such detailed & visionary Proposal. Love the idea :star:

Going to support it, Can’t wait to see the activity happening real soon! :clap:


I don’t think targeting crypto savvy people removes the need for a survey. It just focuses the question. I still see benefit in hearing where people were before the event and then what their sentiments are after. For example, how knowledgeable where you about NEAR ecosytemm before this event? Do you feel you will build or participate in build on NEAR? How likely are you to tell a friend about NEAR? etc…

[APPROVED] :white_check_mark:

Congrats, we will update you with the following steps :wink:


Thanks brother



We are glad to see the [APPROVED] Congratulations! :tada:

Glad to see it approved, please follow next steps according to new guidelines >> [New Process] Community Payouts


Hello !!! Everything going great ?

You are still going to host the onboarding event ?

Here is the place to submit your proposal, please reply here on this post with your wallet


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Thank you fritzworm, doing that right away

Waiting for you my friend,
Amount: 46N

Done as Instructed my friend, payout submitted for 46N

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