[Approved, no report, future funding on hold] Near Planet May

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Hey, looks like it posted whilst you were writing it, maybe you knocked a key or misclicked? Do you still want this up?


Yes, I missclicked but I have editted it. I think everything is okey right now.


Fantastic work, awesome weekly format on Medium.
Happy to support your proposal. Have a great day :muscle: :tr:


Thank you Dacha , your support is just amazing :heart_eyes:


dropped my other comments on your recent report as well

I appreciate your work out there. Would love to see more authentic articles and visual content from you on coming months :wink:

some questions and suggestions from me

  • How much do you ask per article? how many articles are you planning to publish on May.

  • Turkish Community now have been running all social channels almost in every platform. There is also a public telegram chat channel and where 7/24 advanced community support is given established by the Turkish Community.

Imo a second chat, support channel is unnecessary and irrelevant unless you speak a different language :smile: Running your own blog/twitter initiative does not prevent you from collaborating with them. You can use that channel to support and help grow the community and share your articles there (DM @crypto_blckhntr or @REK for admin priveleges).

If you have any questions about this and beyond, don’t hesitate to ask.


Hello raptor. Thanks for your useful feedback, let me answer the questions.

İ wrote 1 or 2 article per newsteller. All the articles contains deep research. You can check the machina, sweatcoin articles.
Also i make floods for twitter, that depends with the weekly Near activity but mostly 1 or 2 flood per week.
So it is like at least 10 article/news per month. İf any project comes us(or my main twitter account) and tells that he needs to grow up. I also help them for marketing, with writing an article on Near Planet account and RT’s with my main(dogannear) account.

I appreciate your work, I see your messages in developer group :clap::clap:
As you know that I’m really busy with Near Planet + my school (we’ve talked about it) so i dont join any Community. My goal is just keep creating new contest about Near.

Agreed, I dont use the chat channel for this. I mostly answer questions in private message and the comments in the telegram channel(which allows to message only under the news(Telegram: Contact @NearPlanetTr) I dont use chat channel, and dont post it anywhere cause of it is unnecessary :+1:

Thank you for the feedback :blush:

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Hello, have a good day @marketingdao-council :handshake:, can i know that if its rejected or approved.
Thanks :pray:

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Hi @doganalpaslan – thanks for your proposal. You have my support for this. Two things I would recommend:

  • Use more SEO/keyword-friendly titles for your Medium posts to attract more organic readers. Noticed your currently titles are the edition of the Near Planet #.
  • It sounds like you’re building your own audience for Turkish language NEAR news, and I think there is plenty of room for many different groups and initiatives for Turkish speakers. That said, I do recommend collaborating and leveraging the other audiences that exist – @KriptoRaptor is inviting you to collab and participate on their channels in some way. I think being present on their channels could be a good way to extend your reach to people who will benefit from your content, even if you are a completely separate entity/project.



Thank you for your feedback, I will think for it.

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Good morning. We are moving to approve and suggest that you include your following proposal in Near Turkey Decentralization DAO budget. Thank You.


Thank you for your support.

Astro Created a proposal on astro dao. Thanks again.

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@doganalpaslan good evening! Looking forward to seeing report!

Hello there, @Dacha. I was unable to complete the report due to health issues. I’ll probably finish the report next week. Sorry for the delay.

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No problem! Get well!

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Hello, could you please share report? Thank you!

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Hello! Could you please share report ?