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Members: @Albhion
Funding: Zero

As we Know Open Web Sandbox Rolling and monthly rewards system closed, As of now rolling opportunities are limited means there will be rewarded if you are into working for particular guilds and projects as moderator, marketing, dev, Influencer, Admin, or any other roles. But what about the people who are just joined OWS for getting ready for their task according to OWS guidelines. Some of them are disconnected or some of them searching for this particular work. And because so many near Twitter accounts are now inactive, I found one Solution which will be free and I am going to train them how to promote and will be rewarded in the future.

We already Know So many things are happening in the near protocol and ecosystem, and we need people to promote on large scale. and I believe we can do it for free without any cost. and if they are eligible they will get their payment after 3 months.

So the IDEA behind the Onboarding globally Ambassadors Program
:white_check_mark: If my proposal is approved, I will Announce the Ambassador Program on 20th May on all social media platforms and medium and https://dropsearn.com/ site
:white_check_mark: Registration of Ambassador program starts from 21 to May till My birthday ( 7th March )
:white_check_mark: We can easily going to get around 500-600 users registration ( All of them are going to go one test round and we will filter them )
:white_check_mark: We Will onboard Around 200 members for this ambassador program and, they have to show their devotion and handwork towards the near protocol ecosystem ( Need to install near wallet )
:white_check_mark: After the first month we will select the most hardworking and devoted towards ambassador program and near protocol ecosystem.
:white_check_mark:Now, let’s talk about reward or payout, We will give them payout from the third month
( The payout can be around per person $100 - $250 MAX )
:white_check_mark: This reward will be paid to the members who complete all the tasks according to the worksheet. :white_check_mark:Apart from these We will also give them access to our BOUNTY on the near forum and rolling opportunity

What are the Benefits of these Ambassadors Program

:white_check_mark:There will be Mass members going to join all the near channels (Social media)
:white_check_mark:Mass Adoption on the near wallet and near ecosystem education
:white_check_mark:We will get more talented people around the world for any activity
:white_check_mark:Mass Promotion on near protocol ecosystem and near protocol in terms of promotion around the world

:boom:I Don’t require any funding for this proposal, I created this proposal for the people just like me who like to work as Volunteers for the Project at First Stage

!!Hoping for a positive response!!
Shubham Maheshwari - Albhion


Good morning! Great idea :wave::wave::wave:


Thank you sir for immediately response , Thanks for support too

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This is a beautiful idea…

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This is great @David_NEAR … Definitely looking forward to it.

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Thanks Everyone For Supporting my vision :heart_eyes::+1:

Amazing, and an incredible way to start a proposal :clap:

Looking forward to hearing the feedback from @marketingdao-council & @MktngDAO_Advisors


I like your idea for an ambassador program. A few questions:

  • Once funding kicks in at 3rd month, who will provide funding? Will you submit a proposal for funding to the MarketingDAO or are you seeking funding from another group in the community?
  • As you create this program, will you share the worksheet you mentioned with the MarketingDAO so we can understand what kinds of marketing/promotional activities you will ask ambassadors to do?
  • How will you manage 200+ ambassadors? What is your plan for the administrative work to produce and manage this program?



Appreciated your response,

  1. About the Funding I am expecting from Marketing DAO, As we know its related to marketing promotion for the near protocol ecosystem,
    The proposal I’ll made if I got a good response from the community in terms of engagement, growth, impression on social media channels, and also growth in near community

  2. About the Worksheet, Yes I already created one, Once we kickstart our ambassador program we will Mention it on there, Also if the team required I already created one group, Join the

  3. I alredy had an experience of handling ambassador program with over 300 members , So About the administrative part , Ill make sure every ambassador we be selected according to the devotion towards Near . After the final selection there will be also google meet , Where people will introduce themselves and about their experience and their localities .

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What’s the nature of the experience?

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Experienced to run Ambassador Program for a Project called SheepDex (BSC Blockchain)

200 members * $100 is in excess of the MarketingDAO’s soft-cap of $10,000. Maybe this would be more apt for an education grant?

That said, I think there could be a tonne of value here, particularly if you’re experience heading up an ambassador programme in the past.

To that, I’d love to know more about it:

  • How did you measure success there?
  • What activities did Ambassadors take part in?
  • What was the reward process like?
  • How many people managed it alongside yourself?

All the details would be ace :tada:

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Sir, there will be a leaderboard and we will select only the first 50 people from their task commitment, and then again from next month, the leaderboard will be reset.
for ex. l
Leader board rank 1 - will receive: 250$
2nd - 150$
3rd - 100$
4th - 75$
5th - 50$
6th till 25th - 20$ each
25th to 50th - 10$ each

So the reward pool will be Around $1500

Below Images are the ones I run Ambassador Program received 639 responses from globally.

Expertise in Ambassador Program

  1. There Will Leader Board and Submission place where they will update every day their task on the discord server with the respective category
  2. Ambassador is not for shilling purposes they will join all the near protocol official channels and bring engagement towards the community, other tasks will be already listed in discord server :
  3. I Created a leaderboard for their task and engagement impression from their work.
  4. Around 630 users, all of them got onboarded them and the first month we review their work, and the second month we fittler to 200 people
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Looks good. Just curious where it’s going to be promoted.

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Hello @Klint

Ill Promote it on Discord, telegram, Medium, Near Local community Channel, Drops Earn Ambassdor Program website, Other Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,Instagram

Thanks for providing the extra details!

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From my side Ill make sure every reports will be transparent and all the efforts will be driven to NEAR PROTOCOL ECOSYSTEM

@David_NEAR @marketingdao-council
What will be the decisions from your side!

Hey gm,

A few concerns of mine:

  • This seems to be geared toward people who are not already within the ecosystem (since there are incentives and steps to create a wallet etc).

IMO, an Ambassador programme should aim to identify and leverage the biggest players within a community, rather than onboard brand new members (since they’re not at the ‘Ambassador’ stage yet).

  • NEAR Foundation already has an Ambassador Programme facilitated by the Education team

Perhaps this should be repackaged and not use ‘Ambassador Programme’ in the name?


I saw the Near Ambassdor Program but people are not much aware of that, and if you guys need to change the name we can put Near Samurai Program.

My motto is to get New people on board on Near Protocol Ecosystem from different Nations