[APPROVED] New council member Tabear

Hey there creatives!

As mentioned in here

I am more than happy supporting the council of the Creatives DAO from the 1st of October on.

I would love to give guidance and a warm welcome to everyone who will enter this space, as I have received it when I started my journey within the NEAR ecosystem.

Tasks that I can and would like to support:

  • TG presence, welcoming & redirecting to the according sites/contacts in case of questions
  • Monthly reports/ guidance on new proposals
  • Helping to set up the next forum event
  • 1:1 calls with new members
  • Weekly Guild leader chats
  • creating an even more decentralised system & nurturing collaborations within the ecosystem

Things I am eager to learn more about:

  • Defi
  • Astro
  • & how both of those areas can be used in the DAO structures

I am looking forward to this new journey and hope that I can be of any help to contribute to the growth of the creative ecosystem.



Reorganizing this to fit in the Creatives DAO subcategory and turning this to [APPROVED]
cc: @chloe

Please feel free to submit an on-chain proposal to the SputnikDAO requesting yourself as a new council member to the DAO with this Forum post link.


As discussed previously I will request 500 USD for half of the month of September & 1000 USD for the upcoming month of October. I am looking forward to this & hope to contribute as good as possible to the eco system :slight_smile:

1N = 7,5$ (1.10.21 14:44, coingecko)
1500 USD = 200 N


The first month has passed and here is a little overview of what was been done:

  • We created a List of all the active DAOs & Guilds within the creative area of the ecosystem and distributed the responsibilities/contact points
  • TG management & welcoming new members
  • Ideation for future community engagement (weekly calls & recorded Airmeet sessions/upload on Youtube)
  • Council meetings & weekly office hours in TG
  • guidance for proposals & monthly reports
  • spreading the word about the Creatives DAO at NC in Lisbon in October

I’d hereby ask for the payout for the upcoming month of November, 1000 USD / 94N (coingecko 2.11. N=10.83$)


Report for November:

  • we organised 5 office hours, every Monday in out TG channel
  • evaluation monthly budget requests, payouts & reports
  • onboarding of the Metaverse Guild
  • discussing the future of the Creatives DAO given the future liability concerns (no conclusion made yet)

Payout request for the month of December
1000 USD in N = 112N (coingecko 3.12. 19:21)