[Approved] NEKO / Good Fortune Felines - NEAR NFT Ambassadors at 2022 NFT NY Conference (Jun 20-23)

5/24/22 - Astrodao Proposal Link following approval on Near Gov Forum: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-347?fromCreate=true

We are excited to finally introduce ourselves on the NEAR forums! Our team has been hard at work growing the NEAR NFT ecosystem, starting in January with the Classy Kangaroos. We then expanded our community footprint with the Good Fortune Felines NFT collection. Our final component of development on NEAR is the Jump Dex which is currently under development. Additionally, we consult with other project teams to engineer their tokenomics and assist with development. We are extremely passionate about building and improving the NEAR Protocol ecosystem!

The Good Fortune Felines are on a mission to bring mass adoption to NEAR Protocol with NEKO; the first meme coin on NEAR! The Good Fortune Felines have grown one of the largest NFT communities on NEAR and we are partnered with many of the strongest teams in the space.

Meme coins are extremely effective at onboarding new users into crypto. This is evident by our following of over 19,400 on Twitter!. Additionally, our community is becoming the hub of the creator economy on NEAR. We are rewarding creators with NEKO and NEAR to create educational content about DeFi, NFTs and development on NEAR Protocol.

We believe our goals align with the NEAR Marketing DAO significantly, and we are excited to hopefully enter a long term partnership!

Marketing Type: Advertising, Events

Send three NEKO core team members, David, Brandon and Christina, to the 2022 NFT NY conference (June 20-23) to represent the NEAR NFT community as Ambassadors.

Host a marketing activity, foster new relationships and encourage other project teams to onboard to NEAR Protocol.

Marketing Activity:
Award $10 USD in free NEKO tokens to attendees of NFT NY conference. We will maintain a NEAR wallet to fund all new user wallets. Also, we will create a how-to guide that can onboard new users in minutes via their cell phone!

This activity will be marketed via custom shirts and frequent posts on our socials leading up to, and throughout, the event.

Metrics for Measuring Success:

  • Quantity of free NEKO giveaways
    • Target: 100
  • Quantity of new NEAR addresses onboarded
    • Target: 75
  • Quantity of new project teams committed to onboarding
    • Schedule 5 meetings with founders interested in NEAR Protocol

Expected Impact:
Drive awareness to the NEAR NFT ecosystem from the broader NFT community. Onboard new users to NEAR Protocol by incentivizing them with NEKO. Establish multi-chain relationships that can be expanded upon after the conference.

Funding Details:

  • Total Cost: 831 NEAR ($7,481.78 USD) One-time

  • NFT NY Tickets: 3 team x $750 per ticket = $2,250

  • Plane Tickets: 3 ea round trip = $2,589.80

  • Hotel Tickets: 5 nights x 2 rooms = $2,341.98

  • Transportation: $300.00

  • Food & Drinks: Paid for by team

Wallet ID: goodfortune.near
Owner: NEKO Foundation



Good evening. How many new near community members were onboarded?

Thank you.

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Hi Dacha,

We have not started to formally track the number of new NEAR community members that we have onboarded. However, the majority of members that joined our Discord server during the NEKO Public Airdrop announcement were coming to NEAR for the first time ever!

Over 15,000 people completed the NEKO airdrop form, we gained approximately 10,000 Discord members and 16,000 Twitter followers at that timeframe alone. We estimate that 70% of these people were coming to NEAR for the first time. Also, our sponsored Tweets gained over 3.3 million impressions during this time!

The first 5,000 people to complete the NEKO Public Airdrop form will receive the NEKO airdrop. Based on our estimation of 70% new users above, we expect the NEKO Public Airdrop will add at least 3,500 new NEAR addresses from this activity alone. This doesn’t take into consideration the thousands of new community members we gained, or the millions of impressions we made! :smiley:

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Can you please provide the social media handles of the team members, link to the conference website?

As I mentioned in a recent proposal to send a community member to two conferences, I do believe there is scope within the Community Fund and the Marketing DAO to provide funds to active community members to represent NEAR at certain events provided:

  • the community member is well known - easily verifiable body of work, presence on social media and connected with other players in ecosystem
  • they are likely to be a good spokesperson for NEAR - explain the technology, opportunities and onboard new people
  • the event has a strong connection to NEAR and the desired target demographic

Considering all of the above, I am happy to support this proposal as:

  • NEKO exists deliberately to onboard new people and educate people about NEAR (I am influenced heavily by this focus on content creation)
  • Christina is well known, I can attest to all her work onboarding people

Only comments:

  • Provide a report at the end of the conference
  • Try to share as much as possible online to create value for people who are not able to attend the conference too

Tagging fellow council members @marketingdao-council

Disclaimer: I’ve been invited to join NEKO as an ambassador a few weeks ago. This role has not affected my assessment of this proposal.

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Hey @satojandro,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful response. It is an honor to represent NEAR Protocol at NFT NY, and I know our team will do an excellent job at onboarding and educating!

We will write an extensive report at the end of NFT NY. Also, we will document the conference events via the official NEKO Twitter and our personal Twitter accounts. Finally, David will be creating content throughout the conference via his TikTok account with over 8,800 followers (@dleer.ious).

See below link to NFT NY conference and Twitter handles for the three core team members that are attending.


PS we are so pumped to have you on the NEKO Ambassador team! Your support means a lot.

Hi – thanks for your proposal. Can you share a little more about how you plan to network at the event? You mention giveaways, onboarding and setting up meetings. Can you elaborate a little bit on what those activities look like, what kinds of meeting you’re aiming to secure (during the event, what kinds of projects/teams) and how your team typically approaches networking. Understanding that would help me move toward supporting this.

Hi @so608!

Conferences are one of the best environments for fostering effective networking opportunities and real connections. For any conference setting, in-person networking is #1. We will attend all conference events, including satellite events and sponsored parties, with a core mission to engage with as many people as possible in-person. The free NEKO token marketing activity acts as the primary conversation starter and direct onboarding funnel to NEAR. Also, social media is another major networking tool of ours.

Our team has many existing multi-chain relationships with project teams and investors on NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Terra Luna and Elrond. We will leverage these relationships to maximize the reach of our networking efforts at the NFT NY conference. Additionally, while working as a senior engineer in my previous career, I was elected to represent my company in our recruiting efforts at conferences, colleges and career fairs. I was trained how to network, present, and engage with others in-person effectively.

The marketing activity we are hosting will give away $10 USD in free NEKO tokens to attendees of the NFT NY conference. People can claim their free NEKO token reward by providing us with their NEAR address. It is expected that 75% of attendees have never used NEAR before. The marketing activity is an opportunity to instantly onboard new users onto NEAR as we will assist them with creating their own NEAR wallet on the spot.

To do this efficiently, we will make a how-to guide with steps that explains how to create a new NEAR address in minutes directly from a cell phone. We will have NEAR available to fund the new user wallets as well. This marketing activity will be advertised via custom shirts worn by the team, in-person networking, the official NEKO socials, and team socials leading up to, and during, the conference.

Our goal is to set up meetings with existing NFT project Founders that are frustrated with the drawbacks of the blockchain they are currently building on. There is a major opportunity to onboard teams from the Terra Luna ecosystem that were affected by the recent downfall of LUNA. Also, we will set up meetings with Founders that are interested in launching an NFT project/ web3 startup but have not selected a blockchain to build on yet. Finally, we will work to set up meetings with content creators that are interested in working with us to create educational content about NEAR Protocol and the entire NEAR ecosystem.

Please let me know if any clarification is needed! Thank you

Thanks for answering my questions and providing extra detail. Happy to support this.

You need the support of one more member of the @marketingdao-council for approval.


Your proposal was Approved on the forum. Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO

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Hi Dacha,

Thank you! Our team is incredibly excited to represent the NEAR community at NFT NY. :tada: We should be all squared away now with the proposal on Astrodao.

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Hey @satojandro @so608 I wanted to follow up on the Astrodao proposal. There is about 3.5 days remaining in this poll. Also, the tickets and accommodations continue to increase as we approach the Conference date. We are happy to cover the delta in costs, but this will start to become an issue if we wait much longer to pull the trigger.

Thank you again for the support!