[Approved] NearVana Rock (Nirvana Tribute)

NearVana Rock (Nirvana Tribute)

Live Concert of covers and author’s interpretations of Nirvana’s songs. With their immersion in the Near blockchain.

We plan to open at least 20 new wallets. Promotion free short for open new wallet. A special person helps people open wallets. On all open wallets after we throw off the NFT with the recording of the concert.

We are giving away 5 CyberRock Club NFTs with the help of creative tasks:

  • sing any Nirvana song on stage
  • musical sketch “about de-fi”
  • Musical sketch in the style of “if kurt was a fan of decentralization”

CyberRock Club NFT give permanent benefits to the owner:

  • Free event access (e.g., parties, concerts) in Aaron Diner for one person for 6 month.

  • free set burger + cocktail from the venue

We will be recording the concert on video. After the event, we cut out the best moments - get a short videoreport about the concert (5-7 minutes). We send this video report in the form of NFT to all participants of the activities.


  • Uploaded to MintBase : concert video report, 2 videos of the completed creative task.
  • 20 open new wallets
  • Date is 21st October
  • Venue: Glam&Grill


lights, decorations, smoke, sound system and projector - $120

Musicians playing in concert - 100

Creative Challenge Rewards (5x Burger+cocktail set) - 30

Sound Engineer - 50

Helper, a person who helps set up 20 wallets - 50

designer: create logo\banner - 50

videographer: recording a concert on video + editing a video report - 100

Total: $500

@williamx @rhymetaylor @Monish016 @Paul


Hi @denni_wild, is this a ticketing event? The event is interesting imo!

I suggest you incorporate the use of NFT as entrance ticket to educate your audience about its utility as well (could be free entrance ticket)

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Besides, how does this event relate to NxM & the expected return for the NxM community? Thank you!

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Thank you for your support and questions.
our plan is free entrance event.
If it’s possible, we’ll make it. Sure, NFT tickets - good opportunity to educate people about utility of NFT.
This is relate to NxM because it’s all about music) we want Goan folks know - NxM support musicians who go with web3 and Near. not just theory, but practice. Show them how it work.
I mentioned already, that we plan open 20 new wallets minimum. Many musicians will watch how it works and they’ll bring their ideas to NxM.
We have 1 guy now, who constantly involved with Tamago contests - after this event, I’m sure there will be many of them…
What else can be done for NxM? Tell me, and we’ll try implement it


As a Nirvana fan myself, I feel this is so cool! Wish this was online, I would’ve loved to attend or participate. Also, love what you’ve done with the event name.:joy:

I’m Shivang, founder of the “Indian Indie Music Guild”.
Do let me know if we can be of any help!

Check out our IG page here : https://www.instagram.com/theiimguild


Hey, brother :vulcan_salute:
i heard about your guild. You based in Delhi?
if so - you can come to Goa for some days!
actually, make online stream of event - not a big deal , we can do it.
but, imo, Nirvana energy touches much more stronger without devices
I feel real Nirvana , when i sing this songs)


I totally agree with you. Nothing better than a real life experience. But as some of India’s first web3 music communities, I feel like we should be the ones pushing and empowering people to explore web3 and the metaverse as well. We should definitely get in touch and plan something in the metaverse soon!


Sure, let’s plan something in metaverse​:+1: I’m in.
My way of thinking - to empower explore web3 , i want empower roles of NFTs(utilities). Person can use it in many situations, so he will feel benefits of it in real life.
Next step forward NFT Adoption - another interaction model with it.
I Have an idea of really great and useful interaction model… but need create special marketplace for it…

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Dear @denni_wild,

Please be informed that your proposal has been approved by NxM councils.

Once your project will be ready please share your artworks and details with NxM Social Media Team in order to promote it on Twitter and Instagram - Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

You can now request 50% upfront of the total proposal on NxM Astro DAO, don’t forget to attach the link to this proposal.

We look forward to your successful event!

Thank you!

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@williamx @rhymetaylor
Requesting to check his proposal on Astro DAO

Hi everyone!

I didn`t want but I have to inform that all things which denn_wild do is a scam. First it was my idea which I gave and we proposed that money but from denni_wild account. So all that he did after was wasting our time and spending 250$. I guess he is aplnning other 250$ how to spend now.
My interest was to make a big rock bands tribute project, nirvana this time, RATM next but I will not allow anybody from my people to cheat me or to parasite on my ideas

I was tried to play that show with you, man… you know that
wanted to give you opportunity to play this show with me and others… you has an idea play Nirvana Tribute show 1 year before
Sorry, you refused to participate in the show, although we had a drummer who knew all the parts ( Sumit ). It’s your choice - i respect it.

We had very cool and drive show last Friday! Thanks to all, guys! Some links:
Poster of the Show. Nirvana Tribute

Restaurant | Coworking | Pub shared a post on Instagram: "#Glamandgrill #tributeshow #nirvana #goa #goadiaries #goabeach #goadiaries #party #russianparty #russiancrowd #instagram #instagood #instapartyy". Follow their account to see 226 posts.

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Short video review of Nirvana Tribute

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