[Approved] Nearity - Funding Request (June)

Hi @nearity ,
Did you hire someone or are you still hiring?


now we r hiring 1 content writer, and 1 news-expressman @REK


hi @marketingdao-council,

im Justin head of ecosytem at Nearity.

hi @Klint

Scope of this proposal not stop in marketing for projects or project active on MarketingDAO, but also for marketing overview NEAR ecosystem and another activities(bring new user from another chain to near, educating and keep user active, loyalty for onchain-app on near…). i think you have reason for saying no, but scope of this proposal worth for continue to development media on whole ecosystems. thanks!


Yep! Great proposal! This proposal is supported by the Project Ops team :vulcan_salute: :rocket:

From the @ConciergeTeam we love good media channel !

Nearity is doing a great job spreading info without funding, this will be a good opportunity to see how they can grow with the help of the community funds.


Hi @nearity , is there a way we can see your revenue from this packages you’r providing for projects?

It would be best for @marketingdao-council to see your revenue/profits before providing Funding. (this might serve the purpose of assessing self sustainability for your guild)

And something strike me today as is Does NEARity is a part of a multi-chain media organisation or company where the organisation itself also asking funding from other chains/Foundation like this model here? (Just a question/thought without any specific proofs)


hi @bailey12 , thanks your comment for sustainability idea.

I’m Sam, owner of Nearity.

yah, i also want to clear it, we could do it solve by defining how Nearity receive incoming by a near wallet that MarketingDAO could follow it, and Nearity could commit just recieve reward or income through it.

In the past, you could see this

we just only 2 ordering from Mutantswap and Spinfi, Other incoming we earn from some programs to earn rewards.

for quickly answer: we just have one Nearity to focus to produce and shilling on NEAR, we dont belong any another organization that serving in multichain media. in Personally, i had certain time work for tier-3 ventures(focus projects on various of layer-1 blockchains) and Product-owner for some products on Binance smart chain.

In addition, we could be together with councils on marketingDAO, or another team, to break out how to find out good team for grant, how to due di the media chanel on near, how to have good process for clear the income of media channel on Near, or another activities like that…

Expand more detailed issue

As me mention in painpoints, in the past we have more than 2 media team forked from us

Bos we dont have enough budget to keep them, the members that forked also designers - who keep the resouce of asset design(psd, ai, workflow…) and in the past we used to have good relationship with them(Bos one of designers still freelancer and serving for some media project like my team), now we maybe r not good in relationship. and which things they do, i dont have time to be care their work, and i can’t control the work of freelancer on NEAR.

You know in this field we have some gold digge* designer try out to sell for some media their effort and asset resource. i Could mention the clients of them(the freelancer designer) in this discussion if you want, one of clients i could call thier brandname(they do it in multichain). This is one of painpoint that i dont mention,(dont have good budget for pay salary for designer, dont have chance to find out morality keymember.) And when i’ve being wroten this proposal, i still face issue my keymembers invited work for higher salary from another competitors.

the suffering of painpoint : “bleeding designer” make us exhausted, appeared too many similar media on NEAR, “borrow” production ideas, management ideas, quality assurance, almost “borrow” by them to serve something else, in 9 month we have 5 keymember designer in and out of team.

you also can see one of workshop with Open Web Sandbox, that i tell something about graphics since Dec-2021

Open Web Sandbox AMA: Infographic Workshop with @Nearity_org & Meta Pool IDO Q&A - YouTube

Since this time, appeared some media production do like my flow.

In the past(feb -2022) we have also tried to separate ourselves from the chaos of the crypto labor market by submitting our intruction, you also find out edition of this article to find out some people forked from us([INTRODUCTION] Nearity DAO - Guild)

By we write down new Methodology, Pain point (PP): and Solve and burndown pain point (FPP)

for all those, I’ve been trying soberly to sit down once more to see where the problem of Nearity to having to constantly suffer this for a long time (still facing with it), so I have this proposal after 2-3 months keep tracking of what really happened, and re-formed by hiring my staff and training them that have good commitment and.

Thanks for questions, let me the chance to say out “hiding in the shadows” that we have suffered in 9 months.



Thanks for the proposal and for all the work that you’ve done up until now.

I believe that some of the initial resistance to this campaign comes down to the framing of the proposal. A few notes and observations:

  • We tend to fund campaigns, not just projects. There’s a major difference in perception between paying for the desired, final output than just being asked to pay for someone’s payroll;
  • Cost Based v Value Based pricing: while it is good to have transparency as to the costs and use of funds, I measure proposals on a Value based model: how much value is this creating for the ecosystem? This is a generous rubric where we are willing to fund excellent work that helps us grow without sweating too much every dollar on how it was created.
  • The common thread here is being able to clearly articulate the value add. This proposal has too many itemised details about your internal operations and not many links to some of the latest work you’ve created, social media etc. (Please make it easy for us to say yes, have all the information readily available).
  • This is the reason why I agree with @Klint ; asking teams to request for funds to pay for your services is a real world implementation of the framework above - if the team sees VALUE in what you provide for them, we could fund it, and no one cares how much it actually costs.

I am willing to support this proposal, would like the Nearity team to provide some more links to their work. It shouldn’t be hard to demonstarte $4k worth of value to the ecosystem, specially if the Ops team is willing to back you. @marketingdao-council


hi @satojandro,

thank so much for breaking down the comments of @klint, maybe my proposal dont like the way of another proposal that you review everyday, i just do in my side for more transparent about my team,. i also did proposal more clear to read (focus main things we do)

For edvidence i can quote and add some link for you see more information:

In this month we also have a giveaway post that on trending tweet in twitter https://twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1537349186773200896, then we lead them to onboard create new wallet and use popular dapp on NEAR.

we have campaign that keep holder and bring user from another blockchain have good feeling on near:

Material for educating the community: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Blockchain/status/1531198734674972673

and some quote from my proposal

You can see our work each day in

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nearity_org 20k+ followers
Instagram : Login • Instagram, 580+ follower
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/neairtyorg, 155 liked people
My website: Nearity Research - Nearity Research, report, Analystics, News


hi @marketingdao-council,

Honestly, our perspective when starting this proposal want to create too many details, nor try to achieve something that does not deserve to belong to us.

We just think we observed long enough how guilds, or shilling media channel, or other graphics media channels are doing gradually less effectively, as the status of ecosystem needs a new step forward in all stages and versions for them(media channels). In our mind MarketingDAO (or here DAO factor in marketing), we try to briefly describe in words the state of shilling graphics production team, promoting project portal like Nearity on NEAR.

We’ve noticed issue of some channels that become productive gradually become unproductive, sometimes wasteful. Our effort in this proposal is to stimulate competition and creativity to be better on each side. Instead of just focusing on 1-2 content producers and creators and infographics designer/visualator. This is a perfectly reasonable approach when we understand too well that the creation and production of content or graphics if dependent and focused on one or two teams(graphic production), will make this not reach the advanced levels of DAO in marketing (necessarily improving decentralized organization - Marketing media productions themselves are forced to improve themselves, instead of monopolizing production). That’s also why we writedown many painpoint, goodpoint, issues(a candid acknowledgment for other media to look at) about our internal operations and other problem details (creating innovation stimulation).

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Hi @nearity - I have been following this proposal and went through the entire thread again today to review all the information and feedback.

I think in the future, making the proposal much simpler and with links to start out will help it get through the feedback process more quickly.

I think what you are requesting is a reasonable amount to experiment with achieving your goals and showing real value for the NEAR ecosystem. I can support this for a month of funding. I look forward to seeing what you are able to do with this.

From my review, you need one more member of the @marketing-dao council to support or reject before we can finalize the decision here. Thanks!


Hi @so608 thank your support and understand my case.

I got it.

@cryptocredit @Dacha could you some advice for improving my work?

@Klint i still want to ask you, could you consider my case, please ?

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You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign).

Reach out if you have any questions along the way.


Congratulations @nearity for the approval! LFG :rocket:


Thanks for patience @marketingdao-council when review my proposal , this is my poll on astrodao


Adding my feedback for @nearity as well, as they have been very supportive of Atocha Protocol and helped us during the critical month for IDO and also generous sharing/retweeting of content for us too.

The funding is just to make sure they can continuously support the ecosystem’s project in a more sustainable manner and of course, become part of the driver to promote community awareness for many projects to come.


Hey guys, can any council member provide their telegram id/discord to connect ?


Hi @satojandro @so608 @Klint the poll is expiring. Please help me voting.

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hi @marketingdao-council

the old astrodao poll is expired.

Please help me through below poll. Thanks guys.


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The poll has now been passed by the Marketing DAO Council, you can proceed to pass KYC if you haven’t already and submit the payout request to the NEAR Foundation.

Follow this guide here for more information: