[Approved] NearExplorer - September/2022

Hello, @marketingdao-council

We ask for continued funding after we submitted our progress report in August.

You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics from our latest August report.


Tweets written- 90

Subscriber Growth- +235. Currently 446 subscribers

Views in 49 days- 37.3k

Average views- 414

Account visit- 44,3k

Mentions- 454


Posts written- 64

Subscriber Growth- +147. Subscribers Currently 285

Post views- 21900

Average views- 342

Notifications- 82.8%


In a month, 10 articles were written about various projects on Near with links to resources and tutorials on them.

Thanks to @satojandro suggestion, we have created a channel and are publishing articles on the Blogchain, where our post about the Blogchain is on the main page as the second most popular post of the month.

We are honored to continue our monthly marketing work.


  • Twitter:

    We publish simple and clear project overviews, news, important updates, project and partnership announcements, we also do giveaways.
    On average, 3 tweets with verified real news are published per day.

    To improve performance, we set a goal for the month:
    95+ posts
    40k+ views
    600+ subscribers

  • Telegram:

    We publish simple and understandable project overviews, news, infographics, important updates, announcements of projects and partnerships, as well as contests.

    Goal for the month:
    75+ posts
    25k+ views
    350+ subscribers

  • Article:

    We have planned to write 10 articles about the NEAR ecosystem and present these articles to our community through our Medium and Blogchain accounts. Not enough content on the Blogchain, we want to fill this network with content and be on the main page.

  • Partnerships

    We do not stand still and are looking for partners, in September we announced 2 partnerships with WAKA and Blockperks.

    An interesting social event with Waka is planned for next month.
    Thanks to Blockperks, we now have our own collection of NFTs on their website. All proceeds from the NFT will be used to increase the competition fund.

    Goal for the month:
    +2 new partnerships and collaborative contests for the community.

  • The form

    Goal for the month:
    Process 6 applications

    We are accepting applications for new projects for September/October.
    New applications can always be left here:

Expected activity:

• Improve past performance
• Continue to work with the request from the projects in the form.
• Create high quality content and graphics about projects from the NEAR ecosystem and promote this information on social media.
• Inform and educate the ecosystem community about projects and their functions.
• Support for projects/partners in promoting their content.
• Organize contests and drawings (~$200).
• Continue to partner with other guilds and groups from the Near ecosystem to mutually promote posts and hold competitions to maximize support for young projects.


In order to expand our work and achieve the above goals of supporting young projects in the Near ecosystem by a team of experienced and close-knit crypto enthusiasts and Near fans, we are asking NEAR marketing support for funding for a month (September) in the amount of 3 * 800 USD + 100 USD for contests.

• Total: $2,500 USD
• NEAR wallet ID: evangels.near
• Wallet owner’s name: Skydan Yevhen

Thanks for supporting NearExplorer!


Thank you. Happy to support!


@Dacha Thanks for your support.

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Hi @Evangel – do you have any metrics around how many people are reading the Medium and Blogchain articles?

Also, can you explain why the funding is for $800 * 3 specifically? What is that number based on?


Hi @so608


Articles written- 10
Views- 208
Currently 48 subscribers


Articles written- 10
Reposts- 38
Currently 16 subscribers
Views- platform statistics not found

3*800 is an equal payment for the work of a team of 3 people living in Ukraine.


  1. Blogging in Telegram
  2. Creating a report and an application on the forum
  3. Creates infographics
  4. Collects data from the project form
  5. Conducting joint contests with chats in the telegram
  6. Sending thematic posts via chat groups and projects
  7. Translation of posts for foreign chats
  8. Negotiating with projects and potential partners


  1. Blogging in twitter
  2. Search and sort current news
  3. Conducting personal giveaways
  4. Creates custom images for tweets


  1. Blogging in Medium and Blogchain
  2. Analysis of projects to obtain up-to-date information about them from various resources.
  3. Writing articles about projects that have been reviewed
  4. Cooperation with admins of other groups for joint work, mutual assistance, etc.
  5. Sending articles via group and project chats
  6. Editing and formatting articles
  7. Creates a title for the article
  8. Selection of relevant pictures and screenshots for the article

Thanks for the questions.

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Hi @Evangel thanks for your proposal. I have looked at your social channels and read the reports on past moths activities and am happy to support.


Hi @cryptocredit, thanks for your support.

Hi @Evangel
Thank you for the detailed reports and outlines for deliverables. While I can see you’re growing, the future opportunities for value being generated should be made clearer. Happy to support you for another month. All the best.

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You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO .
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad .

How to create a poll? Here is instruction .

Have a great day

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Hi @Klint, thanks for your support.

Tagging for our AstroDAO proposal visibility @marketingdao-council