[Approved] NEARCON participation: Decentralized Brewing Co + Marketing DAO Council

Hi NEAR community,

Many of you know me as an active member of the Marketing DAO but I also run a farm and microbrewery on the island of Sardinia, Italy.

The city where my business is based is home to the biggest beer festival in Italy. The festival is now in it’s sixth year, with over 20,000 visitors over four days.

Although my micro brewery is probably one of the smallest in Italy in terms of output, we try to make a good impression at the annual beer festival and other events across the island, by using a converted german fire engine as a mobile bar.

This vintage Mercedes 711D truck has gone from putting out fires to quenching thirsts!

It is fitted out as mobile craft Beer Truck bar, with beer taps and keg cellar, as well as a fridge for cans and bottles.

The Decentralized Brewing Co @dbrewco, a community brewery built on the NEAR blockchain,was proud to support the first gathering of the NEAR community in Lisbon, Portugal last October.

Although unable to be physically present at NEARCON, the brewery shipped the first batch of NEARBEER in cans to the event. Link to the Report [Report] NEAR BEER at NEARCON

We are currently in discussions with the event organizers to site the Beer Truck in the outside area in front of the venue… more details to follow.

The brewery will ‘rebrand’ the vehicle with a NEAR/DBC banner and stickers, and install a large screen to display the brewery’s NFT collection of digital beer labels minted on Paras link

We are also excited to experiment with using our brewery $BEER tokens as payment. The tokens are listed on Ref Finance with a BEER/NEAR liquidity pool link

NEARCON participants will have the chance to exchange their tokens for cold beer - our first step to present real world use cases and products to the community.

Now down to the details…

The brewery would like to request funding from the Marketing DAO @marketingdao-council to cover the travel costs, accommodation and merchandise/give-aways.

At this early stage we estimate that the total amount required to bring the Beer Truck to Lisbon and run it for four days is 7900USD

DBC will provide the community with a full breakdown of final expenditure in our Report after the event.

We will be brewing some delicious craft beer using farm grown ingredients to bring to the event that will be served in compostable, printed paper cups, plus our stylish canned NFT lager with AR label

We hope the Beer Truck becomes a regular feature at NEARCON, and we are looking forward to participating at other blockchain events across Europe in the future.

Total Amount - 7900USD

Target Wallet - dbrewco.near

Overview - Marketing and Event Support at NEARCON 2022


Happy to support! Have a great day!

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I am really excited about the Decentralized Brewing Co having a presence at NEARCON. It’s a long-standing, very original and fun project in the ecosystem.

Along with that, I also see this as an interesting project not only for its elevation of the NEAR protocol through marketing/branding, but as one that shows creative utility at play in a blockchain project and how commodities can be tokenized in the future – both of which are concepts I would like to see given more visibility as people continue to adopt Web3.

Happy to support!


Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing the beer truck and you at NearCon. Happy to support.


@David_NEAR Is i legit to give funds for beer truck to travel, accommodation.

And how it will help in our markating can you explain? because you take fund from Marketing DAO and do business at NEARCON what about your profits? its give back to foundation?

What about future plan with this beer truck?

In addition to this How can @marketingdao-council Aprove This purposal without thinking any kind of observation.

One more quesion @cryptocredit : Is your Beer made on NEAR BLOCKCHAIN :rofl:


My 2 sats on this; it’s a great initiative to have at NEARCON. It’s incredible to see the NEAR Blockchain being leveraged in the real-world and this has always been the case since the inception of the Decentralised Brewing Company.

Agree that it should have had more time to garner community feedback

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Hi @hina thank you for your questions.

One of the most important marketing goals is to find ways to give opportunities to ‘experience’ a product or service. A first time user who has no previous knowledge and is unsure what is being offered, needs reasurance in this situation.

Therefore It is important to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible and this can involve using well known tools to make the user feel comfortable. A cold beer is one good way!

The Decentralised Brewing Co will be demonstrating a real world use case for both NEAR tokens and BEER tokens, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience Transacting in NEAR at an IRL event.

I strongly believe that foundation marketing funds should be used for community marketing activities and you will notice in my original post that we have not requested any funding to cover stock of beer for the event.

This a great question. The Beer Truck is fitted out as a promotional vehicle and i am hoping that other projects building on NEAR will decide that they would like to sponsor the vehicle and take it to other blockchain events across Europe in the future.

I hope you will be at NEARCON so i can demonstrate this!

The @marketingdao-council hold regular weekly meetings where proposals are reviewed. The majority of council members have given their support.

Although blockchain technology is amazing and can improve many aspects of life… there are limits, but here is a link to our best effort so far - an NFTBEER you can see and hear but you cant taste!

  • Share details where you’ll use this funds (As other community did), so community can also get idea abou council is use this ammount in proper way for marketing.
  • If you talk about ‘experience in NEARCON’ so there are lot’s community members,heads wants this experience. so you’ll support all of them via forum for travel costs, accommodation?

HAHA there are so many beer companies already they can get from their as well to feel comfortable.

  • sounds good Like your concept but in my point of you travel costs and accommodation is not legit ask

sure I’ll can counsil give me funds for travel costs, accommodation?

Here you give me answer in just 2 hours why there council members are disappear after asking question?

Support without any questions? if any community give proposal so counsil asks many questions like where you’ll take flight and this is costly and that was cheap so that’s why i ask abot expences of 7900USD

The usecase of NFT is represent ownership of digital assets, create digital collectibles, ownership of physical assets, utility tokens, gaming applications, ownership of carbon credits You can’t test!

really happy to talk 2 you today!
hope we will grab a pint or 5 in Lisbon this year!

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Can we get some tangible metrics built around this? I think the MarketingDAO is good to fund some requests for traveling to Lisbon for NEARCON but only if they add clear and tangible value (which IMO this does, but it needs to be more clearly defined)

There is significant interest in this and we shouldn’t be funding anyone and everyone just because they’re part of the community, it’s not too feasible since we’re expecting 2k+ attendees.


hey hey. I’m sure your presence will make a difference there good luck there!


@David_NEAR please check this out as no one has replied yet
It’s urgent as preparations are already ongoing.