[APPROVED] Near x Art Dao (Funding request for May 2022)

Goodday @creativesdao-mods :relaxed:

The Near x Art dao present its first project proposal.

Near x Art Dao Introduction:

Project Name:

  1. Creating utility
    2.Pet x Wildlife Ensemble

Project Status: In progress

DAO: nearxart.sputnik-dao.near

Total amount requested: $1,930

Funding Period: May 2022

After discussing the agenda of the Near x Art Dao with in the Creative Dao meeting and with several creatives, we are glad this is finally coming to light.

Activities for the month of May will be based on some of our highlighted agenda in the Near x Art Dao Introduction .

We will be actualizing two project for the month of May, which are as follow.

First project

Budget: $1,000

Second project

Budget:$330 and 6.5 Near

Council work: $600
This will be shared among the four council members. @supercoolkay @gushlewis @Bimpsyy @larkim

Total : 1,930 and 6.5N

Thank you for your time and support @creativesdao-mods, We are happy to be a part of the builders of this community.

Warm regards,
Near x Art.


This is some very Great fresh new ideas for the community… I’m happy for this :heartpulse:


I can’t wait to see all the beautiful collection that will result from these projects. Keep up the good work !


Great proposal! Im happy to be a part of this!

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Congrats on the first proposal! just posted a few questions in the projects. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @ted.iv
I already answered to the questions. Feel free to ask any other thing that is not clear.

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@Supercoolkay thank you very much for the feedback and communication.
I’m happy to say that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


amazing project, I will tag some artists that might be interested on this Dao

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Thanks @pinkalsky …Sure, feel free to tag artists that may be interested in being apart of this journey :grin: