[APPROVED] NEAR Turkey July / August / September 2022

Hi @marketingdao-council,

I am sending a new proposal for the next three months July/August/September. The proposal relates to the Turkish NEAR community Telegram: Contact @near_tr, which we have been supporting for around 15 months already.

The April, May, June reports can be found here:

Our plan for the next three months are as follow:


Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey and heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish-speaking area.

Education and Development:

In the next few weeks we will start doing marketing for our Nearzombies project: https://www.nearzombies.io Users will have the chance to sign up and complete the courses and learn about NEAR in a funny way. Our target is to reach 500-1k users, get some feedback and start planning the next milestones which contains NFT / Game / Token Release and Reward program.

Furthermore, I will stay in contact with NEAR University to plan an event in September.


  • Active Telegram community group
  • Active Twitter account with latest news
  • Articles about NEAR in Turkish Language
  • Online events in our community (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space)
    • Influencer invitation to the group
  • Reach out to Students and sign up to our NearZombie education platform


  • Active Near Turkey Telegram group, support / answer all questions, share news and announcements in time
  • Active Near Turkey Twitter account, latest news, contests
  • NEAR Turkey Education and Development Team Building
  • More users on NearZombies
  • Successful AMA


  • NEAR Telegram activity Contests (~150$ Total for three contests)

  • Near Twitter contest: Like / rt / follow and sign up to our education platform: (~150$ Total for three contests)

  • Telegram support + Twitter daily Tweets (news) publisher + Influencer voice chats + Editor for content creation total 7 admins (payment according to their work, time spent and living country)

    • 300$ / month * 7 admins = 2100$ / month
      • 3 months = 6300$
  • Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management

    • 300$ / month depending to time spent (3 months → 900$ Total)
  • 9 articles on Kriptoparahaber: 150$/article (9 articles → 1350$ Total)

  • AMA session: 750$ (rewards included)

3 months total costs: 9600$


Hi Cizi,

I’m a bit confused; can you please confirm whether this is same same NEAR Turkey Community?


Hi @satojandro

No it’s not same. We had several talks with Rebecca and David regarding that and we took the decision to work separately. Our community exists since last year March 2021. Please review my last month reports for proof.
You can see it like 2 different community groups with different goals and vision, but supporting the same country.


Great proposal, keep up the the good works.# keeping the near community real.

Happy to support! Thanks for building a solid community! Have a great day!


Thank you for your support @Dacha

Tagging @marketingdao-council for further feedback

Hi @cizi31 also happy to support.

Nicely written proposal BTW


Thank you for your support

Tagging @so608 @Klint @satojandro for further feedback

Thanks for clearing that up. Happy to support.

Moving this proposal to approved. You can go ahead and create the poll on AstroDAO.

Please note that the NEAR Foundation offices are closed this week, so team that processes payouts will be away til Monday 11 July.