[Approved] Near Tribe (University Social Club)

Hi @Hawwal, thank you. Will the members onboarded?

This is online or offline? where will it take place?

I don’t think NEAR should spend money on rewards for a club of students to have some fun and games if we don’t know the value added to the community. Given the fact that this is a new club, how it is related to Blaqk Stereo DAO?

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Hi @williamx
it’s funny you ask this question “Will the members be onboarded?”. of course, all club members must be onboarded. it’s written in the proposal. The meetings will be offline, they will be held on their campuses, and a detailed report will, however, be given on a weekly bases after each meeting with photographic evidence.

You are very right, Near shouldn’t spend on this and I never said near would spend on this. The only funding Near would be spending would be on this orientation bringing near to the campus after which, the contest, quiz, and other activities will be funded from the revenue made from their NFTs. Blaqk stereo Dao goal is to organize events to bring creatives from all fields. Now, this is just a step in the path we have clearly paved. we want Near to have a foothold in each campus/institution thereby expanding our reach.

Hi there,

Just want to confirm because onboarding people is not a simple & easy step, the reason I asked is to know more if those belongs to part of any on-chain community. Photographic report is great, however you can’t say you onboard people with just offline meetings, they should belong to some on-chain group to operate within the ecosystem.

You may feel I’m asking too much, but I want to open discussions so that your proposal can be stronger for reviewing.

I just want to help you save your time by respond to you very quickly with questions to build up the proposal (because I like the I idea, which has potential to introduce new young people to NEAR). I want to inform that an offline event to introduce a new club and meet students to introduce web3 and Near Protocol falls under Marketing Vertical.

Kindly tag @Dacha for your advise here.

You can refer to some similar proposal here and revise accordingly, submit the proposal under Marketing vertical by changing the tag and working with Marketing DAO council then:


Hello @williamx
You have spoken well.
I have had several projects that involved onboarding and each time has been a learning experience for me. I won’t say I know it all but I have found a really great means how to onboard people with ease and that is through airdrop links.
absolutely, each campus will have a group with their Twitter page and all but the main purpose of this is to establish something strong that will last not just some random event that after onboarding them, they did just be wallets presented and there is no foundation for grooming them. You must agree with me that online has its limitations as much as its advantages, these campuses will be part of the blaqk stereo groups and social media pages, as well as their campus Near tribe groups but they will also have physical gatherings weekly to meet with themselves and share. I can refer this to the marketing vertical but I bet the creatives Dao in particular will greatly benefit from this project cause this one is designed to last. I see new Dao’s being created from just this single move and a more rapid and sustainable Near growth in west Africa through this initiative. However, if you insist, I could refer this to the marketing vertical and see what they have to say.

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Hi @Hawwal,

Glad you bear this, totally agree!

We all do our best to generate value to the ecosystem as a whole. Please do & Marketing councils will have necessary inputs with their expertise & experience. Besides, please revise the main proposal accordingly. Glad to help! :clinking_glasses:

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Hi @williamx
Thanks for the reply. I will do as advised. :slight_smile:

Hi @Dacha tagging you for visibility on this. Thanks.

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Hello @satojandro @cryptocredit tagging for visibility

Good evening! Could you please fill out the form ? Thank You


Hi @Dacha would do that right away

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Hello, @Dacha Here is a link to the google spreadsheet as requested. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank You! Happy to support! Have a great day.


Also happy to support

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@cryptocredit thanks so much for the support

Thanks so much @Dacha :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hawwal can you clarify for me what the NFTs you’re planning to mint are? You mentioned contents in the proposal. What contents?

Can you let us know if you are receiving Community funding for any other projects you are involved right now?

What team members will be working on this project with you?



Hello @so608 thanks for the feedback.

  • The contents I mentioned above are the contents the creatives in the clubs will be creating after we have introduced them to the Near protocol and established Near Tribe in their school. The NFTs are basically arts or physical items like sculptures they create which would be sold as unlockables.

  • Yeah sure, there are projects that I’m involved in that will be be receiving funding from the creatives dao through “Blaqk stereo July Budget”

  • For this project I will be working along side with @BennyB & @TIMI in the execution of this project.



Hi Hawwal, thanks for your proposal.

I think it is great that you are looking for synergies and ways of growing Blaqk Stereo. I am wondering whether this initiative is exclusively aimed at creatives and digital artisist. It seems to me like establishing those connections within education bodies would create a massive opportunity to engage a wider range of students - from business, entrepreneurship to engineer and computer science.

I am happy to support creators, but I’d be lying if I say that we don’t have a focus on onboarding builders (multiplying agents, each one of them can onboard more people through their creations).

If you don’t have the interest or capacity, I would strongly suggest looking for a partner or expanding the team size to make the most of this opportunity. Looking forward to see what you think.

Moving this proposal to approved, you can now proceed with AstroDAO poll.

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Hello @satojandro thanks so much for the honest feedback.
Yes I strongly agree with in this, these clubs are not only centered around creatives. I want these clubs to draw in all kind of fields in business, art, architecture and so on… In the long run, each campus would have various departments of different fields in these Near tribe clubs that they could all collaborate and build a fully functional ecosystem within their campuses as they all become a division of the Blaqk Stereo Dao.
Also We will be collaborating with other guilds in Nigeria that could best aid us as we establish this connections in these campuses.
Thanks for the approval :pray:t5:


Hello @marketingdao-council here’s the poll to the proposal on Astro Thanks :pray:t5: