[Approved]NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ September guild report and bounties for agents

Dear people of marketing, we have finalized our workflow for this month, so here is review of what we made with influencers.

Crypto Brains:

Almost 1k views.

And additionally Daniel made another one video on his second channel.

Bit more than 200 views.

On both channels he posted NEAR financial charts review. It’s nice, he is full of ideas how to promote other topics about NEAR.

Top Things To Know

Almost 3k views!

My favorite. He did a general review about NEAR protocol. Touched provided content about NEAR Guilds, gave shoutout to Chron.cat, told about Hackathon that we are having, looked at graphs and it’s simply admirable.

Crypto Rich:

Bit over 500 views.

Rich did a General review, in week or two want’s to make an interview. As i feel he might have best chemestry with @blaze , but will see when both have time to spare.
Yeah, Riche’s video didn’t reach 1k views, but that’s mine mistake, will tell about it bit after.

Here is work from @holuongduc and Hidden Gem Team

More than 2k views

More than 6k views

Stunning live stream with almost 43k views

General review with 12k views

And Hidden Gem Team articles:
General NEAR protocol review

And another one about Aurora network

So here is my conclusion about giving first shot for NEAR Stars Guild.

  • I had a fun time. Some new skills to train. Enjoyed negotiations with all youtubers and their views how crypto market runs. Few of them admitted that youtube has the most impact on crypto users, before they invest in certain coins they watch tons of videos before making decision.
  • Seems like all youtubers love NEAR protocol. Some were sceptic (even when get paid) but after review they understood whole potential of NEAR protocol and want to continue partnership with us.
  • Amazing chance to promote upcoming projects and events. Got these covered from Sandbox where newcomers post need in promo, but think that should go bit deeper and stay connected with all guild leaders for such a purpose.
  • It’s much harder than i expected to cowork with influencers. All of them are different due their cultural differences, some know the workflow to be an influencer, for some it’s almost a new start to build a partnership culture. One posted video without mine permission before review, so lost first day views without recommended description. So i don’t feel that for agent (worker with influencers) is posible to maintan work with more than 10 youtubers.
  • I have used description with link with bit.ly promoting NEAR Sandbox. Guess how many clicks we got on 4 english speaking channels? ONE! So people simply watch videos and don’t look at description. To make them more visible a solution should be a small mention from youtuber explaining about (example) about Sandbox and telling “Hey, NEAR Sandbox is cool… take a look at them in the link in description.” This should do the trick.
  • Need to promote all videos on NEAR resources. Have posted few on general NEAR info channels but should be done more. As Crypto Rich said, they also would like to have additional promo in NEAR commune. As i feel for such a reason we will need person who posts newcome videos on NEAR resources and it might be the time when our guild gets at least a Twitter account so same person can take care of it too. To solve that had a call with Anastacia and … (forgot name) from Sandbox, they will help us with human resources for this task.

We didn’t ask for agenst bounty when made our proposal to get funding for influencers so a reasonable agents fee for now feel as 25 NEAR for created video is suitable.
So in this post we want to ask for agents payout for september:
Myself 25 NEAR x 4 videos from youtubers = 100 NEAR
@holuongduc 25 NEAR x 4 videos from Hidden Gem Team and he wrote 2 articles for them (10 NEAR x 2articles ) = 120 NEAR

What do we plan to do next for october.

  • Get to work with youtubers who have average 2k-5k views.
  • Continue partnership with 2-3 of these that we are working with. Please make comments if you see that we shouldn’t work any longer with someone from upper mentioned youtubers.
  • Get new agents onboard, have few on my mind, so they will contact their youtubers for proposal.
  • Find SMM person to manage our Twitter and youtuber promotion inside NEAR community.
  • Reach out @jcatnear for the last steps what we need to have for Stars Guild to become as officail as we can get.

@holuongduc will continue his work with Hidden GEM Team and scouts out new Vietnam youtubers to get along.
Let me know if you got also other plans for October and what PROs and CONs you got on working with youtubers.

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @norah.near @jcatnear @Grace
Let us know your thoughts and recommendatios.
Should we reamain work with all of these youtubers or with whoom we should cancel partnership if you didn’t liked vids.

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Great plan :fire::fire::fire:

My question is : what the difference between Stars guild and Kitchen guild? Probably, you do the same job. May be needed join forces in one guild?

Thank You

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Yes, very similar)
But Kitchen Guild works with the top and professionals.


Well done, nice work from everyone.
As you can see, our hardwork and enthusiasm for NEAR on each video and convey information to Vietnamese community
If you need any representative in Vietnam, feel free to contact directly.

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I could help you improve your channel and help you with your growth strategy, reply here if you are interested, Im interested in helping developing this ecosystem, soon I will create proposals, but for now, this I can help you with.

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Yes, but you probably can work together with all kind of bloggers. Definitely, the same work.

Stars Kitchen guild :fire:

Maybe, but I don’t see any ideas for cooperation at the moment, if Stars has any suggestions I’m ready to listen. We are not just focused on news or videos about NEAR, we are doing real hard work.
For example, our content about Skyward IDO, we managed to collect more than 6000 NEAR per day and this is just one of our successes. We have a huge number of tasks and goals that we are solving, at the moment the total coverage of our bloggers is already more than 300 thousand in 2 weeks. We are not interested in small volumes.
If Stars has any suggestions for cooperation, I am ready to hear them, but at the moment we are doing an excellent job with our tasks and we will demonstrate this in our monthly report.
You see, it’s all about volumes. We spend a huge amount of time searching for suitable bloggers and cooperate only with professionals.

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We start with small ones to gain some skills.

Could you share TG of Kithcen Guild?

And great to see that your covering bloggers.

Yeah, will think about colab, now don’t have specific ideas either.

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For sure Forest Keeper.

Write some ideas here, or catch me on TG @Zhunda
Also on the way for second proposal.

Hey @jcatnear @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace let me know if something makes uncomfortable about bounties for work.

Plan to make an October proposal with updated team and youtubers by next Tuesday.

Hey @Zhunda ,

Awesome stuff! Will review this in further detail today.

In the meantime, can you please update the requested amount of funding to USD as per our recent changes.

Additionally; please do not submit proposals to the MarketingDAO on Sputnik until it has been reviewed and approved off-chain (in the forum thread).

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@jcatnear @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace

Just resubmited DAO. Old ended and give some boost for new one.

@David_NEAR i feel like 150-200 USD per fully partnered video depending on NEAR up’s and downs, and 70-100 if got a partners page post, or TG partner group etc,

Thought of many models. Giving certin % from influencers budget like agents agreement, then thoight that when will get to those that ask 5-10k USD and can give 20-30k views, a 10-20% as 1k USD per video is too much, or puting limit not more than 50 NEAR.

As guild leader in future will ask manegemt fee, cuz also cowork with different guilds and just want to feel straight about it, and if some work there is done, ask bounty here on Marketing Vertical DAO, for easier workflow writing and less birocracy becuse decentralisation becomes religion. :slight_smile:
For some veteran “influencer” agent team members thoght about 50 coins as bonus for unseen work behind sceenes, cuz they are in continious scouting process.

See that Wizards Guild are making fun gamifications, so will also think about OG hierarchy and involve new members. Now some experiment time, later on something bigger will grow out of this.

In begining of october plan for a trip, so next week want to fully finalize plan and opitimize movements, so the fun part with influencers and NEAR propaganda will remain.

Hey @Zhunda,

Due to the relatively low amount of N requested, this all seems good to me. Let’s see how these videos perform in the coming update! :tada:

Tagging the marketing council to see if they’ve any final input:

@satojandro @cryptocredit @Grace @jcatnear


i am happy to vote to approve this proposal @David_NEAR and look forward to seeing some good results @Zhunda


Thanks David, will try to keep it reasonable.

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This has been moved to Approved.

Thanks for submitting your proposal. You can now add the funding proposal to the MarketingDAO.

Best of luck with this initiative, looking forward to seeing the results! :tada:

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He he, thanks David, proposal already submited :innocent:

Will post tomorrow October plan for critics, ideas and recommendations.


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Could you please share results of promotion inside Near community. Thank You.