[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild October plan for main users and promo

Hey @marketingdao-council
This is a general proposal for youtubers covering whole Vietnam Guild and administrative handle for Stars guild work.

@holuongduc will work with Hidden Gem Team this month (78K subs)

They will preform antother 4 videos and 2 articles about NEAR protocol.

First video is already on about NEAR update:
NEAR Update - Những con số và sự kiện nổi bật tuần 27/9 đến nay - YouTube has 10k views

Three more to come. For one they will perform and AMA session with translator. Have few people in mind, will invite them to share time.
And another two will be about Cheddar Farm and Mintbase.
Steve will also write two articles and post them on GEM teams website, topics will be discussed still oriented on this months NEAR theme.

About rest of the team.
There we want to give updates to our workflow, welcome our influencers and post general news of NEAR related to marketing. So Yana will take care of our Twitter account:
and will assist us with info collection trogh whole NEAR guilds and NEAR product developers to get essential content for youtubers to talk about and share our influencers videos trough NEAR innner channels. Youtubers also would like to get noticed inside NEAR.

How big audiance we plan to reach in October?
In youtube views +100k views.
Additionally with TG, Twitter and other youtuber cross-platforms aditional +200k impressions (not potential reach according to subscribers or followers).

Budgeting for youtubers of current proposal:

Hidden Gem Team asked 300 NEAR for 4 vids and 2 articles (2250 USD)

For the team administration:
@Zhunda as guild leader (and workflows in other guilds) 100 NEAR (750 USD)
@holuongduc for souting, reaching youtubers and promos in Vietnam guild 50 NEAR (375 USD)
@ ago_banan Yana will help with content management like collectiong news and events from NEAR and keeping promo workflow. 100 NEAR (750 USD)
@JThompson123 bounty if 25 NEAR (185 USD) for working with Lite Lidger

So community management and Hidden GEM partnership will take 575 NEAR or 4300 USD

UPDATE: In ar rush forgot to mention @holuongduc boutnty for organizing 4 videos and making 2 articles: 4x25=100 NEAR for video creation and 2x10=20 NEAR for two articles
In total those are for Steve 120 NEAR or 900 USD

@David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace @satojandro
Waiting for your comments about community budgeting. What should remain, what should be skipped or updated, or any topics about NEAR that should be mentioned by influencers.

Besides what are our plans for October.

  • Fulfill all uper described plans.
  • Bring another (at least two) agents who will work with their national influencers.
  • Set up working Twitter and beautiful design.
  • Get into Russian speaking youtube.
  • Give more atention to all NEAR community about what Stars Guild does.
  • Establish close partnership with at least 3 guilds (OWS and Cheddar farm on the list).
  • Get ready for setting up video ambassadors program.
  • Launching our own DAO.

If you got any suggestions about content, topics of coworking with these influencers, or want to join NEAR Stars guild - share your ideas in comments and follow us on our Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear
Can i ask you to approve proposal and upvote this DAO?

Rest two for RefFinance and Mintbase will be moved to November

Again, this looks good too!

Just to emphasize that it would probably be a good idea to liaise with Mintbase and Cheddar project leaders to coordinate… if you are not doing so already :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, will catch up Mintbase devs next week. With Cheddar it’s fun, did help with some beta testing and on good vibes with Blaze.

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This is ok with me. To clarify for team administration, is this asked on a monthly basis or something else?

Yeah, a fixed for monthly and some bounties per video creation.
Think that till friday everone is on NEAR CON, so will continue after week to finish with Mintbase and RefFinance promo, when admins will give updates about their projects. ))

“UPDATE: In a rush forgot to mention @holuongduc bounty for organizing 4 videos and making 2 articles: 4x25=100 NEAR for video creation and 2x10=20 NEAR for two articles
In total those are for Steve 120 NEAR or 900 USD”

Hi, @marketingdao-council I still didn’t get the funds and submitted 900 USD (120NEAR) in AstroDAO for working with Team Hidden Gem.

This is approved on Astro by me, just need the other @marketingdao-council to do so too


Just voted this one through… keep up the good work guys!


Hey @Zhunda

Can you share more details on this proposal, please?


Was this ever agreed upon?

Also this one:


Was this not paid out here?


This proposal for November works,
It has not been agreed upon, today is already 15/11.


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying :tada:

If it has not been agreed upon then please do not submit it to the DAO.

Another funding request of this kind will require a separate proposal.

@Zhunda could you make a new proposal for us?

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Thanks @holuongduc for explaining. Think won’t make it by this week. PMed you before for a proposal creation, use this post as a sample, just describe what you and Hidden Gem team did for past month and plans for future month, write down budget explanation and that’s it. Submit proposal for Astro DAO Marketing vertical if @David_NEAR agrees.

David, at the moment we are collecting all vids for a monthly review. Hope to finish it by this week.
After will write the BIG picture where we are going with plans for Ambassador program (now finalizing concept), Yana from our guild want’s to create Learn and Earn platform. We got new Stars that will work with local influencers and thinking about creating guilds Roadmap as a strategy how we want to grow. Then create own Astro DAO so the processes would run faster.

Just got back home from the trip. Feeling fulfilled to do most of the magic for NEAR commune.


This is my new proposal for this month. Please check it out.

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The proposal was approved SputnikDAO