[Approved] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ 2022 season opening with 10 youtubers

Good morning. Thank You for improvements. I propose approve your request :muscle:

Hey guys, below is nothing less than mwah chef’s kiss :pinched_fingers:

How is that form going? Have you had many responses from projects in the ecosystem?

Went quite well i think.
Got 3 subs, Dacha did good recommendation for Pixel Pets to get advertised by Крипто Батя.
One submission was from Atocha Protocol, topic was added before, still cool when admin reaches out personally.
And another one from billionaire-bulls.club an NFT project.
Have distributed all topics to our youtubers, so i think everything is finalized for this proposal.

So @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit @alejandrom @jcatnear
Now may this proposal be approved? :innocent:


Yes, moving to Approved.


Thanks for your proposal and all the work that you do!

Would you be open to sharing the form for submissions from projects? I believe this could be a very useful resource other teams requesting funding from Marketing DAO could also use to know what they should be covering now.

I’ve voted to pass this poll on Astro


Sure, please use it and share if you know a project lacking in visibility.

Yess, thank you for vote. ))

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If shorter, can send them form link directly, it will have all needed info:

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @jcatnear
Please give us the last vote on DAO, we are eager to start work on this week! :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Zhunda, it’s great to see here some of the projects I’m collaborating with. I really support this initiative and think you have chosen some good influencers to work with.

I also wanted to suggest something that might be interesting for your Guild. Thanks to @cryptoheitzi, who wrote to some Crypto Blogs because we want to publish articles in German for our Near German Guild, we got an offer from a publisher. Namely, “CryptoMonday” suggested that they would publish articles for us on their site for $500 dollars. CryptoMonday has about 100,000 interested readers per month from the German-speaking area, so high-quality readers.
Thus, with your Guild, you could offer articles alongside the videos from the YouTube influencers. We can connect you with the publisher.

They also suggested that they would even publish articles for free if they are included as an official media partner on the Near website. What does the Near Core & Marketing team say to that offer: @NEAR_Core @marketingdao-council

This could also be interesting for you guys: @FritzWorm @HaiVu @LarryLang @KriptoRaptor


Congratulations on the approved proposal!
Looking forward to working with the Near Stars Guild on some projects!

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Hey @marketingdao-council
@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit @alejandrom @jcatnear

We have recieved budget two times. Feeling amazing to be honest.

Want to do some cool stuff described in

Your cool with that?

At the moment already working with current proposal tasks. Some small changes may appear in video production since some youtbers are Russian and some from Ukraine, still their fine and safe.

Hey, this was credited twice by mistake?

No, I think you’ll need to return this. Let me get more details.

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The funding agreed, and the document signed by Stars Guild, was for half that amount so, in light of that and the legal implications of funding distributions, it would need to be returned IMO.

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May be create another one proposal and get approval on the same amount?

For real am not sure, 1140 were asked from Marketing DAO. 870 NEAR was a smaller amount.

Probably because the USD value has changed. Will revert on this ASAP.

Yeah, legal implications should be considered, that’s the thing im most worried about.

@David_NEAR @Grace

  1. We got plenty additional youtubers to work with. And would like to make some magic with them.

  2. Have a plan to launch NEAR community video creation program. More details were here:
    NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ DAO creation and plan for 3 months (milestones)

Need a week to set it up fully and advertise on NEAR inner communities.

  1. For each project that we take care of for product and local advertising needs want create for them stunning vids. Here are sample:
    Reality Chain - YouTube

Idk if it would be fine to update existing proposal or write a new one and add it to Marketing DAO for voting pool.

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Yes, took at dates, value changes.

Appreciate your honesty and integrity on this one @Zhunda , thanks a tonne! :muscle:

This was distributed twice in error due to confusion on our side.

Please return 879.2 N to nf-payments.near

Thanks again :muscle:

Kemal, 500 USD per 100k impressions is fine. He writes them by himself?
Take a look at his past posts to see if engagement went that big.

We had some article writing with Hidden Gem Team from Vietnam, those were written by us.

Still if it could get as official media partner would be the best. Then can ask for several posts per month.

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