[Approved]Near Social (NS) DAO for November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guide

Hi @David_NEAR is it possible for your pool to be approved and you don’t get funded?
And near price is dropping from previous price and funds would drop too in usd.

Hey, it was approved yesterday

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Ok thanks!
How am I supposed to know when am funded or I’ve to check my wallet regularly

The NEAR Foundation finance team will send the funds to your wallet after you’ve passed KYC and signed the agreement, shouldn’t be too long after that. You may be notified via email

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You can get notifications on every transaction on your wallet using telegram LNC Watcher Bot. :wink: You’d love trying it out :partying_face:


Thanks @zubairansari07 i appreciate


What’s the transaction fee for using this bot ?

You just need 0.25N fee to connect the bot with your wallet.

Hi @David_NEAR you said it wouldn’t be too long, I’ve been waiting for an email from NF, is there a particular time interval to receive this email


Hey gm!

Check this out:

Hi there @David_NEAR we have been funded by the NF and we are 70% done with the site
Would like to make another proposal on how the structure and monthly funding for Near Social would be I would need your opinion on the structures
Link to the site

Within the week the site would be completed


Feel free to submit another proposal any time

Near Social structure and payment proposal

Hi there marketing DAO members, I took my time to write the structures,activities and requirements for Near Social to be effective and smooth…

I would give details on Near Social workers, their activities and pays (all this would be calculated monthly)

  1. Task collectors: on Near Social task collectors are individual that have the ability to post about near on WhatsApp and are known to have enough viewers they can reach out to on thier status. Under task collectors max of 10task collectors would be needed for a start 20max task collectors by 150$max pay in a month gives 1500$max pay Protocols to earn as a task collectors. A task collector you are required to have more than 50views on WhatsApp to earn

· .A photo {memes, infographics and other promotion materials in image form}promoted in a day earns 1$ for 50views, therefore 60views would earn 1.2$ respectively

· Video: 2$ for 50views when it comes to video. Max pay daily is 5$ that’s 150views any view above 150views would still earn 5$

· . Link or link with text: posting of links would attract 0.5$ for 50views,which means an 100view gets 1$

All task collectors should make sure to have enough contacts and have above 50views to earn…

2. Shill blogger: He/she would make 1 blog post about near and near related project once in a week on Near social website 1k plus words, from these post. questions would be asked on Friday a program called Test Your Knowledge (TKY) would hold every Friday to build up the knowledge of people about near

He would make research on near project and make a blog on near social site

Shill bloggers get 75$ per post, if a shill blogger post once a week making 4times in a month making a total of 300$ in a month

  1. Near Social Admin (NSA)Duty of an NSA: He/she is responsible for moderating and putting near social group in order.

Preventing scammers from having access to group members money or assets by banning and kicking all scammers spotted out or found

And also warning all group members about scammers

NSA would only moderate on discord and telegram group…

Payment for NSA

1$for each hours for group of 100members

20hrs in a day for1$=20$daily

moderate 5days in a week (5days by 20$= 100$)

100$ by 4wks in a month giving 400$

Note:Price as a moderator increases in respect to increase in group member

Near Social Designer (NSD): provides designs and videos the “task collectors” would collect daily!
The goal is promote near in a creative way on WhatsApp, different designs(logo,videos, flyers and any other designs for promotional purposes) 500$

These are the 4 known worker under near social, if there’s any changes would let you know in time

We would be holding activities and some creative competition so near social supporter don’t feel left out….

There would be a quiz competition every Friday

Test Your Knowledge (TYK)

This holds every Friday on Near social website or discord channel.

This event is going to engage members on Near related activities and help know more about near

Medium how TYK works every Monday the shill blogger would make a blog post on near social site, member would have time to study on the blog post, and get ready for TYK on Fridays questions would be asked from the blog posted on Monday so member get more time to study

Price would be given to 5winners (the first 5 people to answer the given questions first)

This is just a little draft of what my monthly report &payout would be with more details…
@marketingdao-council any conclusion or addition ?
This write up is brief structure of how near social is going to work
All workers are part of my team on my DAO I would need to your guide to post a bounty for 10 task collectors
I think this is all for now, love to hear from you guys @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors @David_NEAR and @Dacha
Thanks once again

This is a new project and this are our official link to get us

Discord server {Near social (NS)} telegram group {Telegram: Join Group Chat} and our Twitter page {https://twitter.com/nearsocialdao/} our primary platform for promotion


If you’d like to submit a new proposal for funding, please create a new thread.

Before we moved forward with that, would love to see a report from the original proposal:

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So we can go ahead with our activities? Then submit a funding proposal each month?
And my recent message I ask for a guide to make a bounty for 10 task collectors? Or I can create a new post and make a bounty on it?

Submit your funding proposal and then conduct the work you’re planning to do.

You received funding in this post, the MarketingDAO would expect to see a report of what you achieved with that.

After that, you can submit a funding proposal for any future efforts you want to undertake.

Yh @David_NEAR the funding I received was for site and logo for our site hope you’ve checked the site out?

So we are done with the site, and there’s is the link to the site
That’s the result

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Here’s the message so we used the funding to make our site and logos which I have already dropped the link

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