[Approved]Near Social (NS) DAO for November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guide

Good evening! Sorry for delay .

Yes, will be interesting to promote Near Protocol on What’s App ( as I know the platform in very popular in Indonesia and Russia).

Could you please update your payment request?

Thank You



May, I know If these can Help

@Dacha thanks for you reply and quick response. In all plans there’s a step by step protocol.
Step1: is to create a site for Near Social, this site would be the primary platform for promotion.
(A)Firstly we would work on the site UI UX design.
(B)Design the site logo: which @Tonyesy has already made 1 for our telegram group, we would be needing 2 more for our discord channel and Tweeter.
(C) getting a domain name for our website and building a website too
All budget on 400$ when the proposal was made.
But currently things increased like getting a domain name and building the site.
I would like to request for funding of 500$ which would cover up for all budget…for logo design, UI UX design and building of our site.
Thanks in advance @Dacha

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Hey gm,

Happy to approve this if there’s no other comments from @marketingdao-council

Please note: The funding process is changing. Please do not submit a request to the DAO. I’ll update this thread when the new funding process is live.


@David_NEAR this is good news.
Alright, thanks!
Expecting your update​:blush::blush:



Thanks for your patience!

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:


Hello NS DAO! Since the Marketing DAO is following the payout process as shared above, I have been asked to nudge you to now post this proposal as a poll to the Marketing DAO Astro DAO so the Council can vote on the funding to be granted to you.

This action is needed from you as a successful (passed) poll is needed before we can proceed to the next/final step of issuing the Reward Agreement for your representative to sign.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns!

cc: @marketingdao-council


Hi Psalmy,

I’m wondering if there are any other metrics to measure the participation of users, and most importantly, the effectiveness of the campaign.

Seems to me like requesting users to share screenshots is extremely easy to game. People can literally just submit the same screenshot every day, or upload the ad and then delete the screenshot immediately after.

Also, the proposal is for $400 for the website. However, you also mention that you are calculating approx. $90 per contributor, per month. Where do the funds for contributors come from? If we were to consider that proposal separately, depending on how many contributors you are expecting to have, we are looking at a much higher $ amount and I don’t think I could personally justify paying those figures in the current setup.

Have you made any progress with the Domain, Hosting or Website Design? That you can share with us? I am aware my fellow Council members have moved this proposal to approved, however questions from Council members still require addressing and we are still allowed to vote in favour or against, specially for future proposals.

Hi @satojandro thanks for your comments. I showed examples on screen shot, highlighted by me.
It’s a good question you asked. As the screen shot I showed to @David_NEAR the caption contains the near name or ID of participant and date of post this is a prove it’s your own screen shot and the date is to be there to avoid posting your previous screenshot. Payment was increased to 500$ cause at the time I posted the proposal fee for domain name and hosting was cheaper but now price increased.

@satojandro this was the screen shot I sent as an example of what participants would submit after posting on their WhatsApp statuses daily (Mon-Friday). On the caption my near name/ID is given there to prove it’s my screen shot and the date I posted was also given in the caption…to avoid posting repeatedly after these they would submit it to their profile every month end for review before funding them… which later I would submit a report with the link of all participants profile(after I’ve reviewed and calculated all their daily post) which the council members can review also and see all promotions done by participants daily.

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@marketingdao-council pls am done with all process and I’ve been approved…
If no further questions I would love to submit or request for funding on astrodao.

Hey, you need to submit a poll on Astro if you haven’t yet, as outlined by Rebecca here:


@marketingdao-council good morning to y’all. Checking the pool most are running out of time for vote and some are expired nobody to vote on them!
A quick question how many votes are needed on the pool before been approved?
Thank you

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Hey, it needs a min of 50%, so 3 councils, should be voted on pretty soon :white_check_mark:


Hi @David_NEAR is it possible for your pool to be approved and you don’t get funded?
And near price is dropping from previous price and funds would drop too in usd.

Hey, it was approved yesterday

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Ok thanks!
How am I supposed to know when am funded or I’ve to check my wallet regularly

The NEAR Foundation finance team will send the funds to your wallet after you’ve passed KYC and signed the agreement, shouldn’t be too long after that. You may be notified via email

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You can get notifications on every transaction on your wallet using telegram LNC Watcher Bot. :wink: You’d love trying it out :partying_face:


Thanks @zubairansari07 i appreciate