[Approved] Near Native Community Guild (Content + Translations + Activities) December 2022

Guild: NEAR Native Community Guild;
Region: CIS region and Eastern Europe;
Numbers of team: 4 members in our team;
Funding scheme: Monthly.

Our reports: August | September | October | November
Previous proposals: June | August | November

The goal of NEAR Native Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the NEAR Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, to increase awareness of the ecosystem.

  • Translating and bringing to the community the main news of the NEAR ecosystem.
  • In our Telegram we try to provide more details about certain projects or activities in our network.
  • We organize AMAs with various projects

Our resources and links:
Telegram (Chat): (@near_protocol ) chat 11976 subs
Telegram (News) : (@near_native ) channel 7205 subs

https://twitter.com/near_protocol 12237 subs


Our staff at the moment
Vadim — Growth of NEAR Native Communty (founder) — technical support for various guild stuff.
Vladislav — Community Manager — Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations, AMA with projects of ecosystem, news for KOLs
Alyona — Moderator of our Telegram (plus content and translations)
Yurii — Moderator of our Telegram

Social Media → Community Channels → Twitter:

Task: Share news about the NEAR ecosystem
KPIs : Amount of posts, increase followers.
Metrics: 1-3 daily news, +300 new followers on Twitter
Budget : 700 USDC

Social Media → Community Channels → Telegram:

Task: Support community members, share important news about the NEAR ecosystem, contests, small giveaways to increase group activity
KPIs : Increase group members, amount of posts
Metrics: +200 new members on Telegram
Budget : 1500 USDC

Content → Writing → Guide:

Task: Translate important articles about the NEAR ecosystem (also slightly shorter version on Telegram):
KPIs : Amount of articles, engagement on the articles
Metrics : 2-3 articles, likes and comments on our Social Media channels (Twitter, Telegram)
Costs: 800 USDC

Social Media → Others → Giveaways:

Task: Giveaways + quizzes on the blockchain on Twitter and Telegram to increase followers and impressions
KPIs : Increase followers on Twitter + Telegram
Metrics: +300 new followers on Twitter and Telegram
Budget: 500 USDC

Total: 3500 USDC


For this, we are requesting the following funding: $3,500 USDC

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim

The Guild is optimizing the staff and trying to cover all important NEAR Foundation reports and news.
This month there are four of us left.
We try to provide all the necessary information to the community, our participants actively engage in testnet various ecosystem projects.
The market situation unfortunately affects the community badly and at the moment quite a few people are losing some interest in cryptocurrencies.
But we intend to give up and plan to keep the community, active participants and will try to keep them informed about everything.


Hello! Could you please fill out the form? Thank you and have a great day!

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Sure. Done. Thank you and have a great day!

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Hi Vlad,

Thank you for the proposal and all the work that you and your team continue to do.

I support this proposal noting that:

  • Russian speaking community represents a massive cohort of the total NEAR community.
  • Russian speaking community has has strong growth, with noticeable participation across builders and even a recent wave of SW participants and new validators.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi @Vladislav_vl25 – thanks for the proposal. I want to support this, as I do think the Russian speaking community on NEAR benefits greatly from high-quality content and a team that is working to keep them informed and engaged.

That said, I have a few questions and would like to get some additional detail.

  • You’re requesting $700 for Twitter. Are you creating original content or mostly translating and providing Russian language context to English news announcements?
  • On Telegram, what activities and content will you be creating/sharing with the $1500 funding requested? Also, what is your plan for increasing the membership on that platform? Can you share how you are thinking about growth to achieve these metrics?
  • How do you choose the articles you translate?
  • Of the $500 requested for giveaways, is all of that prize money?


Happy to support you! Thank you and your awesome mods team @Bond , @Al-DYOR for a great job! I’m looking forward to co-hosting AMA with Ilia on your telegram channel.


Hi @Vladislav_vl25

Thanks for your proposal. The deliverables aren’t clear enough for me to provide feedback.

Social Media
Can you please outline:

  • Number of posts
  • Types of posts
  • Distribution

Are you publishing 2 or 3 articles? Which is it?
What are the subjects of these articles?

How many quizzes?
How many giveaways?
What are the prizes?

Please provide more detail for us to give you additional feedback.

  1. Well, unfortunately, Twitter is not that popular sometimes in our segment, plus there are problems with blocking.

We don’t make any powerful longreads, but we translate important announcements, find news about projects and provide detailed information (as a link to a Telegram group or article).

  1. I think the current focus should be more on keeping current users and giving them the information they need.
    We publish reports from the NEAR Foundation, main events, important news about big projects, and news about another projects(various testnets).

You ask me why?

Let’s be honest. The market is very painfully perceived by many people.
As a guild, we still haven’t received any funding since September.
And 4 months the guild tries to use the available reserves, plus Aurora helps.

In such difficult conditions, only timely informing users, providing them with the necessary information will help this.
And we provide it, while not getting anything yet.
Yes, you voted for the previous proposal, but we haven’t received anything yet.

I also want to note that we had to refuse to work with influencers, our composition has changed, we have refused to work with translators and we translate all the material on our own.

Plan to continue to inform users properly.
I think we have a good performance, against a bear market, a massive fud.

  1. Important announcements in the blog of NEAR, the Foundation, and Proximity are a priority.

  2. Yes, we are planing to use $500 for various quizzes on the blockchain, as well as to try to attract users to our social networks through other events.

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Hello, sure.

Social Media
Have you seen our little report for the year?
It will demonstrate the scope of what we publish.

And also the approximate number of posts.

Number of posts: On average about 130-140 per month (100 Twitter)
Types of posts: All the important news of the ecosystem and the projects in it.
Distribution: Telegram, Twitter, Blog

Translations of those articles that are published in the blogs of NEAR/Foundation/Proximity in our interpretation or in an shortened and more convenient version in Telegram.
It can also be AMA recaps (that we hold in the community).
We also write about how to participate in testnet of different ecosystem projects and we provide information about new projects.

On average, 2-3 quizzes per month + 1-2 giveaways for the community.

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Thank for your support, we really do a lot of work with a fairly small staff.

Hi @Vladislav_vl25 ti have eviewed your proposal and your replies to comments from fellow council.

I am happy to support you in continuing your work but it is important that you respond to the questions and provide additional information requested.


Hey, thanks for the support, added a little extra to the answers.