[Approved] NEAR MEME DAILY November Month Expense

[Proposal] NEAR MEME DAILY :monkey_face:


Hello NEARians!

I am running a MEME account named “NEAR MEME DAILY” [NMD] since June-2021 under the umbrella of Degens. For the month of November, the project is no longer a part of any funding projects from NEAR.


NMD Vision:

Create awareness about NEAR ecosystem updates with the help of MEMES.

NMD Mission:

  • Create a pool of MEME creators community and dedicated MEME accounts for NEAR dapps.
  • Host MEME Competitions to increase the visibility on social media accounts
    for our upcoming initiatives *
  • Provide a platform for all the NEAR dapps related MEME competitions notifications *

Q4 2021 Planning

  • Identify active MEME creators from our MEME community and make a MEME DAILY DAO.
  • Increase engagement on social media accounts [Reddit. Instagram and Facebook]

::::::::::: Previous WORK PROFILE for Reference :::::::::::
MEME DAILY Account Impressions
Last 91 Days Analytics

Impressions: 198K
Engagement Rate: 6.2%
Avg. Clicks/Day: 9
Avg. RT/day: 15
Avg. Likes/day: 43

Conducted MEME Competitions

  1. MEME Competition for NEARCON [18/10/21 - 25/10/21]
    Judged by: NMD X OWS X SWINE Guild

  2. MEME Competition for NEAR METABUIDL [3/09/21 - 10/09/21]
    Judged by: NMD X OWS X SWINE Guild

::::::::::: Last 28 Days Statistics Twitter:::::::::::

Account Impression on Twitter

Best Three Tweets of November






Telegram Community

  • 156 Members

Telegram MEME Rewards Engagement

  • From our pool of MEME creators, the community has delivered MEMEs on the specific topic as asked by the host giving tips via “telegram near tipbot” within a time frame of 3 to 4 hours.
  1. Date: 11 November
    $DBIO Skyward IDO Total Posted Memes On Twitter - 76

  2. Date: 17 November
    $DBIO Fake Sale Awareness Campaign Memes - 94

::::::::::: Funding Proposal: November 2021 :::::::::::

Requested amount: 2350 USD in $NEAR

Amount Breakup

  1. [Reward] 5 active :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: MEME creators in NMD Telegram group + Twitter accounts: $200 X 5 = $1000
  2. Managing NMD :monkey_face: Telegram: $100/mo
  3. Managing :monkey_face: Reddit + :monkey_face: Insta: $50/mo
  4. Managing + Surveying + Growth in :monkey_face: Twitter: $350
  5. MEMEs Designs + Following MEME trends + Checking NEAR updates for MEMEs +Community Management :monkey_face: : $750
  6. Tip Bot Rewards: $100

Regular updates from NEAR Ecosystem In Form Of Memes :heart_eyes::fire::raised_hands:
Loved It All These Months :heart:

NMD Meme Creators Are Super Active Undoubtedly :partying_face:


Absolutely agree. One of the best group in Near ecosystem.

Ps : Near Meme Daily $2 350 vs Swine guild $25 000 (same work or even less).


Really love your work ! Thank you ! :rocket:

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Excellent content…great work

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Hi @naveen_in,
Coming back to this post to discuss how to continue to support you!

Thank you for the transparency on your previous funding sources for this project. Has this project also been related in any way to your NEAR NFT Club?

And have there been discussions to join forces more often with the Swine Guild? Would be great to see more collaborative community meme-making efforts, especially if any of your meme creators for NEAR MEME DAILY are interested in making memes in other languages.
cc: @coyotefugly


NEAR MEME DAILY has nothing to relate with the NEAR NFT Club. Though there were some memes created to support the initiative of Paras and Mintbase.

NMD has done two competitions with Swine Guild and OWS. Recently we also did one
Reddit event in collab.

NMD has done that earlier and will keep doing it for the upcoming events also.

Right now we have a telegram group of MEME creators where most of the engagement comes from the Indian community. Maybe that part can be explored.


To expedite the funding of this proposal I’m moving it to the MarketingDAO.

I’m in support of this funding request, please review when possible @marketingdao-council


Hi @naveen_in great to see your work on NEAR memes. I am currently involved in rebooting the Swine Guild and would love to discuss how the guild and NEAR Meme Daily can work together…


Thanks @cryptocredit :blush:
NEAR MEME DAILY has worked with $WINE Guild earlier and will keep working together.
Can we schedule a call in next week?


I am Voting Yes. Meme daily is an active community and, as I know, Naveen was spending his own money to support it.

About collaboration with Swine. I think @naveen_in can take over leadership there and reboot the guild.

Have a great day! And sorry for 50-days delay.


Agree, Naveen is indeed an outstanding community member leading an active community.



Moving this to approved guys, thanks for the proposal!

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Thanks for all your contributions Naveen!

Memes play a fundamental role in the way that ideas and knowledge spread. Thrilled to have engaged community members such as yourself. Keep it up.

I’ve just voted to approved this proposal. Final vote on Astro should come in over the next few hours. @cryptocredit


Thank you AVB for your kind words. :slight_smile: